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So it had been a while since I went to my favorite hot spot in Atlanta. I knew that whe I decided to make the drive it was gonna be a hot day, I actually wasn't looking for anything in paticular that cool day I just wanted to cruise and flirt a little. As I started walking around I noticed that the place was jam packed with men all over the place but today maybe wasn't my day for any hot action, so I took a couple more strolls and decided to walk up the stairs to the private rooms, once again I knew that things were going to be slow, not being too picky, I just didn't see anything that I thought would be able to cure the insatiable drive that had been built up, So I gave it a few more minutes and lo and behold, a Tall DARK chocalte fella walked in and immediatly looked at me and smiled and grabbed the insides of his pants, hmmmm, whats a fella to do? I was standing right next to an open room so he walked besides me and rubbed my dick and the dick responded.
Walking into the room behind him he started taking down his pants rubbing his ass, damn I wanted to be fucked today, "What you wanna do?" I asked him,
"I feel like getting fucked" he responded.
Oh well, i guess i would be going home after just jackng off in one of the private booths, i began to pull up my jeans, and he saidd" what you doing bitch"
he turned me around pushed me on the matted bed and stroked his nice semi hard dick till it was hard, not the biggest what I can take, but with no lube he pushed his dick in me with no hesitation, I felt myself squirming, he said, "relax bitch, I havent came all week, and i was looking for some hot ass to give it to," Damn, I got so excited that I relaxed my tensed ass muscles and felt him start to fuck this sweet ass so good, with him banging this ass i felt my dick rubbing on the bed, i knew he was getting close because he started getting louder and saying "I HAVEN'T NUTTED IN A WEEK, I HAVENT NUTTED IN A WEEK. I felt his dick enlarge inside me and fell the condom that he had slid on, I laid there feeling still hot as he pulled up his pants and slapped my ass saying thanks bitch, you got some good ass pussy, but... I wasn't satisifed I knew I should be getting up but I laid there for a minute, as i collected myself another man walked in, "I heard you go some good ass bitch" I smiled I was fucking going crazy as he pulled out a dick the largest I've ever seen in my life, whats a guy to do, I spit on my hand wet up the asshole, and got on my knees, that second dick filled my ass like never before, I couldn't contain myself, I shot my load after only a few minutes of BIG dick inside me, I knew my ass would be sore, but it was hot that day.

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