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Dare Game - Sheila's Story

"Why don't we try something new today?" - Sheila suggested as she jumped on the bed.

We were having our usual "what are we doing tonight" conversation.

Our group was small but we usually got along well watching movies and playing video games. We weren't the kind to drink or go to big parties...
you could say we were all a little lazy and to be honest, that night I REALLY saw nothing wrong with simply hooking up the Wii
and playing Mario Party as usual.

"What's wrong with the usual?" - I said... demanding we continue our match.

"C'mon... be a little adventurous. We might find something new to do over the weekends..."

"She IS right you know, it's always the same thing and it gets a little boring after a while." - Said Kath...

Kath and Sheila were really good friends, like gum they stuck together and were found agreeing with each other on most things.

Kath's boyfriend, Steve was tall (taller than me anyway) I'd say he was around 6 feet but what the fuck do I know...
It's not like I measured him. He had black hair and a toned body (He was practically married to the gym). He is the kind of guy
that usually takes his time warming up to people. He didn't say much and that was probably why he did not have many friends.

Then there was me, average guy, average build, 5'7... light skinned with black hair. Sheila and I dated for 2 years but we never
tried anything like she was about to suggest next.

"Why don't we play dares?" - Sheila

Steve looked at me and chuckled.

I knew it was a popular game and honestly, I don't know why I had never played it in my c***dhood. I have to admit I was a little
curious because whenever anyone talked about those games there is that assumption that someone is going to end up kissing or doing
something crazy.

After some thinking we all agreed. However, we were going to have some drinks to go with the game... The girls both changed into something more comfortable
while Steve and I walked over to the store to get some drinks.

---- The walk ----

"Hey man....... You know I'm always upfront with you and all. I don't want this to creep you out but if given the chance, would you
ever fuck Sheila?"

"Wh- what are you saying?... you m-"

"I wont be mad... just be honest man. If given the chance, would you ever have sex with Sheila?"

"Yes I suppose... she's pretty hot you know."

"What do you think of the idea of turning their little game into something more fun for us then?"

"...and by that you mean..."

"Sex of course... would you let me have a go at Sarah if I gave you Sheila for the night?"

He was silent for a moment... Trying to think with the sudden boner he had inside his pants.

"... I don't know.... She definitely will not like the idea..."

"So we will need a little more alcohol than usual!"

and with that, we walked into the store, bought our drinks and deviced a plan on the way back.

---- The game ----

The girls seemed to have a plan of their own as well. They were chuckling and giving us funny looks when we came in.

We sat around in a circle, or a square... (we were four after all) and poured ourselves some drinks. We decided that the best way to go about it was to each make small slips with our names and throw them all inside a bag, move them around, and the name that comes up gets to do a dare.

First one to get a name out was Kath...

"Steve, you have to bend over and let let each of us spank you"

"You bitch..." He said while laughing and bending over at the same time...

"This better not go on youtube!" -Steve

After we all got a chance to spank him, it was Sheila's turn...
She quickly pulled a name and opened it. It was Kath's...

"Oh my... Go easy on me will ya? It's my first time" Said Kath giving her a blushing smile.

"Sure sure... now youuu will be a piggy!"

"Talk like a piggy, piggy! Oink oink!"

She did so for a while and we all had our laugh at her expense.

Steve and I were careful not to have too much to drink. We had planned on staying sober so that we wouldn't fuck up our plan to get our girlfriends to agree.

Next up was Steve. He had his chance to get back at Sheila so he took a name from the bag and lo and behold!... My name came up.

Now our plan was to slowly get our girlfriends to do things we had done before with each other in private. That way we wouldn't encounter much resistance...

"I dare you to take your girlfriend to the corner of the room and...... lick her nipple."

"W-What?!" - Demanded Sheila...

"You heard the man Sheila... Come on up" I said while helping her up and taking her to the corner. She showed some resistance, but eventually she gave in.

Now let me tell you about Sheila, she was not fat by any means... but she was a little bit curvy. I love curvy women. They're the best. She is is short, and has a nicely built body. Perky tits with small pink nipples.

Her friend Kath was not far off either... Her hair was very similar to Sheila's.. Dark brown. She was only one year older than Sheila and also more into sports... So she was thinner.

I had to hold her firmly because she could not stay still with all the giggling. I lifted her shirt only to find that she was hard as a rock. Alcohol always made her like that.

I got closer and gave her a small lick... I knew how sensitive they were and the effect this would have in the downstairs department.

"Hey hey... don't get too carried away now. This is as far as you will go." She said blushing, thinking about what her friends had just seen her do from a distance.

She pushed me off and we went over to sit and have her drink another glass. The night was just getting started ;)

It was then my turn at some of the action... So I dig in and pull of a name, which ended being mine. I pull another and jackpot! Katherine (Kath).

"Now what shall we have you do my little Piggy?" I say with a smirk on my face...

"Ever kiss a girl?" I say pointing at Sheila, who quickly shot back with...

"Easy peasy... Come here" She pulled her closer and gave her a quick mouth to mouth kiss.

"Woah woah... getting a little carried away now are we?" I said, but she had already done a 'dare' and they both joined up against me. It was time for revenge.

Back to Kath, we had her take a slip from the bag. By now we started noticing her a little tipsy. She opened the slip, looked at it and announced her dare.


I saw Sheila have an expression of relief in her face, after all - Her best bud had just picked her. What could go wrong?

But what happened next shocked us all.

"I want you to go up to Steve and make out with him!"


"You gotta be a little adventurous... you said it yourself Sheila!"

Steve and I gave each other a glance and make sure we were both okay with it. I nodded back in approval and he got closer... and the closer he got, the more the girls' quarrel seemed to died down. He leaned down, she closed her eyes and for 3 seconds... they kissed.

Kath gave me a small punch on the shoulder and I simply smiled. She was getting into it.

Next up was Sheila, who's previous dare seemed to be but mere c***d's play now that things were starting to get heated.
She dug her hand into the bag "I'm getting you back for this one..." She said while looking at Steve.
"Hey hey... I wasn't the one who called the dare!" He responded laughing.
She then took a slip and opened it. My name was on it.

"Hmmm...." She said feeling a little stuck...
"What to do what to do..." still thinking.

"I want you to take that shirt off and draw a penis on your chest" She said. In an attempt to top us all off.

"Fair enough" I responded... unshaken by it all.
"But don't be surprised when I ask for similar" I said holding back my laughter.

She was in our trap... this was it. Clothes had started coming off. I quickly did my best to draw a penis in the center of my chest with a black sharpie. Hairy balls and all. To top it all off, I added a smiley face to it.

Next up was Steve, who picked up Kath's name off the bag and dared her to flash me. Now I must mention that by now they were both at an easily relaxed mood and the inhibitions were starting to melt to the ground... so she had no problems coming over and lifting off her shirt and showing me her beautiful breasts.

"No touching mister!" She said with a devilish smile.

"Hahahaha I know I know... relax your tits girl" I said giving her nipple a small downward flick

"Now its my turn!" I said taking a slip of paper from the bag.

"Would you look at that Mr. Penis" I said looking at my chest "It's just the person we wanted to get"

"You bastard... what do I have to do now" Sheila said while covering her face...

"You have to let us take a picture of your beautiful ass"

"No way in hell..." She said... but she could barely contain her laughter. The alcohol was getting to her.

"A dare is a dare Sheila..." Kath responded. It was almost as if she wanted to see it as much as we did.

Being her boyfriend, I signaled to Steve to get the camera, lifted her in my arms and threw her in bed... she she wrestled Kath and I for a while, but we eventually got the shot we wanted.

From then on it was easy as pie. I took off the rest of her pants and almost not surprisingly by now, Kath slipped a finger in between her legs.

A move which caught sheila off guard and made her moan as she tried to fight it off with her beautiful butt.

"My oh my... someone is a little anxious" Kath said as she showed me a long glistening string of Sheila's cunt juice.

"Who's turn is it next? Can I go again?" Said Steve trying to accommodate his raging hard on.

"Not just yet sweetheart... I get to go first" Said Kath getting off the bed and almost tipping over when she reached for the bag.

"Careful there Captain Balance..." Said I, in a mocking tone.

"Oh shut up" ...

She pulled a name and her face lit up while looking at her slip.

"Tonight is not your night isn't it Sheily? ... Tsk tsk... I want you to walk over to Steve and take his pants and boxers off with your teeth"

Now this proved to be a hard task considering she was d***k and pulling the pants became a challenge in itself.. After some trying, she got them both off and she was shocked at the size of Steve's cock.
Her shock did not last long however, because Steve slapped her face with his cock and we all burst out into laughter. This was the best fun we'd had in a lonnng time!

"Your turn... shiny ass" I said as I gave my girl a light spank on the butt...

"Don't get too cocky now... Dickens!" She said pulling a name off the bag.

"Steve... Steevy, Steve... I want you now, to take Kath's pants off and wear her panties"

I tried to hold in my laughter as he took her pants off and slipped her panties on... his boner slipping out from the side.

We had a nice long laugh about it but after a while we realized we had forgotten about the game.

Steve and I took our chance and each pushed each other's girlfriends on the ground. I had Kath, and he had Sheila.

I saw as him quickly go ninja and throw the panties he was wearing to the side, and quickly tease her with his large cock... She didn't seem to mind. She was open to be used by her own friend. Or too d***k and horny to care.

I kissed Katherine and quickly felt her tease my cock with her wet pussy. This was an experienced gal.

I slipped inside her and she let out a gasp which made me harder. I wanted her, and her body. This was a girl who was merely a friend before tonight... an attractive friend.

And now I was fucking her brains out. Bending her over Sheila's bed and pressing her against it were just a few of the things we did. She loved every bit of it.

Sheila herself was entranced by Steve's cock... She had been a good girl and I loved her. How beautiful she looked being fucked by another man before my eyes... lost in those waves of passion, sweat, and orgasms.

Before tonight we were just friends innocently playing around in each other's free time. Never really doing much apart from game, movies, and monopoly... but tonight had taken us this far. I knew now that we couldn't turn back.

The events that went on inside that small dorm were outside what we could ever conceive when we decided to start playing this simple game, but we're sure having much more fun now!.

P.S. I know you guys will want to see more, but we couldn't take any more pictures of the action that went on that night.
Here is one of my Sheily one night after the game occurred (my room)

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