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Lay-by exposure cont

I pulled my fingers from her pussy and wiped her wet stickyness over her mound.
Pulling her right hip toward me i urged her to turn over,Sue,s dress twisting and raveling around her as she went,i scooped up the dress from the hem allowing her the freedom to turn onto her knees.Pushing her up the seat as i gathered and tossed the loose material of the dress up onto her back,she knelt there head down and her big white ass sticking up in the air.

I climbed over behind her undoing my trousers pulling them and my pants down in one,my stiff cock falling against her ass.I parted her knees as far as the seat would allow,her large wet pussy lips fully exposed,i looked to my right and for the first time could clearly see the truck drivers with their faces pushed against the window.
One guy was blond and early forties in company T shirt, the other looked late fifties Grey and balding and both were wanking their cocks which were of average size,they motioned for me to lower the window but i shook my head.

I shoved two fingers back into Sue's pussy,frigging her to give the guys a few of her hole being used,Sue's head turned to the left looking back at me but she didn't have a view of the window.I quickened my fingers in and out of her dripping pussy,she was so wet i inserted another finger and then another.My four fingers worked her pussy as she squealed and groaned,her pussy squelched as i shoved into her faster and faster,the guys were getting a real show of her spread pussy.

I thought she was never going to cum and rotated my fist so as i pushed into her my outstretched thumb rubbed over her ass hole,that did the trick and she came with ann almighty orgasm,her pussy and thighs clenched my hand as i watched her star shaped ass hole contract inward too,Sue let out a yell and lurched forward off my hand.I glanced to the side to see the older guy launch a spurt of cum and milk his cock.

I gave Sue little respite,i was so horny i hauled her back to her knees and shoved my cock deep into her loose wet vagina,pumping await for all i was worth,her groaning spurred me on and as her vagina began to tighten back on my cock i thrust in deep holding her ass back against me as i filled her.
As i withdrew her vagina expelled a glob of sperm accompanied by air that had filled her pussy whilst i had fisted her.

I looked to the window to see the guys zipping their cocks away and disappearing into the darkness.I grabbed some tissues mopping my cock and the car seat,Sue turned over and i lay atop her kissing her and caressing her,i cant remember seeing her nipples so enlarged.I climbed back to my seat and we dressed and left for home.

The excitement of that nite fueled my sex drive for weeks as i thought back to that nite and it was all the more for her not knowing.

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