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My Descent into Subliminals – Chapter 2 - M

My Descent into Subliminals – Chapter 2 - Mom Joins the Fun!

“No, I lent it to my mother” she casually stated.

A shiver went down my spine! I knew I had to act quickly.

“Oh, ok honey… tells her she can keep that one, I’ll make you another!” I replied.
I quickly went to my computer room and got to work. I fired up my subliminal recording system and made 11 new tracks.

You enjoy seeing Mark fuck other women
Thinking about eating pussy will make you horny
You like to fuck other women
You love the taste of pussy
You love to have other women eat your pussy
You want to suck on tits
You love to have your tits sucked
You will suggest that Mark fucks your mother
You want to watch Mark fuck your mother
You want to eat Mark’s cum out of a woman’s pussy
You want to eat Mark’s cum out of a woman’s ass

I made the new CD and added the binaural brainwave experience simulation files to tracks 1 and 13 as before and gave it to my wife,

I knew I wouldn’t have to wait long before the programming kicked in on my mother in law and my wife. I knew my mother in law was a kinky bitch to start off with, since her divorce 10 years ago she hasn’t been with any men, just women.
Her ex-husband was a freak among freaks and into the nastiest of fetishes and this had soured her on men.

I came home on a Saturday afternoon from the store and found the two of them sitting at the kitchen table. My wife Beth spoke up first, “Honey, my mom has a favor to ask.”
“Is that Ford of hers acting up again?”, I asked.
“No”, Beth replied. “My mom has been extremely horny lately and wants to know if you’ll fuck her” “What?, acting shocked. “And you’d be ok with that?”, I said.

“I’ve discussed it with mom, she wants to try a cock again and I’ve been fantasizing about being with a woman lately. My mom likes women and I can trust her to be my first experience”, Beth stated.

“So Cindy, you’re willing to give me your pussy and show Beth the ropes?, I asked.

My pussy, my ass, my tits, whatever you’d like to fuck Mark”, my mother in law Cindy replied. “I have been waiting for Beth to ask about my lesbian activities, I’ll be more than happy to break her in for you!”

“Then what are we doing here girls, lets get in bed!”. I stated.

We went to the bedroom and quickly undressed. Cindy laid down on the bed and Beth kneeled and started sucking her tits. I straddled Cindy’s face and shoved my dick into her mouth. After several minutes I was harder than a rock.

Beth said. “Mark, fuck my mother. Let me hear her moan”. I slid down the bed and Cindy guided my cock into her pussy. Beth jumped up on the bed and lowered her pussy to her mothers mouth and said “Eat you little girl mommy! Be my first woman!”

I started slow and worked up to a frenzy. Every thrust made her moan with pure lust, and made her tits bounce and jiggle. She started flailing as an orgasm came upon her. This caused Beth to orgasm as her mothers tongue caressed her clit. The sight of all this was too much for me to take in and I exploded deep inside Cindy.

I withdrew and swapped places with Beth, I shoved my semi-erect cock into Cindy’s mouth.
A coating of her juices mixed with my cum glistened on the shaft. Beth shoved her tongue deep into Cindy’s pussy and retrieved my cum. She moaned in pleasure as she found my jizz deep inside her mothers pussy.

My cock was coming alive again as Cindy devoured it. Beth slid up behind me and literally inhaled my balls. The feeling of her tongue rolling my testicles was incredible.
I asked Cindy., “do you spit or swallow?”
Cindy stopped for a moment and replied, “when I was married I spit, Beth tells me your cum is delicious so I think I’ll try swallowing”.
She resumed sucking on my cock.

Upon hearing this, Beth stopped for a moment and said, “don’t worry mom, I’m boiling up a fresh batch back here for you!” She once again inhaled my balls and started squeezing them with her cheeks.

Between her mothers cock sucking and my wife’s ball squeezing, I was in bliss. I could feel the pressure building and I let out a loud grunt. Cindy’s cheeks swelled as my cum flooded her mouth. I kept cumming as Beth continued to apply pressure to my balls with her cheeks.

After a couple minutes she climbed up to her mothers face and removed my cock, she licked the tip clean and then French kissed her mother, both their tongues now coated with my cum.

She then leaned back and said, “are you ready mom?” At this point they both swallowed.
I have never seen such a look of pure contentment as that which lit up both their faces.

I had been fucking both of my girls for two weeks straight when Cindy came to me and asked, Mark. I have to drive down to the coast to pick up Tricia (my niece) from college for the Christmas break, I hate to drive that far alone, Will you go with me for the ride?”

I said, “sure, why not!”

This was my biggest mistake.

By: Draugrmaker

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