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The Slender Auburn Girl-part 1

God, my clit is throbbing, I’ve just spent the last two hours watching these xhamster videos that Emory uploaded. Seriously Jane you’ve got to get back to work.

Just a couple more minutes, what did he call this new clip? “6 nipple bondage f***ed orgasms”. I wouldn’t call that bondage; that is flat out nipple torture. Listen to the girl screaming at 8:30, I know just how she feels and I’m jealous it’s not me. God this visual is mesmerizing, I can’t seem to stop watching the way their bodies twitch and convulse as they orgasm. The more powerful the climax, the more they stretch the clamps and pull the nipples.

If I’m going to watch these here in my office, I need to bring some real nipple clamps to work. I must have put these large binder clips on my nipples 20 minutes ago. These would be excruciatingly unbearable if I weren’t massaging my clit so vigorously.

Oh god it’s the phone.

“Hello, Jane speaking”
“Jane, Harry Hyde here. Are you busy today?”
“I have a few things that I’m working on but nothing that can’t wait” oh my god these clips are INSANE, what was I thinking, oh damn I’ve got to get these off of me NOW.
“Look Jane, Jeff thinks your idea for a photo piece on the influence of video games on female fashion is fantastic. But there’s a catch, he wants you to do the shoot yourself.”

Reaching down, releasing the first clip, Jane can’t help but scream “YYYYEEEEEOOOOOOOWWWW” oh my god that hurts.
“Jane? Are you ok? What happened?”
“Sorry Harry, just a second” putting the phone on mute,
“oh my god oh my god, OOOOWWWW that was worse than the first one.”
Well at least they are both off. What was I thinking? I’m blaming Emory for this, massaging her flattened nipples, OUCH!
“Ok Harry, I’m back, look you know my days behind the camera are over, I’m more comfortable directing the shoot.”
“Sorry Jane, Jeff says he only wants your eye on this project and he won’t compromise. But he’s really excited about it. He told me he would consider it as a cover. What do you say? Just this once?”
“Harry, I’m going to LA tomorrow for the convention. I don’t see how I could do the shoot myself”.
“Not to worry, I’ve already lined up the girls, three of them, they’ll be over there this afternoon.”
“ok, just this once”

I have to admit I liked my idea of the video game fashion show piece. Talk about hypersexual depiction of femininity, video game animation makes my old Barbie doll look flat chested. Especially the one where the male hunk is rescuing the auburn haired damsel from the dungeon where she is chained and bound. Blatant BDSM. But with millions of gamers out there, men and women, its influence on fashion is undeniable.
I wish I had time to have that climax I was building up to, now I won’t be able to get back to my throbbing clit until late tonight, god my pussy is wet and I’m frustrated as hell. I’m blaming Emory for this.

Two Hours Later:
Ok, I’ve got the sets ready, cameras are set, this should be fun.
There’s the bell now, let’s see who Harry sent me today.
“Hi Jane” they say in unison, one blonde (“Mary”), one brunette (“Jill”).
“hi Mary, Jill, it’s great to see you, it’ll be fun to work with you again. I thought there were three.”
“Harry said to go ahead and shoot our scenes because the third girl can’t get here until 3:00”
“ok, that should be fine, do you know who it is?”
“He said someone new”
“I’ve got some great outfits for you two, you’re going to love this shoot”
“Oh Jane, these are so sexy, I love the cleavage this gives me” bending over, ass out as if to say fuck this please, lips pursed.

Click, click, the shoot flies by. These girls are driving me crazy. I can’t stop thinking about the nipple torture in Emory’s clip. I seem to want to focus on their nipples in my shots, I need to tone this down a little or Jeff will think I’m shooting a porn piece instead of a fashion piece. God they are hot, it’s just making my pussy wet. Am I panting? Get a grip Jane. I’m blaming Emory for this. I shouldn’t have worn this thong, I don’t even like them, but this is just rubbing me in just the right place.
“Ok girls, I think that will do it, you’ve been fantastic”

Ok, they’re gone. I’ll just slip into my office and take this thong off. Oh a couple little stokes to my pussy won’t hurt, oh that is good, mmm, I wonder how long until she arrives. God I’m hot, I need to relieve this sexual tension, please give me a few more minutes.
OH DAMN, it’s the bell.
“Coming” I wish I were cumming.
“Oh hi, you must be the girl that Harry sent”
“Yes ma’am” she says in a sweet southern accent “at your service” she says.
Oh my, a sweet young slender auburn girl, she is lovely.
“Where are you from honey? Have you done many of these photo shoots?”
“I’m from Alabama ma’am, only a few but I really want to learn everything, I’ll do whatever you say ma’am, I’ll do my best to please you ma’am.” She said looking down briefly, a little smile, and then back directly into Jane’s eyes.
Is she flirting with me? Jane wonders. She’s scrumptious.
“Ok, let’s get to work, I’ve got one more scene, it’s a little unusual, the video game that it’s based on a set in a dungeon where you’re playing a damsel in need of rescue who is bound and captive. The objective of the game is to rescue the girl .. and we can only imagine how she thanks her savior….” Jane says voice trailing off. “how does that sound to you?”
“Yes ma’am! That sounds exciting ma’am, being tied up and all! I hope the chains are real, ma’am? ”
Surprised at her eagerness, Jane asks “Have you ever done any bondage like this before?”
“No ma’am, except when we played capture games growing up, and I always wanted to be the one tied up ma’am. It’s exciting to be helpless, I imagine that it feels sexy for someone else to have control over me, ma’am”

Hmm, Jane thinks to herself, we’ve got a little submissive girl.
“Ok, well put on this outfit and I’m just got to get the cameras ready.
Instead of going to the dressing room, she just strips down right there.
“Oh I’m sorry, the girls change over there” Jane points, while staring at her enormous erect nipples, god she is perky “I forgot that you hadn’t been here before”.
“Oh, I’m not shy, ma’am, and I’m going to need help to get this on properly” trying to manipulate the flimsy rags designed to cover her breasts and slender hips.
“Are these the only panties you brought? Asked Jane “I don’t think we can cover them with this outfit”
“No problem ma’am” she slips out of the panties, standing totally naked before Jane.
Jane, Jane, Jane, she thinks to herself, she’s new to the business, she just doesn’t know any better. Just relax, help her get dressed and get on with the shoot.
“turn around, I’ll tie this bra in the back, ok, just a sec, ok that should do it, wait, your falling out over here” pushing the soft breast back into place.
“thank you ma’am” the auburn girl says softly.
“ok now the skirt” Jane kneels down to tie the rag that is supposed to cover her nakedness, just inches from the lovely shaved pussy, Jane nervously licks her lips trying not to focus on it too blatantly.
“let’s tie it to the side so that your upper thigh will be nicely presented, would that be ok?”
“yes please ma’am, I’d like that, I’m just going to do whatever you want ma’am, I really want to do well for you” as she steps a little closer bringing the fragrance of her pussy nearly touching Jane’s nose.
“Ok, well that’s the look that I am going for” Jane says quickly standing up and leading her over to the set.
“Now I’m going to put you into the restraints but if there is anything that causes any discomfort or that you just aren’t completely comfortable with, just say the word, ok?”
“Yes ma’am, what word is that?”
“Excuse me? It’s a figure of speech dear”
“How about ‘red’?, I’ll just say ‘red’ if I want to stop, is that ok ma’am?”
“This first position has you stretched out on your back on this large barrel, feet and arms bound” (see scene 1 of “6 nipple bondage f***ed orgasms”). “ I know that this exposes your pussy, but I’ll be careful on the angle of these shots so you needn’t worry”
“I’m not worried ma’am, I’m ready for whatever you have in mind”
CLICK, CLICK “these are fantastic, just arch your back a little more to push your breasts up, very nice” click, click, click, the bra shifts and exposes her phenomenal erect nipples.
“Woops, hold on let me just reposition that breast, we can’ have that in the shoot” Jane laughs.

Jane reaches over her and tries cover the breast by just pulling the cloth but it won’t cooperate, she’s going to have to pull on the breast itself, stretching over a bit further, Jane stumbles briefly and straddles the auburn girls head with her legs as she reaches for the breast.
“oh ma’am, you’re not wearing any panties” she says.
“Please excuse me, I’m not … I’m sorry, that just happened…”
“May I ma’am? Please? Would you allow me …” she brings her head up as Jane feels her tongue against her pussy lips, just a light touch at first, and then a fabulous full tongue.
“OH GOD” Jane exclaims! If I weren’t so fucking horny from Emory’s videos, I might be able to resist, but there’s just no resistance left. Jane collapses on the auburn girls face, grasping her nipples and pinching them as she starts to grind her pussy rhythmically on the young girl’s eager tongue, first the clit then, deep in her pussy and back. What a great position Jane thinks, completely helpless sweet thing between my legs and possibly the largest erect nipples I have ever had the pleasure of torturing. Thinking of Emory’s video, Jane pulls them viciously, making the auburn girl squeal and writhe, all the while riding her hot mouth and tongue. I can’t believe how effective this position is, Jane thinks, reaching back to grab the young girls auburn hair with her left hand (thinking momentarily, I love this color, gorgeous), and twisting a nipple brutally with her right.

I don’t think she could say ‘red’ if she had to, Jane ponders, but so long as that tongue is thrusting that far up my pussy, I don’t really care, feeling the mounting orgasm building, Jane sets into a steady stroking of her clit on the girl’s hot tongue, then sucking the clit rhythmically, harder and harder. Finally Jane sensed the orgasm releasing fucking her hips into the young girl’s mouth. Taste my juices she thought, the wetness of the pussy and saliva mixed and dripping from her pussy. Finally after a long time of just rubbing her clit against the auburn girls mouth, Jane stepped away.
“Are you alright? Down there? I don’t know what came over me”
“Yes ma’am, thank you ma’am. I’m happy that you enjoyed it ma’am. Is there anything more that I can do for you? Please ma’am I really want to please you.”
“let me just adjust a few of these clothes, I still need a few shots of this scene. I’m afraid I’ll have to clean up your face a little” wiping it gently although the girl was still tightly bound to the barrel.
Click, click “these are actually surprisingly quite good” the young girl’s nipples protruding blatantly “just a few more” we might have to photoshop some of this she thinks.
“thank you ma’am, this is the best shoot I’ve ever been to, you have been so kind to me, what else would you like to do?”

“We do have another scene” Jane says, “in this one you are on your knees with your arms tied behind you” (see scene 4, around 6:20 of ‘6 nipple bondage f***ed orgasms’).
“yes ma’am, on my knees” kneeling in front of her, Jane fastens the restraints tightly around the auburn girl’s back.
“That’s just the look I want” exclaims Jane, clicking the camera madly, “you’re really a natural”
“yes ma’am, thank you ma’am, is there anything that you would like of me ma’am, anything at all?”
“Have you ever had your nipples clamped?” Jane says wickedly staring at her enormous nipples.
Jane proceeds to get her large binder clips for the slender girl, “you’ll love these” clamping them tightly onto the nipples.
“now let’s see if I can return the favor of the orgasm you gave me” reaching the young girls clit and pussy, Jane slips two fingers into the slippery lips and strokes it while pulling gently on one of the binder clips.
“oh god ma’am, thank you, oh please, OHHH, OH” riding her hand rhythmically it doesn’t take long before the auburn girl cums gushingly onto Jane’s hand, and Jane lets her lick everything off. “Thank you ma’am, that was the best I’ve ever had.”
“Ok time for you to go, I have to travel tomorrow. I’ll select a few and maybe we’ll get something for the magazine.”

A week later
Harry calls “Jane these are the best work you’ve ever done, and I’ve known you for 10 years. The pictures of the young auburn girl are incredible, how did you get that fantastic glow? Jeff wants the one on the barrel for the cover of Metropolitan ! ”

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