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Being a teacher sure had its advantages for Sara as she loved the great outdoors. It meant the physical education teacher had time to spend hiking, biking, and doing other outdoor activities with her husband, Rick during the summers. They also went camping a few times each summer but avoided the big holiday weekends preferring the times when the campgrounds would be less crowded.

Sara might dispute this but she is a knockout. She has short dark brown, almost black, hair and dreamy brown eyes. And, as you would expect as a Physical Education teacher has a fit and trim body. She has luscious 34C tits and a perfectly sculpted ass and her skin always appears to have a light tan. She has all of the male eyes at the high school gawking at her muscular but sexy body.

It was two years ago when Sara was 33 when she and her husband took their first camping trip of the summer. Being the weekend after Memorial Day the state campground was pretty sparsely populated. The couple loved it as they felt like they were truly getting away from civilization. Sure, they would meet people on the trails or in the shower house but still felt like they were getting back to nature.

For this first trip they decided to take along Sara's nephew, John, John was 18 years old and a bit shy, especially around girls. Sizing up her nephew Sara thought that if she were 17 or 18 she would find him very attractive. He stood as tall as she did and was also very physically fit, not a dram of fat on his body.

A couple of weeks before the trip Sara's cousin called her up just to chat. After the call Sara asked her husband about taking her cousin Ellen along. Ellen would have her boyfriend, Paul, and her boyfriend's little b*****r with them. He thought it was a great idea as the other couple was a lot of fun and the other 18 year old boy would give John someone to relate to.

Wasting no time Sara called Ellen and made the arrangements. They figured to have a good time spending a relaxing weekend walking along the streams and lying out by the lake. Rick was happy as Ellen was every bit as sexy as Sara. He loved the idea of having two gorgeous women to admire.

Ellen was about the same height as Sara but had hazel eyes and shoulder length lighter brown hair. She too had a very physically fit body with a perfectly sculpted ass but her tits were just a bit larger than Sara's. If they weren't so devoted to the men in their life they could have had their pick of any guy they wanted.

They all met at Ellen's for the drive up to the lake on Friday afternoon. Sara got a good look at Mark the boy that Ellen had brought along and instantly noticed that he was as good looking as John and every bit as shy. She would have bet money that both of the 18 year olds were virgins.

The trip up to the campground was uneventful. Upon reaching the campsite the six of them quickly set up the tents. All of them were dressed only in shorts and t-shirts as it was blistering hot. The older guys unloaded the coolers from the vehicles. Ellen and Sara scurried around setting up the tents with sl**ping bags and the like.

The boys had a seat at the picnic table and got to know each other. But, it seemed that instead of looking at the beautiful wooded scenery around them they were gawking at Sara and Ellen. Sara could feel their eyes on her body and was flattered. When the ladies were just about finished with the unpacking Ellen called Sara into her tent.

"Do you see those boys? They can't take their eyes off us," Ellen softly whispered.

"I don't think they even notice how obvious they are being. They are practically drooling over us," Sara was giggling as she answered her cousin.

"Hey Sara, let's give them something to really drool over," Ellen said mischievously. She was the wilder one of the pair being four years younger than her cousin.

"What do you have in mind?" Sara asked almost fearful of the answer as there was no telling what her cousin had come up with.

"What do you think about taking off our bras to let them fully appreciate our boobs in only our t-shirts? It will drive them nuts watching our boobs bounce freely." The excitement was obvious in Ellen's eyes as she thought this could be a lot of fun. She didn't even mind the idea that the boys probably would be masturbating thinking of having sex with her and Sara. "You are a little cock tease. But, why not it will probably be the highlight of the trip for them," Sara was still giggling but reached for the hem of her shirt. Both ladies pulled the shirts over their heads. Quickly they undid the clasps on their bras and dropped them to the tent floor. The breeze that blew through the tent felt good against their freed breasts causing their nipples to get instantly erect.

When they were excited like this both ladies had very large nipples so when they put back on the t-shirts the nipples were very obvious. It looked as if their nipples were trying to poke holes through the cotton material. They were still giggling as they left the tent.

Rick asked Sara what was so funny. Laughing she told him it was an inside joke. It was no joke to John and Mark as they noticed instantly the ladies boobs jiggling in their shirts. They couldn't believe how big those tits were. It was as if four giant g****fruits were bouncing around in the women's shirts.

As Sara and Ellen continued doing little things like wiping off the picnic table they made sure to get very close to the young men, reaching from behind them to put something on the table causing their tits to dangle inches from the lad's faces. Their walk suddenly transformed into a very sensual sway.

They were giving the boys, and the older guy's one hell of a show. Sara's sensitive nipples were getting more and more excited as every time she moved the material of the shirt would rub against her hardened nipples, or as Rick called them, nipples of steel. As they teased and flirted with them shamelessly Sara noticed the huge bulges in the boy's shorts for the first time. She couldn't help but lick her lips.

Excitedly she called Ellen aside and whispered, "Do you see the effect we are having on them? They both have big hard-ons."

"Yeah, I think they may have bigger cocks than our guys. Don't laugh, but I wouldn't mind seducing those two young studs. They are sure sexy." Ellen could feel the familiar tingle in her pussy and knew that she was so turned on that at the very least Paul would get one hell of a fuck tonight.

Little did she know but Sara was having very similar feelings. Suddenly Sara wanted her nephew's presumed virginity. Hoarsely she admitted," I haven't been this horny for years. It would be fun wouldn't it but, there are two problems the first is that they are too young and it would be i****t. The second problem is we won't ever be alone with them long enough to do anything."

"Oh Sara, quit being so practical. As for the first thing who cares if they want it and we want it that's all that matters. As for being alone with them long enough let's play that by ear. In the meantime let's continue having fun and if the opportunity arises we should give them a once in a lifetime memory," Ellen was purring.

"Ok, we'll play it by ear. But if we do this we have to both agree and have a signal between us to go for it," Sara couldn't believe she was saying this. The truth was that she was more turned on than her cousin. They agreed that they would give each other a playful slap on the rump if they wanted to go ahead and seduce the k**s.

It wasn't five minutes later as the ladies were discussing how to seduce the boys when the older guys, now finished building the campfire, came up to them. It seems they had been chatting and had decided to do some fishing. They offered the boys the opportunity but the lads decided to hang around camp.

The only problem was that Rick and Paul didn't have fishing licenses so they were going to hike up to the campground office to buy them. It was a fifteen minute walk each way and the combination office and convenience store was always busy. Sara figured they would be gone about an hour or so.

As soon as Paul and Rick disappeared from sight Ellen swatted Sara's ass. But, Sara didn't swat back as she didn't figure there would be quite enough time. Frustrated with the lack of response Ellen dragged her cousin out of ear shot of the boys. She excitedly whispered, "Come on this is our big chance don't blow it." "There isn't enough time," Sara, who was clearly disappointed, responded. After more cajoling Ellen finally convinced her cousin to at least put on a show for John and Mark. Still watching every move Ellen and Sara made, the boys were attempting to play a card game. The ladies walked together until they were beside the table.

"Hi guys, Ellen and I noticed that you have been admiring the scenery. You can't take your eyes off us. Don't worry about it is flattering and kind of hot," Sara told them in a sweet non-threatening tone. The boys couldn't believe that they made these fully grown ladies hot by watching them doing chores.

"Do you think that Sara and I are sexy or pretty," Ellen purred as she ran her fingers through her hair behind her neck. She pushed her chest out giving them full appreciation of her more than ample bosom.

Gulping hard and barely able to speak John answered for them barely audible, "Oh yes you are two of the sexiest, I mean prettiest women we know."

"Would you like to see more of us?" Sara asked in a husky tone. She glanced over at her cousin who appeared poised like a leopard ready to pounce on its prey.

"Oh yes, of course," Paul replied not believing what the older woman was saying.

"Ok, then how about showing us more of you and take off your shirts for me," Ellen smiled as the stakes were being raised higher and higher. The words had barely left her mouth when the guy's shirts flew off. The boy's eyes were now boring a hole through the ladies bodies.

"Now guys, that isn't how you take off a shirt. Let me show you how to do it," Sara cooed. Neither lady was lesbian or even bisexual but both knew what would turn these young men on. Sara stepped halfway behind her cousin. As Sara walked her fingers around Ellen's stomach Ellen leaned back against her.

Sara raised her hands until they were lifting up the bottom of Ellen's boobs as Ellen seductively licked her lips. Purring out loud Sara squeezed the bottom of her cousin's tits pointing them straight toward John and Mark. Then quickly she slid her hands to the hem of Ellen's shirt and slowly lifted it gradually exposing Ellen's full chest.

The shirt came off easily over Ellen's head Sara wondered if Ellen's extra large nipples were as sensitive as her and after caressing the soft skin of her boobs Sara gave each nipple a squeeze eliciting a tiny moan from her partner in seduction. Juggling Ellen's tits Sara asked, "Guys what do you think of these?"

Both boys were tongue tied and could say nothing. Squeezing Ellen hadn't turned Sara on any further but seeing the teenager's response sent a tingle through her body. Releasing Ellen's boobs Sara turned to face the boys knowing it was her turn. Ellen followed the same sequence as Sara had of taking off the shirt and the caressing.

Sara really liked the way Ellen touched her tits. She wished men knew how to touch like that. Now that both gals were topless they faced each other and tweaked each other's boobies. Once they had gotten each other's nipples as hard and erect as they could they turned and faced the guys.

As they got closer they grabbed their own tits and caressed them seductively. Then with their boobies only three feet from the guy's faces they leaned over and swayed their boobs back and forth. Ellen whispered, "Go ahead John and reach out and touch your Aunt Sara's tits. I promise they won't bite. You too, Mark, touch me, it'll be our little secret."

Timidly both of them started to reach up for the large sexy tits in front of them. Just as the boys ran their fingers over the soft skin they all heard loud talking from down the road. Sara knew that Rick and Paul must have had a couple of beers to cool them off as Rick got just a bit louder and talkative after just a drink or two. Not that he drank a lot or ever really got d***k he just enjoyed occasional social drinking. After all, they all drank wine while they were grilling, but never to excess. She was very glad that alcohol had this effect on Rick otherwise Ellen and her would have been caught half nude with the boys. Quickly they pulled away from the k**s and threw back on their shirts. The rest of the evening went along normally except the boys seemed to be pouting about the opportunity they lost.

The three tents were set up in a straight line with the teenager's tent in the middle. Rick's theory was that both sets of adults could keep an eye on them this way. He was worried that they might leave camp to have fun or go on a 'cunt hunt.' Little did he know that the cunts they wanted were already in camp.

As a result, the boys got a surprise that night. Both Ellen and Sara were so turned on by their failed seduction attempt that they attacked their mates within minutes of lying down. They tried their best to keep it silent but there was no mistaking what was going on. Rick was all over Sara's tits and she had such sensitive nipples that she came twice before he even ripped off her panties.

The experience for Ellen and Paul was very similar as Ellen lost count of how many times she came. Once Mark and John thought everyone was asl**p including each other they began frantically jerking off thinking of Sara and Ellen's bodies. John wanted his aunt more than anything in the world.

They didn't do even as good of a job of being quiet as the older folks had as both ladies could hear what was going on; the heavy breathing and the ruffling of the sl**ping bags. To the boys the sun seemed to come up far too early. The chirping of the birds before six in the morning pissed them both off.

Their moods would brighten very quickly once they staggered from their tent as Ellen and Sara both greeted them with broad smiles. Neither lady even bothered with putting on their bra. Their tits bounced freely as they prepared pancakes and sausages. Rick and Paul quickly downed the delicious breakfast as they informed their girls that they needed to hurry up before the fish quit biting as they had gotten up later than they should have.

The other four camper's spirits quickly soared as they were still excited about what they had started the evening before. Sara quickly helped Rick pack up a small cooler with beverages while Ellen helped Paul check out the tackle box. They were even happier when Rick kissed Sara goodbye and told her, "We should be back just in time to clean whatever we catch so that we can cook it up for lunch."

Paul passionately kissed his girlfriend goodbye and gave her ass a playful swat. Other than peeking over at the older ladies bodies the boys were too busy stuffing down their pancakes to pay attention to the older folks. Ellen and Sara quickly signaled each other by slapping each other's asses as they would have about three hours to play with their young studs.

Sara was ecstatic as she wouldn't feel rushed and would have time to do things right and maybe even get to play with both boys. Each lady grabbed a can of soda and sat down beside the youngsters. Ellen put the can between her tits and rubbed it back and forth against her boobs saying, "Boy, it is already hot out here."

"I can't believe that it is only 8:00," Sara answered. She, too, rubbed her can across her chest. The cans were wet enough that both ladies tits looked as if they had been in a wet t-shirt contest. Their nipples hardened and nothing was left to the imagination. John and Mark dropped their plastic forks and sat there gawking.

They were both too shy to make the first move. Sara didn't want to come on too strong but wanted to get the show on the road. She needed those young cocks every way she could have them. Seductively she spoke, "Do you guys mind if I take off my shirt?"

John stammered, "No, Aunt Sara we don't mind at all."

Then an inspiration hit Sara as she turned toward her nephew, How about you take it off for me."

John thought about refusing but couldn't be a wimp in front of Mark. As John reached for the hem of his aunt's shirt Ellen was asking Mark to take off her shirt and Mark agreed to do it. John's hands were shaking as he lifted the shirt off over his aunt's head.

Mark was having trouble catching his breath as his b*****r's girlfriend's tits came back into full view. Ellen and Sara thought Mark might hyper ventilate and John was in almost the same shape. The ladies could feel their pussies getting wet quickly in anticipation of the fun ahead.

Smiles crossed both ladies faces as the boys just sat there afraid to move with eyes fixed squarely on a hard pointy pair of nipples. Sara lightly caressed the underside of her breast gradually lifting it up until the nipple was pointed at John's mouth. The moment of truth was here as she asked," would you like to feel my breast, John?"

Ellen and Mark turned their heads to see what would happen, but John just sat there dumb-founded. Gently his aunt grabbed his hand and placed his entire palm against one of her boobs. When he didn't pull the first hand away she grabbed his other hand and placed it on her other breast. She squeezed her boob through John's hand.

"Your hands feel great there. Go ahead and explore my titties. I love to have my tits and nipples played with. Don't worry you can't hurt them," the lust was now obvious in her voice. Seeing what John was doing Mark reached up and tentatively placed his hands on Ellen's orbs. Ellen responded by caressing Mark's thigh.

The erect nipples of Sara's boobs were poking John's hand as he slowly began feeling his aunt's titties. Gradually he ran his fingertips all over the surface and gave them a small squeeze. Sara cooed in encouragement as John decided that he needed to say something, "Aunt Sara you are so pretty."

Internally Sara laughed to herself at the lame attempt of her nephew to compliment her. Ellen had slid onto Mark's lap as he was really getting into playing with her breasts. Responding to her nephew Sara cooed, "Thank you John; come on baby it is ok to squeeze and play with them a bit harder than that. Oh yes, tease my nipples."

His Aunt's tits felt wonderful in John's hands as he began to relax just a bit and fondle and squeeze the big orbs that were now directly in front of his face. Suddenly John tensed up again as he felt Sara's hand caress his pecker through his shorts. Reaching her other hand behind the boy's head Sara whispered excitedly, "Oh my; John! Kiss my boobies; come on and suck them stud."

There was a large grassy area right next to the table. Ellen stood up and grabbed Mark's hand motioning him to follow her. Thoroughly into the tit sucking she was now getting from her nephew Sara hadn't noticed, at first, that Ellen was moving on to the next step. As soon as she realized what Ellen was doing she squeezed John's cock and told him to come with her.

As nervous and inexperienced as the guys were the ladies were afraid to get too far out in front of each other as the guys might chicken out. This way they would be afraid to stop things as they didn't want to look like a dork. The ladies had nothing to worry about as the guys were so turned on now they wouldn't stop now unless f***ed to stop.

The guys found the older lady's arms around their necks followed by the dancing of tongues in their mouth. In seconds the ladies had pulled the boy's shirts over their heads and dropped them into the grass. They ran their hands all over the boy's bodies pausing to squeeze their ass cheeks. Taking the cue both guys responded by giving their partner's big ass a hard squeeze.

Sara pushed her hand inside of John's shorts and shoved them to the ground. Kissing him again she did the same to his underpants feeling his cock bounce against her still covered bush. Ellen took a different approach and instead shoved down both Mark's shorts and underwear at the same time.

Dropping to their knees in front of John and Mark Ellen and Sara couldn't believe the sight that greeted them. These were wonderful cocks before their eyes. Both boys had bigger cocks than Rick or Paul; nice and large. The cock's weren't huge like you see in porno movies; just a perfect mouthful.

"Shit John, this thing is huge! I'm going to make you cum right in my mouth," Sara told her nephew as she juggled his balls in her hand. Grabbing his pecker with the other hand she guided the tip to her lips and flicked his pee hole with her tongue. The boy jumped what seemed like a foot at this new feeling.

Ellen was a bit more aggressive and wild and had pushed Mark onto the ground. Her head was bobbing up and down on Mark's cock like a piston. Sara's style was more sensual and seductive as she licked all around John's cock head and used her tongue up and down the length of the shaft.

A loud gulp came from John when suddenly Sara swallowed his pecker whole. She thought he must be eight or nine inches long. Grunts and groans were coming from both boys and they kept getting louder and louder. The ladies knew that the guys wouldn't last very long. John's knees were buckling as he could hardly stand.

Noticing John's predicament Sara pulled her mouth momentarily from her wonderful prize and helped the boy to the ground. The women's heads were bobbing up and down on the shafts in almost unison as their large tits swayed back and forth seductively. Neither boy had felt anything quite as intense as this in their young lives. Gasping for his breath John yelled out, "Aunt Sara I'm about to cum!"

"Me too Ellen, I can't hold back," Mark chimed in.

"Then do it; come on and fill our mouths with that sweet nectar its ok just let it go," Sara moaned in response lifting her mouth for only a second from John's jewels. She had no more than swallowed the boy's pecker again when the first load of jism filled her mouth. She loved it and continued to suck him hard.

Ellen let Sara do the talking as she nibbled on the head of her possible future b*****r in law's cock head before working her mouth back down his shaft to his pubic hair. Mark bucked and spasmed as his first big shot hit the back of Ellen's throat as she gulped up the sticky substance ravenously.

Satisfied that they had enough of the sweet taste of cock for now Ellen and Sara climbed up the boy's bodies and kissed them passionately on the lips. Sara rolled off of John and laid flat on her back beside him. She was mildly surprised that he just laid there and did nothing. So grabbing his hand she placed it right on her crotch.

John ran his hand across his aunt's private area. He couldn't believe how warm she felt down there. Ellen had already pulled Mark on top of her and pushed his face into her boobs. Having to continue to be the aggressor Sara pulled off her shorts leaving only her white cotton bikini panties gently she put her arm around his back pulling him on to his side next to her voluptuous body.

"Hey John, how about starting with my mouth and then kiss all the way down my body until you get to my hot pussy. When you get there you can take off my panties and kiss, lick and suck my pussy if you want to," she was purring as she drew circles on his chest with her fingers. Pulling the boy tighter to her they kissed erotically as he melted into her. He had smooched enough with girls his age to know enough to take advantage of her bare chest now that it was clearly his.

Quickly he kissed down her chest and popped her large nipple into his Mouth. He lashed his tongue against it causing Sara to moan loudly. When he sucked on the sensitive nipple Sara wrapped her arms around him tightly. The boy could feel his aunt squirming under him and knew he was doing something right.

A little more confident, John progressed down Sara's tummy pausing at her belly button to dart his tongue in and out before kissing down to the top of her undies. He debated what to do for a second and decided to kiss all over the front of her panties while he turned his body around.

Sara's sweet scent was overpowering. There was a large wet spot right in the middle of the crotch of the panties. John just had to see what she looked like underneath the underwear so grabbing the top of the panties he began to pull them off of her hips. Sara lifted her pelvis far off of the ground to make it simple for the boy.

"Oh my God Sara," John gasped as her full hairy pussy came into view. It was trimmed neatly so that nothing would show when she wore her swim suit but otherwise it was full and fluffy. He could see the bright pink lips that hid her remaining treasures causing a shiver to run up his spine.

"How about climbing between your aunt's legs and show me if you can do as good of a job eating me out as you did with my boobs," she cooed as she slowly spread her legs apart and lifted her knees off of the ground. Her cunt opened before John's eyes like a rare beautiful flower revealing her erect clit and glistening cunt.

Needless to say it only took seconds for John to get into position between her legs. Sara looked over at Ellen just a couple of yards away and she was humping Mark's face full f***e as he was fully into her honey pot. He sucked and licked Ellen like a crazy man. Ellen was playing with her tits as she got her tongue lashing.

Suddenly Sara's attention was drawn back to between her own legs as John used his tongue to scoop up her twat from bottom to top. He did this several more times to get up all of the excess cream flowing from his aunt's pussy. He decided right then that he had a new favorite dish. When he flicked his tongue across his aunt's clit she jumped almost out of her skin. So he repeated this several more times.

Then he pulled the little button between his lips and sucked on it as he continued to flick it with his tongue. Sara couldn't believe the sensations her own nephew was giving her. Grabbing his hair she shoved his head tightly into her twat yelling, "Come on you fucker eat me, shit, oh my fucking god."

Sara's hips were bucking and thrashing all over the ground as she came over and over again. Both ladies were now screaming in glorious orgasm. They were glad the nearest occupied campsite was several hundred yards away. As Sara released John's head he gasped, "Your pussy tasted so great."

"If you liked eating my cunt so much let's see what you think about it after you fuck it. Would you like to try that?" Sara knew the answer but waited the eternity of three seconds for his answer.

"Oh fuck yes, Aunt Sara but are you sure what about Uncle Rick?" John had a momentary flash of conscious attack him but still hopes his aunt will go through with fucking him.

"Don't worry about anything but whether or not you would like to get that big cock of yours inside of my tight hot steamy pussy. Come on, John, fuck your Aunt Sara, I need to feel that whole huge thing inside of me. Climb up here and give it to me, sexy, she urged desperately. She was pulling out all of the stops now.

The last sentence was barely out of her mouth when John's cock hit her pubic hair. Pulling his honey covered lips to hers she kissed him passionately. Giving the boy no time to change his mind she grabbed his cock and pulled it into her tight opening. With her other hands she pushed on his ass causing his cock to move deeper inside of her.

"Oh fuck," John moaned as his cock went deeper and deeper into her forbidden fruit. Sara groaned in delight while using her vaginal muscles to squeeze her welcome invader. Soon he was gently going in and out of the pussy of the lady that he had many fantasies about that were now coming true.

Meanwhile, Ellen was on all fours in front of Mark wiggling her ass at the boy. She pointed a finger at her pussy showing him that she wanted his cock there right now. She too had to help his cock inside of her. It didn't take long for them to establish a rhythm as their hips were soon slapping powerfully together.

Focused completely on John his aunt was passionately caressing his back and wrapped her calves around his legs. John couldn't believe how tight she was and really loved it when her pussy seemed to hug him with every thrust. Sara's back was arched and her pelvis came up to meet his strokes.

"Oh shit, John fuck me harder. You won't hurt me. Come on fuck me harder and faster. Give it to me. Give me everything in that big cock of yours," Sara demanded. Taking his aunt at her word John instantly sped up his thrusts and began drilling her cunt as hard as he could. Thrust after thrust John pummeled his aunt's pussy.

Sara clawed her fingernails deep into his ass. He was every bit as good of a fucker as Rick. Sweat was pouring from everyone's bodies. The slapping of skin on skin seemed to echo through the campsite. Roars of ecstasy came from all four of them as they took turns cumming. Sara hadn't had such an intense series of orgasms in weeks.

After emptying their massive loads into the older ladies twats the boys sat up beside them breathing heavily. They weren't sure what was next. Only Sara had a watch on and knew there wasn't much time left. Disappointedly she advised," We're almost out of time. I had wanted to trade partners but that isn't going to happen. But, Mark we have time enough to at least play for a couple of minutes while John explores Ellen's body."

Wasting absolutely no time Mark and John scurried the short distance to their new partners. As Sara palmed Mark's cock she couldn't help to think about what a shame it was to let his still throbbing hard cock go to waste. Both guys mouths quickly found their new lovers boobies and slobbered all over them as the girls played with their cock and balls. Sara jabbed a finger into Mark's asshole teasing his prostrate.

It didn't help that the boy had stuck two fingers into her hot twat. She wanted Mark so bad but had the self control to look at her watch; 10:50, damn they just had to stop. Reluctantly she gently pulled his fingers out of her pussy and announced, "Guys we have got to stop right now as the men will be back any minute from fishing."

Ellen was having as much fun with John but didn't want to see what Paul would do if he caught them. So, even though Ellen's pussy was on fire she freed herself of John and went for her clothing. John went over to his aunt and gave her a gentle kiss on the lips and whispered, "Thank you Aunt Sara I'm glad it was you who took my virginity."

This actually caused Sara to blush as she put on her bra for the first time in 24 hours. The foursome had no more than gotten dressed when Rick and Paul came up the road. Both of them seemed very happy as they were laughing together. As it turned out they had caught enough fish for lunch but not dinner so they would either have to fish this afternoon or make other arrangements for dinner.

Mark and John cleaned the fish. It was the least they could do to earn their keep especially after the great morning they had. Lunch and the afternoon went along without much excitement. The six of them went swimming in the clear lake. Whenever one of the ladies was out of sight of the older men with one of the boys there was some playful touching. John had a thing for Sara's ass and Mark kept copping feels of both ladies tits. Sara was becoming a cock hound for their big cocks.

She couldn't seem to keep her hands off of her nephew's slightly larger member. As they were all walking back from the lake Paul suggested that he and Rick go into town and buy some nice t-bone steaks and they grill them for dinner. Sara quickly agreed because the whole trip would take the men 90 minutes or longer to accomplish.

The car wasn't even out of sight when Sara gave Mark's cock a hard yank and instructed in her best PE teacher voice, "Mark I am going to my tent. You will follow me there if you want to fuck me."

These two very normally respectable women were behaving out of character due to the time limits they had to work with. The last thing that would come to your mind when you thought of them was slut. But, they could be forgiven if they let themselves live out their fantasies for just one weekend.

In the case of Ellen she was stripping off her clothing as she beckoned John to her tent. John watched her naked ass disappear into the tent and quickly followed her inside. There she was sprawled out on top of the sl**ping bags her big ass wiggling at him as she cooed, "Kiss my ass!"

John did not hesitate and virtually lunged for the soft pillowy flesh. He kissed and fondled it enthusiastically. Ellen played with his cock and balls with her feet then rolled over and presented her soaking wet slit to him. The scene was every bit as erotic in Sara's tent as Mark walked in.

Sara was lying on one elbow on her side with one knee pointing to the sky. She had her fingers entangled in her pubic hair. Her beautiful tits were pointing straight out like twin globes on her chest. She whispered coolly in a tone that would have melted any man, "Why don't you come on down here and join me handsome. Let's have some fun."

In a matter of seconds Mark was laying beside her with her arms thrown around him. Sara's tongue snaked deep into the younger man's mouth as her hands traveled all over his back side. Mark's big cock felt wonderful against Sara's pelvis as they rolled around the tent. Sara shoved Mark's head down to her tits and the boy feverishly sucked from one to the other.

But, as she gently began playing with his cock she knew she needed to have it in her mouth. Mark moaned softly when she squeezed his lemon drop balls. The next thing he knew he was flat on his back with Sara's sexy rear end in his face. Not missing a beat Mark kissed all over the sweet cheeks.

The teacher was playing with his cock stroking his member lovingly. As Mark's mouth reached her ass crack Sara laid down on top of him presenting him with her dripping pussy. She opened her mouth wide swallowing up the boy's erection. As she inserted it into her mouth she licked all around it. Once he was deep inside her throat she pressed her lips tightly around the shaft and started mouth fucking his rod.

Mark ran his hands up and down her sleek body as he licked and nibbled all over her glistening pink lips and button of a clit. Her juices seemed to flow into his mouth in a never ending stream of glorious delight. It took longer for Mark to cum this time than it had in the morning. But, after Sara had cum in his mouth several times she felt his jism spray the back of her throat like a canon shot.

Hotter than ever with pure unadulterated lust Sara bounced off of his face and swung her body around and aimed his stiff prick for her throbbing opening. His big erection slid easily into her love tunnel. It sounded as if air had been let out of a tire as both of them exhaled at the same time as she bottomed out against his pubic hair.

Placing both of her hands on his chest she began riding him. At first, she rode in slow up and down motions constricting her muscles with each stroke. But, as she went on her strokes became harder and faster. Her tits began bouncing all around as she got more and more excited and moved one hand to her clit and began frigging herself. Mark was hypnotized by her bouncing titties until he reached up and twisted her pert nipples.

Sara loved the fact that she had very sensitive nipples and Mark's current attention to them was driving her almost as crazy as his big cock was doing to her cunt. She leaned back a little and rode even harder enjoying the multiple sensations. Mark was grunting and groaning and she knew he was close to spilling inside of her, "Oh Mark, that feels so fucking great; come on, give it to me. Cum in my hot pussy Mark."

"Oh shit, Sara, I'm fucking cumming," the boy moaned as his face became distorted as he blew a load into the older woman's twat. Sara didn't stop riding as she was in the middle of her own terrific orgasm. She bathed the boy's cock with her sweet honey as she came yet again. Then, worn out she fell to the floor of the tent.

Sweaty and totally worn out the couple laid there for several minutes recovering and listened to Ellen's scream of pleasure as John and her finished fucking. Throwing their clothes on they had just enough time to run to the shower house and take a shower to clean off their bodies and cool down.

As the foursome returned from the showers they saw that Rick and Paul had already gotten back from the store. After putting the steaks on ice all of them went for a leisurely hike and swim before dinner. It was a beautiful day and even the boys enjoyed communing with nature.

As the steaks grilled the four older campers sipped on some wine while waiting for them to cook. There was no way that Rick or Paul could notice any difference in the behavior of their partners. They played some cards and sat around the campfire. Everyone turned in early as Rick and Paul were determined to catch fish the next morning not only for lunch but hopefully a supply to take home with them.

Mark and John were so worn out that they fell asl**p right away. They were totally unaware of what was happening in the tents on each side of them. Neither lady had ever come close to fucking three different guys in the same day but that was indeed what was about to happen as Rick and Paul were very insistent.

It really didn't take any coercing as very soon the ladies were engaged in passionate love making with their lovers in the same spot where they had fucked one of the young boys just hours earlier. Rick and Paul went to sl**p with broad smiles on their faces very satisfied with the great sex they had just had.

Early in the morning the birds woke Rick and Paul and they grabbed some snack cakes and soft drinks and headed to the stream to fish. They hadn't wanted to disturb the women as they deserved to sl**p in; especially after the great sex the night before. But, the hustle of the men leaving had awakened Sara.

Rubbing her eyes she staggered out of her tent and grabbed three sodas. Popping one open she swallowed a big gulp down her throat. She pulled back the tent flap and crawled into the boy's tent right in between them. She placed the cans above their heads. Moving carefully she unzipped their sl**ping bags all of the way and laid down totally nude between their sexy bodies.

Deftly she pulled their cocks out of the fly of their underwear. Sara then wrapped a fist around each of their hard pricks and gently pumped them. It didn't take long for their eyes to pop open. Both boys were afraid to speak as they had no idea who was around. Seeing them look at her she gently whispered, "Good morning boys, I brought you each a soda. So how about chugging it down, stripping, and join me right back here where you are in a minute flat."

Assuming that she wouldn't have told them to do such things unless the coast was clear both Mark and John did just as they were told. As she put her arm around both guy's shoulders she took turns kissing them passionately. Then she pushed both guy's faces to her titties. Ellen awoke to the noise in the next tent.

She groggily got up and walked to the entrance of the boy's tent and watched her cousin play with the boys. They were working hard on Sara's boobs as their heads bobbed all around occasionally bumping each other. Sara was thrilled at the sensation of two mouths working voraciously on her breasts simultaneously.

All four of their hands were pinching, squeezing and tugging her extremely sensitive tits. It was if she were on fire. She couldn't believe that she was on the verge of orgasm. She moaned encouragement, "Oh yes this feels fucking fantastic. Don't stop that sexy pinching and nibbling. Fuck yes that is the way I'm cumming!"

This only caused both boys to attack her boobies more aggressively. Sara's whole body seemed to spasm as she had a powerful orgasm. Then rolling John onto his back she kissed her nephew so powerfully that he thought she was going to swallow his face. Mark was momentarily confused about his role. Sara reached over and gave Mark's cock a small squeeze to let him know she hadn't forgotten about him.

"John I'm going to fuck the hell out of you. As for you Mark, get that fucking cock over here," she demanded. Mark took the two steps until his cock was nearly resting on her shoulder. Straddling her nephew Sara flicked his cock against her clit several times and then shoved it into her hot pussy.

John's honey coated cock slid in and out of his aunt's twat easily. She was riding him hard as her hips slammed against him with every thrust. The boys were hypnotized by the bouncing of her engorged melons. Her fucking grew in intensity as John roared, "Fuck Aunt Sara this is the most unfucking believable feeling I've ever had; Oh fucking shit!"

Sara hadn't forgotten Mark as she grabbed him by the cock and furiously began pumping his erection. Pulling the boy a couple of inches closer she licked the head of his cock. Her tongue danced around his piss hole. She sucked the head into her mouth and smashed the head between her lips. She used her mouth to hold on to Mark's cock as she bounced hard on John's stiff shaft.

She soon found that she couldn't keep Mark's cock in her mouth as she rode her nephew. Sara let the big rod fall out of her mouth and wrapped her hand tightly around Mark's pecker. Mark couldn't believe how hard she was stroking him. Sara's other hand busily frigged her clit as she slammed again and again on to John's body. Her nephew held on to Sara's thighs lifting his hips to meet her pummeling pussy.

His mouth was wide open as his moans built in intensity. The other boy was worried that he might fall down so he held on to Sara's head to steady himself and soon had his fingers entangled in her hair. Sara now had his cock positioned such that with each bounce of her pelvis the head of it would hit her nipple exciting her even more.

Ellen had stripped out of her nightie and had snuck into the tent and was sitting there totally nude unnoticed beside the trio. She patiently sat there knowing her turn was coming. Ellen couldn't help but play with her nipples and clit as she looked on. John's face turned red as he howled, "Aunt Sara I'm about to cum."

"Me too, Sara," Mark grunted to the woman who's hand was a blur on his member. Excitedly Sara continued to pleasure the boy's cocks. She wanted to make both of them cum. For some reason she didn't care if Mark came all over her she just wanted both of them to give her their sperm.

"Fuck yes, boys cum for me; blow your loads for me. I need your fucking cocks to explode for me." The words had no more than escaped her mouth when Mark shot a wad on to her breast. Then the boy shot another load this time hitting her lips. As she licked the sticky substance into her mouth she felt John's entire body get rigid as he deposited a massive quantity of seed into her twat.

John's balls and thighs were covered with his aunt's glistening sweet honey as Sara came over and over again. As her nephew's body relaxed Sara let go of Mark's penis and rubbed his spunk into her chest while she dismounted John. It was then that she noticed Ellen who cooed, "Hi guys that looks like fun. I think it's my turn."

"You bet your ass it is. I'll go get breakfast while you see if these boys have anything left," Sara replied totally out of breath but totally pleased with the experience. Sara gave Mark's ass a love swat as she left the tent and got out the utensils to prepare breakfast. Curiosity got the best of her, however, and she found herself being a voyeur.

Peeking in she saw Ellen already had things well in hand. Ellen was sitting on John's face while he kissed her ass as Mark devoured her boobs. Then switching things up Ellen got on her hands and knees she quickly welcomed Mark's big cock into her cunt as she had John lay down so that she could suck him off while Mark fucked her.

As Mark rammed his prick in and out of his b*****r's girlfriend he played with the big sexy cheeks of her ass. Meanwhile, John had a great view of Ellen's swaying melons and grabbed them pinching and squeezing them. Sara licked Mark's cum from her face and tits as the action in front of her turned her on. IT didn't take long for the three lovers to cum as they filled both of Ellen's orifices with their young spunk.

Sara passionately kissed each of the boys as they stumbled out of their tent. Ellen and her cousin smiled a contented smile at one another knowing that they had just given Mark and John the experience of a lifetime. The four of them spent the next hour still naked cooking and eating breakfast.

Sara's large nipples were standing out straight and erect. Her nephew's eyes seemed locked on them. So, Sara decided to let him have one last treat before they had to get dressed. She walked around the picnic table and sat upon his lap. She whispered, "So, you really like my boobs, John?"

"Oh yes, Aunt Sara, I like them very much," he answered seeming to revert to his shyness. Even after having fucked three times over the weekend he was afraid to reach out and touch her boobs. Sara thought this was crazy as they had been playing with one another through breakfast. Mark wasn't quite as shy as Ellen had presented her ass to him and he was kissing all over it.

"I love to have them touched and sucked. So, John, go ahead and play with them and suck them one last time before we have to leave," Sara pushed her large C cups toward her nephew's face. She wrapped her arms around his neck and ground her boobs in his face. Once he got started his kissing and sucking grew quickly in intensity.

Gasps of joy came from both women as the guy's playing continued. After about five minutes of having her tits attended to Sara knew she had to call a halt to things, especially as she was getting the urge to fuck John again and there wouldn't be enough time for that. Reluctantly she pried herself away from John and hollered over at Ellen that they had better get dressed.

The boys were disappointed with the stoppage in play. But, they understood and followed the direction to get their clothes on. Camp life returned to normal as they cleaned things up from breakfast. It was about 15 minutes after they got dressed that Rick and Paul returned with a whole cooler full of fish.

Rick bragged that they had the best morning in the history of camping. Sara just smiled at her wonderful husband as she had been thinking the same thing about her own morning. Early in the afternoon they got everything packed up and headed back to civilization. Paul asked why the boys were asl**p in the back seat.

Sara and Ellen said that they didn't have a clue and pawned it off on the fact that you couldn't predict teenagers. Rick openly wondered if they had snuck out and been cunt hunting. The girls assured them that both boys were too shy too hunt for cunt and smiled at each other almost giggling.

It has been two years since that wonderful trip and the six of them have been camping together several more times. But, there has been no repeat of that lustful weekend. John and Mark now have girlfriends but always give Ellen and Sara special looks whenever they are together.

Sara has no regrets about that weekend. She believes she would have regretted it more if they hadn't seduced the boys. She always would have wondered about what could have been. Ever since that special romp in the woods Sara has been true to Rick with their love and lust just growing more and more every day.

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