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The ride home

So my wife and I go to a christmas party one of our friends is having. We both have a great time and I think my wife was watching me look at a few other women. I think she picked up a few looking and talking to me, I'm a flirt and she's very shy.
My wife is a sweet person who has never really been into anything twisted or kinky. So after the party we're on the way home. I wasn't feeling very well probably ate or drank to much. So she's trying to distract me with conversation. She begins to rub my back and arm, as I'm driving. She's wearing a nice shirt and blouse. I wanna be nice and return the favor. I scratch and rub her back. She leans back and I rub her arm up to her shoulder. I run my hands thru her hair. I'm really starting to pay attention to her blouse which was see thru but she had a black bra on. She picked up on that right away. She says maybe this would help. Grabs my hand and moves it up to her breast. I'm really getting turned on now. I rub her tits slowly, and grab a little. She starts to moan a little. She leans forward and undoes her bra, I can see her nipples thru her blouse, they were both rock hard from the rubbing.
What happened next was a complete surprise even to me. My shy conservative little wife pulled her top off as were driving down the interstate. We don't have any tint on the windows so anyone passing by can see whats going on. Honestly i don't think we even noticed if anyone was looking. She let me continue rubbing her tits for a bit. She noticed I was rock hard by now. She reached over and unzipped my fly. She pulled my dick out and began to stroke it slowly. She was looking me right in the eye as she worked my oock. She climbed over the console and gave me blow job for a short time. Leaning over the console was starting to bother her a bit. She stopped return to her seat and put on her blouse. She left her blouse open. She told me to keep touching her tits, so I did. I asked her if she was wet. She said hummm let me check. She leaned back and began to masturbate. She told me several times to watch to road. She also told me how bad she wanted me inside of her. She didn't want to pull over, she said just keep driving. She pulled up her skirt and was running her hands over her undies. She pulled them to the side and rubbed herself. By this time I had begun to masturbate too. After a short time we reached our exit and began to dress. We pulled into the garage ripped each others clothes off and went to town on each other. Thank god none of our neighbors were out. We didn't even notice we forgot to put the garage door down.

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