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My sons friend and my milf

My sonwas going to go back packing one year and he and his buddy that was going with him came over on a Saturday to pck. His friend mark brought his cousin Kevin over and introduced him to us. Kevin was about 17, and mark and my son were both 15 and 16. Kevin watched them pack and I said if you want to join my wife and I in the spa, it would be better than watching them packing. he laughed and said he didn't have a suit. I grabbed on of my sons and threw it to him. He went into the bathroom and changed. I grabbed a white one so it would show more as it got wet. Kevin stepped into the spa and Peggy was already there with a drink in her hand. She asked who he was and I introduced them. she had removed her top and was sitting in the spa with just her bottoms on. she said since the boys were there she should put her top on. I said its up to you dear. I asked if Kevin wanted a beer. He said sure. she stood up and was showing off as she put her top on. Kevin's eyes were riveted to her tits and then her crotch when he realized it was near invisible. I brought out a beer for all of us and said Mark and my boy were going to be running up the road for a few hours to borrow a back pack cause ours was broke. I asked if Kevin wanted to go or he could stay if he wanted. He looked at my wife and she winked. He said I'll stay. As soon as the guys left she said OK you cant tell my son or mark but I am gonna remove my top again, OK. Kevin said sure. She got up and sat on the top edge and removed it. she spread her legs and rubbed her inner thighs and gave him a real good show. Kevin sat on the edge also and he didn't realize it but his shorts were near invisible and tenting. I could see this skinny k** was hung well. He was much bigger than me. I asked if he wanted another beer. He said sure. I told Peggy I had to go get more beer and would stop at the bank to get some cash out and then get beer. She kissed me and removed her bottoms and said we'll see you in about an hour then. I said I might be a bit longer depending on traffic. I left and she told me later that his eyes bugged out. she was rubbing her inner thighs again and Kevin began stroking his cock. She moved over and kissed him and rubbed his crotch. Kevin took in a deep breath and said oh man that feels good. She then said lift up your ass so I can remove these shorts. He lifted up and she dropped his drawers. She saw a gorgeous cock that was 8 inches long and uncut and very very thick. it didn't look like it belonged on his body. She then sucked his cock up and down and engulfed the entire length as he thrust up into her throat. She was enjoying sucking his cock when he shot 4 ropes of cum into her throat. He settled down and she said OK I hope you can recover quickly cause I want that thing inside me. She took him into the f****y room and fucked him quickly so she could be finished before I got home

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