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Ted 2

This is continued from Ted

Steve's firm grip on my hand sent a wave of electricity through me. I saw the look on Ted's face. I knew that something was up. I looked at Ted and said that we' have to blow-up the airbed. My little three bedroom house had one as a den. We'd put Steve in there on the airbed. Steve asked if he could have a shower. I got fresh towels and soap. There was a new tootbrush and deoderant for him. When Steve closed the bathroom door, Ted said,"Wait! Push your clothes out so they can be washed too."

Steve did as Ted suggested. Ted had those briefs on his face before I could say anything. He let me sniff them. "Man musk," I said as the shower ran. Ted chewed on the front for a few minutes before letting me put them in the washer. The socks were worn on the heels and the t-shirt was frayed around the collar. Steve didn't waste much money on wardrobe. Ted asked, "Do you still have that old robe." "In the Den closet," I answered as I put some cold chicken and roast beef on the table. I put two potatoes in the microwave to bake. "Which veg, Ted?" I asked. "Always corn, man, always corn!" came the reply.

Steve had found the old robe on the door. He came out into the kitchen, blond hair wet and striking blue eyes. His face was a little red. The robe was a little small. I hadn't realized how broad those shoulders were. No wonder his t-shirt was so frayed. As the boys ate, we made small talk. Ted found beer in the fridge and the two of them laughed about the ride. The pie was a hit. Steve said he hadn't had homemade apple pie since he left home 4 years earlier. Ted asked if he had never gone home. Steve answered, "To what? A d***k for a father who beat my mother and a mother who wouldn't leave?"

With that Steve grew silent. Ted suggested that we wash up. I simple said, "Thank God for Kitchen-Aid!" We all laughed and loaded the dishwasher. Steve made his way to the den and closed the door. Ted winked and headed to the front bedroom. I shut off the lights, turned on the nightlight in the bathroom, and went to my room. Steve snores! What a gift!

Ted entered my room and kissed me long and deep. His tongue pushing on my tonsils produced a rise below what would have been a belt had I been wearing anything. Soon, Ted was naked. Still as hairy as ape, Ted's cock was like a club. He crawled into the bed and cuddled. "I've been bad. I need to go to the time out room!" I whispered, "Ted, it is in the basement under the den where Steve is asl**p." Ted said, "He won't sl**p long." With that Ted bounded out of the bed and walked stark naked into the room where Steve was sl**ping. "Steve, he said, you can watch or play! But you have to come downstairs." Poor Steve was groggy and stood up. He was naked. His dick hung half-way to his knees. When he saw Ted half-hard, Steve's dick started a climb up, up, well past his navel.

To be continued

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