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How am I gonna feel when...

he slides her panties down to reveal her pussy
she lifts her hips to help him get them off
she spreads her legs open right in front of his face
his expression on his face at his delight
I see him spread her legs even wider  so he can lick her pussy right in front of me
she looks over at me when his tounge touches her
she places her hands on his head and guides him
she pulls her pussy open so he can lick her clit
I hear her moaning how good it feels
I see her jumping around from his tounging
I see him reach up and play with her breasts
I see  him look up and see the look of lust in her eyes
I see him crawl up to suck on her hard nipples
I see him crawl higher to kiss my wife on the lips
he is now laying on my wife and his cock is touching her hot married pussy
he and my wife are kissing passionately
he adjusts himself for entry and pushes
she reaches down and guides his dick in her
I hear her moan as he slides into her
I see her hips arching up to take him all
I see her jump when he goes in too far
I realize she is now fucking another man
I see another man's cock in my wife's pussy
I see him withdraw and see her juice on his cock
I know she has already cum on his cock
I see he made her cum with just one stroke
I see they get into a rhythm and I hear her moaning
I hear her tell him how good he feels in her
I hear him tell her how good her pussy feels
I hear her say how she couldn’t wait any longer
I see her wrap her arms around him and
I see her sticking her tounge into his mouth
I see him sucking on her tounge and grunting
I see him rubbing his hands over her breasts
I see her letting him touch her anywhere all over
I see her lifting her legs higher for deeper entry
I see him grab her legs and hold them up
I see him start to fuck her faster and harder
I hear her moaning and screaming out 'oh shit'
I realize he is making her cum over and over
I see her wrap her legs around him driving him deeper
I see him pounding faster and faster, grunting
I see him drive as deep as he can and holding it
I realize he is fucking the shit out of her, my wife
I realize she is wanting him to fuck her harder
I realize she is getting fucked by another man
I realize another man is making my wife cum
I see him relax, knowing he came, shot his cum inside my wife
I see them laying there, him on top of her, not moving, but breathing hard, sweating, panting
I see him move to kiss her again
I see her respond to his kissing and relaxes her legs, spreading them wider under him
I see him pull out and his limp dick slick with juices
I see him roll off her smiling, breathing hard
I see her smiling back at him, reaching to kiss again
he sits on the bed next to her, caressing her leg
I see my just fucked wife, laying lifeless, her whole body red from being so hot
I see a hickey on her left breast
I see a hickey on her neck
I see her face, red from his whiskers, after kissing
I see her raise up, and look at me, curiously she is wondering how I feel, mad, sad, happy
I realize she has just gotten mounted and fucked and she loved it
I move over to her and she smiles
I smell the aroma of sex, pure sex
she reaches for me to kiss me
she pulls me to her and sticks her tounge in my lips
she kisses me the way she just was kissing him
she takes my hand and pushes it down to her pussy
she wants me to feel her hot, just fucked pussy
I feel her juices combined with his
she feels like a real mess down there
she moans when I start to rub around her lips
she pulls me down and over her

I am now laying on top of her where he just was
I can smell his sweat on her
I can see where he has roughed up my wife with his bite marks and whiskers,
she doesn’t seem to mind
she asks me if I am ok,
I say yes I ask her if she liked it she moans yes, yes, yes, thank you,  thank you
she moves me between her legs and reaches for my hard dick
she smiles and said you liked seeing him fuck your wife
she moans when she sees I am erect
she places the head at her fucking pussy
she raises her hips and pulls my ass to her
I enter her hot, wet, burning, just fucked pussy
it is undescribable how wet and warm and juicy it is
I realize I am where another man has just been
he just fucked my wife,
now I am fucking my wife
I finish, i cum but she doesn't
we kiss, she smiles
I roll off and see she had been stroking his cock the whole time I was fucking her
I realize he wants to fuck her again
he gets back up on the bed, his cock pointing at her
She rolls over on her hands and knees
She looks back at him, smiling, lust in her eyes
He mounts up with her, she squeals, and bucks
He holds her hips and slams into her again and again
she asks if it is ok if he fucks her again
she says too late, he is already in me, sorry
He is fucking my wife again, this time he is taking her ass

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