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The hot night Ben fucked Creampie while I was stuc

Now, Ben and I enjoy our sex life but we have always and only, had sex with others while with each other. Recently though, we had a slight change of plans that turned into a really steamy night for us both.

Ben called me at work around 6pm as I was stuck in the office for days working on a deadline.
"Babe" he started, "Creampie is here....and....she wants to know how soon you will be home"
Checking my watch I informed him it would be at least another 90 min before I could leave "Ok" he said "we'll wait". I thought about it for a minute and said, " know what? Do her. I want you to do her once when I'm not there. And then tell me all about it in detail when I get home"". I smiled into the phone while I waited for his response. "Um....... are you sure about that Sherry?" he asked and I emphatically replied yes, and told him do her real dirty. AND take a few pics IF you can!

We hung up but I could no longer fully focus on work. My thoughts were wondering what he was doing to her at that moment, and have I made a mistake? Part of me felt a bit jealous but the other part of me calmed the jealous part down and said this could be really interesting! How would he fuck her without me there watching? Would it be any different than when we were together?

I hurriedly rushed thru my work and locked up for the night, speeding home a bit faster than normal wondering If I could catch them in the act! Sadly I looked at the clock in the car and it had been a good 80 min since Ben had called. Quietly I parked and opened the front door, expecting to see Ben banging away at Creampie but I was surprised to see him sitting on the couch with a glass of wine, watching ESPN. ??? I was puzzled.

"Did she change her mind?" I asked him. He looked up at me smiling, "Nope. I fucked her. We're done"
Something about the way he said it, and the smile he was giving me, turned me on immediately.
'You're DONE? Where is she?"
"Home I guess" Ben said..."She left right after"

He patted the spot next to him on the sofa and told me to come sit by him. Quizzically I did, and he turned to me. Silence. Smiling. "Are you gonna tell me what you did?" I asked him, hitting him on his leg hard. Ben reached over, and started unbuttoning my blouse, "Yup" he replied, He pulled my blouse off my shoulders and started kissing my neck and cleavage area. "You smell amazing" he said, unhooking my bra. My tits bounced out, and he moaned, immediately taking them into his hands and sucking my nipples, back and forth, one after the other.
"Ben! Are you going to tell me or NOT!?" i said a bit louder..... his tongue flicking my nipples, he looked up at me and simply said, "Yup". He reached over and grabbed a tiny remote to the digital photo frame behind the sofa. Immediately it lit up and I saw an image on the screen, of Creampie naked, her pussy spread and apparently squatting over Ben. My pussy got wet. "I don't remember this, it BETTER be from tonight" I said, intensely aroused my his caressing of my erect nipples and tits in his hands. "It is", he replied, Twisting my head to see the photo frame again, he unzipped my skirt and pulled it down, his fingers immediately pulling my panties aside and rubbing my pussy. He turned my head and kissed me deeply and hard, then pulled me onto his lap, facing him. From this angle I had a perfect view of the photo frame. The image changed to Ben fucking creampie from behind, his cock shiny and engorged, thrusting into her wet hole. "Oh my God, you really did fuck her didn't you?" His fingers slipped into my pussy, his thumb rubbing my swollen clit. Nuzzling my tits on his face, he replied "I fucked her good".

Ben pulled his dick out of his pants, and lifted my hips and then impaled me with his stiff cock. "FUCK" i moaned, I rode him slowly, moving my hips back and forth while he started to tell me the story while whispering in my ear.... "I told her to squat over me naked, and show me her pussy".....I felt his dick thrust up into me...."uh huh, and did she show you her pussy?"I whispered.... "Yes", he said, "She was dripping wet so I jerked my cock off a little bit to get hard, while I looked at her pussy above me"... Mmmmm I moaned, while he reached down between us and rubbed my clit while we fucked... "Did she sit on your face?" I asked him...."no..... but she lowered her pussy over my face a little and asked me to lick it, so I did, but just a few times"..... I looked up at the photo frame, remembering the picture of her spread over his face and imagined her lowering that cunt onto his face and him licking it..My pussy was throbbing.....he continued to rub me slowly, in circles, while he continued to thrust inside of me.. "You ate her pussy?" I said, breathing into his ear........"no, I just licked it a little up and down her lips just to get her wetter" he whispered back, then took my nipples into his mouth again......"Then, I bent her over the side of the sofa, and told her to spread." Ben said, seductively whispering slowly and hotly into my ear. He grabbed my ass cheeks and started thrusting up into me.... "She was very wet Babe, I wanted to fuck her cunt. So I rammed my dick into her hard and watched my dick going in and out of her pussy, all shiny and wet and then slammed it into her over and over again"......
Ben pushed me back away from his body, looking down at where his dick and my cunt were connected, held me by my waist and started fucking me, lifting me up and down, his cock pumping up into my dripping wet pussy......."Yes, Yes did i feel good Ben? Did you like fucking that slut?" Carrying me, he stood up and turned me over, until I had my ass up facing him, and he got behind me doggy style. The images on the photo frame changed slowly, his dick in Creampie's pussy, a spread shot of him cumming in her, Creampie spreading her ass cheeks apart so we could both see his dick inside her, stretching her pussy hole open........Ben pulled my hair and started fucking me hard, "Yeah, it felt good at the time, I fucked her like THIS and like THIS, over and over" pounding his dick into me, reaching down to open my pussy lips and spread it while he continued hammering his dick into me.
"She started moaning that I was making her cum, and then she did Sherry, I saw it drip out of her pussy and onto my dick while I kept fucking her, she screamed and moaned over and over and I kept pumping her"
"Oh God" I said, feeling myself ready to cum too. He pulled his dick out and I whimpered, and he slowly put it back in, slowly and sexily, and said "I was watching my cock fuck her just like I'm watching my cock fuck YOU now this is much better" He picked up the face and fucked this living shit out of me, his balls banging away on my pussy with every pump, our bodies wet with sweat and juices, sounds of his dick in my pussy and our heated moans filled the air.
"Then I fucking came in her, pumped her full of cum" I immediately came, while Ben buried his cock all the way in me his pelvis up against my ass, and let me cum on him hard and did not move. I grinded back against his dick, my pussy pulsating and throbbing on him over and over. When I finally stopped, he pulled my hair and brought my face back, leaning over to kiss my mouth, then slapping my tits gently whispering in my ear "DId I make you cum Babe?"
Yes Yes Yes as all I could say, and he picked up the pace again, his dick still fully hard, slamming away at my from behind, spanking my ass, lost in lust, until he yelled out and dumped another load of his creamy milky cum into my wet open well fucked hole, and I squeezed him with my pussy as hard as i could, making sure I possessed every drop of his cum deep inside me.
We collapsed once again on the couch side by side, catching our breath, and then he casually said "Oh, I told her to suck my dick too, but that was nothing" Grinning at me, I smacked him a little. Ben said, "It wasn't the same without you. won't happen again".

We'll see about that, I thought to myself!

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