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Day Off pt. 3

Nacho lay on top of Rocco, as the two men breathed heavily and savored the lingering thrill of Rocco's climax. Rocco moved his hands up from Nacho's firm ass, past his narrow waist, over his strong back and shoulders until he reached his jawline and planted another sloppy tongue kiss on the oversexed Spaniard. Nacho returned the kiss, still a bit unsure how he had so quickly embraced sex with a man, but too horny and happy to question it any further.

Still hard as a rock, Nacho suddenly broke the kiss and stood up, worried that their passion would lead him to blow another load prematurely. From that vantage, he had a great view of Rocco's body. The Italian Stallion didn't dedicate himself to working out in the gym the way Nacho did, but Rocco got plenty of exercise in his marathon fuck sessions. Rocco was solidly built, not as lean or well-defined as Nacho, but clearly strong and fit. He had also kept more body hair than his companion, which lightly covered his chest and stomach, but most importantly drew attention to his bush, which surrounded his long cock and heavy balls.

Nacho had turned around for a moment, still trying to hold off shooting his wad, giving Rocco a wonderful view of his tight ass, and also an idea for their next move.

"Come here," Rocco commanded quietly yet firmly. "Sit on my face."

Both men had always enjoyed giving and receiving analingus, and as Rocco opened his mouth to show his tongue, Nacho eagerly moved towards the target. He stepped his right foot over Rocco and squatted over his face with his hard dick pointing directly towards Rocco's (temporarily) softening tool. Nacho started to grab and stroke his own engorged prick, but thought better of it, especially when he felt the sudden pleasure of Rocco's firm tongue trying to invade his anus. Rather than a few teasing or tasting swipes, Rocco went right for peneration, pulling Nacho's hips to f***e his ass more firmly onto his face, and thrusting his pointed tongue at the younger man's balloon knot.

"Oh, shit!" Nacho exclaimed, as he grimaced in pleasure and shock at how exciting it felt to be rimmed out by such an aggressive, masculine partner. "Fuck my ass with your tongue, you motherfucker!"

That was no idle exclamation, as Rocco had succeeded in slightly opening the hole and was steadily thrusting the tip of his tongue inside Nacho's backdoor. Finding the thrusting to be a bit easier, Rocco removed his right hand from Nacho's hip and began to search out and tug on Nacho's tight balls, delivering pleasure and hoping to ensure that Nacho's dick didn't blow too quickly. Rocco wanted nothing to stand in the way of him completely devouring Nacho's shitter. Fortunately, Nacho was a trained fuck machine, and once he adjusted himself to the new experience, he regained control of his balls and was able to relax and enjoy the sensations coursing through his asshole, nuts, and taint. Rocco had started to press two of his fingers against Rocco's perineum, stimulating his prostate from outside while he continued to tickle his anus with his strong, wet tongue.

Finally opening his eyes, Nacho discovered that Rocco's cock had come back to life, and was throbbing gently as it filled with bl**d, causing it to steadily rise off of his stomach and flop back down again. Nacho now knelt around Rocco's face, still providing access to his asshole while allowing him to reach out and grab Rocco's meat with both hands. He reverse-gripped the shaft near the head with his left hand and placed his right on the balls, beginning a gentle massage of Rocco's genitals. When the Italian groaned with pleasure, Nacho knew he was succeeding and was rewarded with vibrations from the tongue in his sphincter. He rolled his eyes with pleasure at the feeling.

Rocco hardened, and Nacho felt surprise again at how large and solid it felt in his hands. His arousal threatened to overwhelm him, and when he noticed a drop of moisture land on Rocco's prick, it took him a moment to realize that his mouth was literally watering over the firm, fleshy rod.

"Suck, baby! Yes, suck, suck my dick!" Rocco intoned, taking his mouth out of Nacho's cleft in order to deliver that instruction. Nacho was reminded of the ways Rocco performed, seducing and compelling young, inexperienced women to fuck and suck him in nasty ways they'd never considered before. He too had been drawn in by the Italian's apparently limitless sex appeal, and Nacho's only reluctance stemmed from a concern that he wouldn't be able to fully pleasure Rocco with his mouth.

But Nacho knew all about getting off. He squeezed the shaft in his right hand and tenatively licked the top of Rocco's knob, beginning to swirl his tongue around the long circumference of the glans. After a few such circles, with his tongue moving faster each time, Nacho opened his mouth wide and tried to shove as much of Rocco's pole in as possible. He knew how much he loved throatfucking girls, but he was a bit disappointed when he saw that he had only taken about half of Rocco's substantial manhood. He decided he'd try for more later, and began to steadily slurp on Rocco's crown and about an inch of the shaft, showing a great deal of skill for a first time cocksucker. His drooling mouth provided a natural lubricant, allowing him to squeeze and stroke Rocco while he worked the head with his mouth.

Rocco had stopped licking Nacho's ass in order to encourage the oral work, and now decided that he was in the perfect position to return the favor. Nacho's erection pointed directly towards his navel, so Rocco grabbed the shaft in his right hand and circled the fat mushroom-tip with his left index finger and thumb in preparation for his own blowjob. Rocco showed expert skill. His firm grip made Nacho's cock even harder and expanded his already-giant tip, which Rocco began to suck, lick, and nibble firmly as though it were a huge, tan nipple.

"Oh my god!" Nacho exclaimed as he released Rocco's cock briefly. "Fuck, my cock is so fucking hard. Suck that shit!" Rocco needed no encouragement, loving the taste of Nacho's tool, and especially enjoying the salty precum that had begun slowly leaking from the wide head. Rocco sucked with a purpose, spurred on by that precum to get another taste of Nacho's seed, which he planned to have fill his mouth directly from the source.

Nacho resumed sucking, inspired by Rocco's skill to try his best to make the Italian stud feel as much pleasure as he was giving. He compensated for his inexperience with enthusiasm, stroking and sucking Rocco with the same vigor with which he pounded and fingered the pussies and assholes of the women he fucked at work and at home. Any other man would already have rewarded Nacho with a mouthful of hot cum, but Rocco had blown less than a half hour before, and he exhibited an almost maniacal focus on tasting Nacho's spunk that somehow helped him to hold off a second orgasm. The pornstars 69'ed with passion, engaging in a sloppy suckfest that would have made most men blow in moments.

As he continued to nurse on Nacho's knob and grip it firmly in the fingers of his left hand, Rocco slowly traced his right hand up Nacho's veiny monster and over his balls, firmly resting his fingers on Nacho's taint. He again began to press and massage that sensitive spot, sending waves of pleasure through his partner. Nacho's cocksucking slowed, and it was clear that he had become distracted by the pleasure he was experiencing. But Rocco decided to up the ante, and began to trace his fingers up and down, up Nacho's crack past his tight backdoor, and down over his perineum, sac, and cockvein, drawing a line of pleasure again and again, and slowing down tantalizingly each time he approached Nacho's hole.

Nacho had now stopped sucking, pressing his hands firmly against the rug and breathing heavily over Rocco's meat as he was engrossed by the feelings coursing through him.

"Are you close?" Rocco whispered, breaking away from his toy for only a moment before he resumed his firm slurping.

"Oh, fuck yeah." Nacho responded. "So fucking close, man. Just do it."

"Do what?" Rocco asked cheekily, this time keeping his mouth off of Nacho's tip, a fact that hurt him almost as much as it did the Spaniard.

"C'mon, do it."

Rocco continued to trace Nacho's pleasure line, teasing, waiting for Nacho to beg. The anticipation was almost too much, and Rocco was ready to give in, so anxious to get his friend off and taste his hot jizz that he nearly abandoned the tease. But just before he did, Nacho uttered the response Rocco so wanted to hear.

"My ass! Finger my asshole. Put it in my fucking ass!" Nacho finally screamed, and before he could say "fucking," Rocco had roughly jammed the first two fingers of his right hand past the Spaniard's sphincter, shoving in to the third knuckle as he recaptured Nacho's dripping prick in his mouth.

"Oh my fuuuuck!" Nacho screamed as he felt a fire build in his groin which seemed to last forever, until he finally exploded the first shot into Rocco's slurping mouth. Rocco showed his experience again when swallowed and didn't miss a beat, continuing to squeeze, suck, and finger Nacho through his long, intense orgasm. His previous nut, with Rocco's lips pressed against his shaft, was nothing compared to this, as Nacho fired shot after shot into Rocco's hot, wet mouth. His balls felt like they had climbed halfway into his stomach, and his throbbing tool finally stopped pulsing after a full 30 seconds, leaving bits of semen trickling out the sides of Rocco's mouth, which remained tightly pressed around Nacho's helmet.

More gently now, Rocco continued to slide two fingers in and out of Nacho's butt, and lick over and around Nacho's sensitive tip, making the younger man shudder and shake happily as he came down from a once-in-a-lifetime climax. Rocco smoothly removed his body from beneath Nacho's, allowing Nacho to lie prone on the floor while Rocco knelt behind him, still holding his fingers in Nacho's snug, hot hole. Leaning forward, he placed a kiss on each of Nacho's firm cheeks, and massaged his muscular, tattooed back with his left hand.

"I guess I can tell you the big secret about 'Butt Breakers.' It's my first all-male film."

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