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The Realtor

I told him to make the appointment with the realtor a week ago, and the day was fast approaching. Poor Greggy had no idea that I'd already had a very intimate tour of the house before he'd ever made the call.

We drove up to the house and parked on the street. A beautiful Victorian on a brick-lined street. I'd known the realtor for 20 years; long before Greg moved here and into my life. Mike and I'd had a long-standing flirtation that had only gotten more explicit over the years. I knew, when I called him a few weeks ago and asked for a tour, that he would gladly oblige me. And boy, did he. But more about that later.

Greg and I were walking the stairs to the porch when Mike came to the door.

"Hey, Linda", he said, giving me a warm hug.

"Hey, Mikey", I said, a little too casually, I suppose. A broad smile appeared on Mike's face. "This is Greg, my fiancee. Greg, this is Mike." The two shook hands and eyed each other up. I couldn't help but laugh to myself. Mike put his hand on my back and guided me into the foyer. As I looked around, I called for Greg to come to me, which he did obediently. He took my hand in his, as he knew was the rule, and the three of us toured the stately old home.

When the tour of the house was complete, the three of us walked out to the garage, and upstairs to the studio loft space.

"Isn't it fabulous, babe?", I directed to Greg. He knew how much I wanted a study of my own to write in. He also knew of my exhibitionist side, and had discussed a private office space where I could go on cam. He nodded and smiled at me, knowing what my intentions were for the room. Cam shows, involving him, my bulls; whoever I wanted would be part of my shows and in whatever capacity I chose. Greg put his arm around me and listened intently about the particulars of the house. Money stuff that I had absolutely no interest in. I put my hand on Greg's ass and squeezed. He knew how excited I was about the house. I walked over to the window overlooking the yard and leaned forward, sticking my ass up in the air. I wiggled my ass as I talked to the boys about the beautiful view. I knew Greggy loved my big ass; Greg didn't know that Mikey loved it too.

When we were finished with the tour, Mike walked us back to our car. He shook Greg's hand, and Greg told him he would be in touch very soon. Mike took my hand and walked me to the car door. He opened it, then pulled me into a tight embrace; and embrace more suited to lovers than a real estate agent and his client. He whispered in my ear, barely loud enough for Greg to hear "Talk to you soon, Lin." I smiled at him as he closed my door and walked back to the house.

Greg looked at me with an odd expression. "What was that about?", he asked as he started the car.

"Oh nothing", I replied, laughing.

"Oh it's something, all right", Greg responded, with a grin.

I laughed out loud. Yes, it was something. "You really want to know, babe?", I asked, coyly.

"You know I do!", he exclaimed, shutting off the car.

I laughed and began my story. I explained to Greg that I'd seen the house before today. He smiled broadly, as I told him of the Tuesday evening two weeks prior when I met Mikey at this same address. How we'd used the tour to catch up on each other's lives. How I flirted with him mercilessly the entire showing, eventually ending the tour in the loft, where Mike had bent me over the window seat and fucked me with abandon, making me cum three times in the process. How, while he fucked me, I told him of my cuckold husband, who's cock wasn't big enough to satisfy me. How I loved him for finding big cocks to fuck me. How when I went home after getting fucked by them, he cleaned every bit of their cum from my gaping cunt. That was all Mikey could take before he blew his load inside me.

As I pulled my dress over my head, and he pulled up his boxers and pants, Mikey asked me if I was going to tell my husband about our encounter.

"Not right away. I will when the time is perfect. Don't worry. It won't be until AFTER you show us both the house", I told him. He smiled and walked me down the stairs to my car. "And don't worry. I've already decided we're taking the house, regardless of whether Greg wants it or not." He smiled and waved as I drove away.

Greg looked at me, smiling with his entire body. I looked in his lap, and saw his sad little cock, making an effort to show off. I rubbed his dick roughly through his jeans, as one would tousle someone's hair. "Awwwww", I said. "Look at him. He's trying so hard! When we get home, back into the cage. If you can't fuck me with that thing, there's no reason he should need to get hard."

He took my hand and kissed it, then entwined his fingers in mine. "I love you", he said. I smiled and told him I loved him too. As he drove home, he asked "what room did he fuck you in?"

"Do you really need to ask, baby?", I purred. He laughed, and gave my hand a squeeze, his silent way of telling me how much he loved me.

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