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Moving to a Retirement Community

Chapter 2

The first thing I did when I got home was check the mailbox. Sure enough the mail I'd been expecting was there, waiting for me to open it.

I took it into the house and sat it on the table next to my favorite chair, while I went to the bathroom to take a leak and to get freshened up a bit. It was hot and muggy outside and I wanted to wash a little bit of the sweat off me first. I decided against taking a shower right then and just washed up in the sink. Standing in my shower was a way I loved to relieve stress, with all that hot water beating on my body, but right now I just wanted something quick. I took off my shirt as the water warmed up, then removed my shoes and pants, standing there in my boxers and socks. For a man of my age I was quite fit. No body fat anywhere. I still weighed around 125 pounds and kept my body in great shape. I had a gym membership and still went there twice a week to do a short workout, with weights and yoga. Every morning I'd run 3 miles and take a warm shower as soon as I got home. I took vitamins every day. My bl**d pressure was still quite good and I didn't have to take any medications for any illnesses. I think the only time I ever went to the doctor was for my yearly physicals. My hair, or what was left of it, was a solid grey, with my beard and mustache more salt-and-pepper. I kept them cropped close though and my hair was also short. I preferred it that way. I quit wearing glasses five years ago, opting for contact lenses. I liked them and didn't have to worry about laying my glasses down and forgetting them, like I used to do. I got the kind I could wear 24/7 for two weeks at a time and then replace them with a new set. I still had all my teeth and my hearing was just as sharp as ever.

I never had any complaints in the cock department. At least the girls I used to see never said anything bad about me. I'm not 'big' in any sense of the word, measuring in at just under 7". Uncut with plenty of loose foreskin and an average sack beneath my cock. Like I said, none of the girls ever complained about my equipment and I knew how to use it, too. I could get a girl to scream each and every time I fucked her. I loved to go muff diving and would go down on her before doing anything else. Some of the time the women would go down on me at the same time, which I enjoyed to no end.

There was only one thing I would never do though. There were many times the women would ask me to fuck them in their asses, but I'd always say no. I never believed it was meant to stick my dick in someone's ass and never would. One time one of them tried to jab a finger up my ass while she was sucking on me and I quickly told them I didn't do that. It pissed her off, but I didn't care. She could either quit or leave, it was up to her.

Once, when I was around 35 I had a man come up to me in an ABS and asked if he could suck my cock while I watched the videos. At first I was turned off by his actions but later decided to go ahead and let him. I think that was the time when I first learned that a man could suck a cock as good, or even better, than a woman could. I loved the way he paid attention to my foreskin and how he sucked it down into his throat as he worked his tongue around the underside of my cock. That man knew how to suck a cock and I remember I shot two good loads down his throat before he quit. That, however, was the only time I did something like that until I was well into my 50's. And then I didn't suck my first cock until the year I turned 61. I don't know why I waited that long, but I did. When it did happen, it was not something that I'd planned to do though.

I was sitting in the booth at the ABS I visited quite frequently when I heard a noise and looked towards the glory hole in the wall beside me.

"Hey man," I heard. "Wanna suck my cock?"

At first I almost refused, but then, without another word, the man pushed his black uncut cock through the hole-in-the-wall and the first thing I did was grab it, jacking it and watching as his foreskin uncovered his cock head. His black helmet was smooth and there was a slight bump at his piss hole, but other than that, it was a perfect-looking cock. It was also the first black cock I'd ever seen in person. I'll never forget the feel of his cock in my hand that day. While his rod was rigid with all that bl**d coursing through it, the cock itself felt more like velvet then skin. While so hard it felt so soft in my unexperienced hand. I used both hands on him though, marveling at how good it felt in my hand and I started to pull on it, showing and hiding his head with each pull of his skin. The booth was dark, except for the light from the video, and I could see the precum beginning to form, a bead against his skin. I leaned over and licked it off, savoring my first taste of a cock. I never took my hands off it, either. I did pull back a bit though and look at this thing I was licking, enjoying the taste of his juices on my tongue. I move in once again and took that whole, marvelous head into my mouth, probing beneath his loose skin and licking around the helmet of his cock. I did notice he smelled as though he'd just gotten out of the shower, the scent of a 'manly' soap still lingering on his body.

"At least he's clean," I thought.

I returned to the task at hand, pulling his cock out of my mouth and licking down the entire black shaft, probing around the base of the organ and feeling that kinky hair against my lips and tongue. I pushed him back through the hole and grabbed his balls, pulling them through the hole and then proceeded to lick and suck on them.

"Hey man," I heard him say, "Why don't you come over here? You can have better access here then through this hole."

Sounded like a good idea to me, so I pushed my own cock back into my pants, zipped them up, and then went to the other side of the room, where he stood with the door opened, waiting for me. Once inside I could tell it was going to be tight, so I made my own suggestion.

"Why don't we just go to my place?" I asked.

"You sure?"

"Yeah, I'm sure. I want to be able to enjoy my first time."

"Your first time!" he said. "You mean you've never done this before?"

"Nope," I answered. "Listen, I only live a couple blocks from here and it's within walking distance."

"You sure?" he asked again.

"Yes, I am. Wouldn't you like to be more comfortable yourself?" I asked.

He seemed to ponder it for a few minutes the nodded in agreement.

"Meet me outside and we'll head over there and then I can do this right and we can both enjoy ourselves without being confined to this booth."

"I left first and within only five minutes or so he joined me."

"My name's Mike," he introduced himself.

"I'm Ed," I answered. "Nice to meet you."

"Same here," he answered and we shook hands. We were being quite polite for a couple of guys about to enjoy a mutual sucking session for the first time. Well the first time for me that is. I couldn't say the same for him though, since I'd just met him. It never dawned on me that this might be the wrong thing to do, inviting a strange black guy back to my place for the first time. It worked out though and we had a good time.

As soon as we got to my place and were inside we both started shedding our clothing, me leading him to the bedroom and him trailing close behind. By the time we got to the bed we were both in our birthday suits and I pulled back the covers, thankful that I'd washed the sheets just the day before. I sat on the edge of the bed and faced his cock again, marveling how big it was. While not immense, it was perhaps 8 inches and, like me, had plenty of loose foreskin hiding his cock head. I reached out once more and pushed his skin back, noticing the now glistening of his cock head from the pre cum that had been leaking since I first handled it back at the ABS.
I cupped his large set of balls and once more lowered my mouth to that magnificent organ, taking about half of it into my mouth, where I worked my tongue around his rod, sucking his skin once more into the recess of my throat, feeling it slide once more down my gullet. I began to bob up and down, taking as much of that organ into my mouth as I could. Amazingly my gag reflex never kicked in and before too long I was able to take him completely into my throat, feeling his kinky black hair at my lips once more. I worked on him with just my throat for a while, continuing to massage his balls with both hands now. I reached back and grabbed his ass cheeks, pulling his as close to me as I could, continuing to take all that cock into my mouth, continuing to massage his without using my tongue.

"Damn, boy. You're good! You sure this is your first time?"

All I could do was attempt to nod, his cock restricting my movement. I began to pull back though, gently using my tongue to wrap around his meat, pushing his skin back once more and feeling along it with my tongue and feeling it against my probe as I licked inside his skin around his cock head. His pre cum was still a small stream, steadily falling down the back of my throat, just past my taste buds, so I didn't get a lot of taste at that time. As I continued to pull back though, the saltyish taste assailed my taste buds for the first time and I found that I was totally enjoying this.

I was now offically a cock sucker!

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