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Couldnt believe my eyes

Okay I work as a painter, just to get that out of the way...
Today I was working in a house that was converted into an apartment which is occupied,the downstairs apartment an old lady lives there and the upstairs one i didnt know who lives there... until now. So im painting the hallway and up the stairs, the stairs leads straight up to this door no landing or anything. So im painting above this door standing on a ladder and from my angle i can see that the apartment is being lived in the shades are pulled down and closed on the door but you can still see into the the apartment, thinking nothing of it i keep glancing at the door hoping no one will open the door and run into my ladder and knock me off of it. Glancing in i keep seeing a calico cat playing with some string and it was having a hay day, im chuckling to myself not thinking nothing of it.... then i see a woman walk past the door with nothing on completly naked, i couldnt believe my eye, my heart starts racing, OMG did i just see that? Then again she walks past the door completly naked, that time i good a good look at her, nice small tits, nice ass, she was skinny, beautiful body. Ooh my god i said to myself. At this time im still painting over the door, my dick started throbbing in my pants, i found myself horny as hell. So after like 10 mins she come back passed the door naked again with a towel wrapped on her head like she just got out of the shower and she was rubbing her small tits and going into a room, i finish painting above the door, and the walls and start cleaning up. I didnt want anyone walking in the hallway and bumping into the walls and getting paint on them, so of course i knock on her door to tell her be carful of the walls the paint is wet, she answers the door and holy fuck she was so sexy. i tell her bluntly i saw u walk past your door naked when i was painting, do you always do that? and by the way be carful the paint on the walls are wet. She looked suprised and laughed and said yes! the next thing i knew i was in her bed and we were fucking like crazy. BEst encounter of my life! So far!

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