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Step in mum

As I woke I had a desperate urge to go to the loo I burst in and urinated as the relief came I heard the shower going and a voice say is that better, i turned round and it was my step mum looking at me throught the shower glass. I could see all her tits,nipples and a smooth pussy, she smiled and said omg you are a big boy i looked down to see my cock bulging in my shorts.

Gill was dads wife 35 yr old the a real wankable figure all the right shapes in all the right places, she pulled the shower door back and beckond me to her with her finger as I walked transfixed by her body she said let mummy take care of that cock and told me to take of my shorts and come in the shower. As I took down my shorts to stood out like a flag pole with 2 huge balls hanging down.

I got in the shower her tits where soft with big hard dak nipples as i touched her she gasped and started to rub my cock we kissed and i put my hand inbetween me legs and felt her pusst as I rubbed her she moaned and whispered fuck my make mummy happy, as I pushed her against the wall I lowered and guided my cock into her pussy thrusting hard as she moaned for me to fill her pussy with my fluid I felt my cock harden and pump cum into her as she cum herself.

We washed each other and went into her bedroom where she demanded to me licked out as she lay on the bed I started to lick her pussy and decided to sove 3 fingers all the way into the knuckle finger fucking her at almighty speed until she was screaming and I pulled my fingers away to see a fountain of fluid spray from her pussy.As she gasped for breath she asked where I learnt to do that as it was amazing and was the first time she has ever squirted.

I got up and walked away with a huge grin on my face, we was having dinner and Gill suggested to dad that myself and her went christmas shopping and would he mind us staying in a hotel he agreed and said he would get it sorted,the following weekend came and we set off as we got to the hotel we booked in and got to our room as we got through the door I pushed gill on the bed pushed up her skirt and ripped her panties off she said o we are being the big man I got my cock out and slammed it into her soaken wet pussy.

She cum straight away and as I plunged my cock into her she orgasmed again and again begging for me to cum I shot my cum ito her pumping her pussy full of cum, I pulled out her pussy was gaping as the cum seeped out of her fucked crack,after we had rested we went down for dinner and had a few drinks, she confessed she had never fucked like that with all her partners and said she couldnt put panties on becuse her lips where to swollen. We went back to our room and fucked most of the night.

The following morning we got up and went shopping Gill bought loads of horny panties that she said I had to see before she bought them I told her she was a tease as it was turning me on and would get fucked later as her punishment,as we passed a adult shop she said wait here I got to get something. I stood outside she re appered about 10 mins later with a smile on her face and got back to the car she said she was horny lifted her dress and startedto rub her pussy she said I was to watch as a treat I watched as her fingers rubbed her clit as she moaned and cum, she then demanded I lay back as I did she unzipped me and pulled my cock out and started to suck it she nibbled the head and licked my cock head and the middle eye as she put my rod into her mouth as I cum down her throat.

As we drove back in silence we arrived back at the hotel we had dinner and she went into the bathroom to show me what she has bought, she came out of the bathroom in a see through night gown and a small white thong. I was in the bed she said do you like I pulled back the bed sheets to reveal a huge thick cock and said do you like this. She undone her gown and let it fall around her feet and climbed into bed.I felt her body and inbetween her legs her pussy was soaking and gaping, she groaned as i rubbed her pussy she pushed me back and said now for your treat for helping mummy out and reached over the her bag to pull out a huge vibrator.

As she lay on her back she switched on the vibrator, and slipped into her smooth slit she arched her back and pulled her nipples the vibrator dissapered into her pussy, and it slid in and out as she cum she got on her knees and said fuck my ass, I nudged my cock in as she fucked her pussy with the vibrator and I fucked her ass we fucked most of the night using the toy on her again and again.

The following morning we fucked in the shower and headed home when we arrived dad was waiting and asked how we got on, Gill said I was the perfect gent and had tendered to her needs as a dutifull son, that night she came to my room and I pounded her pussy until she staggered out of my room with a smile on her face. We fuck about twice aweek and now Gills 18 yr old daughter has come to us and I have already made her very welcome in a few hours we where left alone, she not as good as her mum but a fantastic lay and rather vocal when she cums.

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