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My master opens the door to the hotel room. I walk in, he shuts the door and grabs me pushing me against the door. His hand roams all over the front of my body. He looks at me and says " Who do you belong to baby?" I belong to you daddy. Tell me I can do anything I want to you. You can do anything you want to me daddy. With that he rips my top exposing my breasts, he begins squeezing and sucking them. His hand goes between my legs he asked who does this pussy belong to? It belongs to you daddy. He unfastens my pants and slides his hand inside my panties and finger fucks his pussy getting it very wet. He tells me to turn around and face the door. I turn and face the door. He then pulls down my pants and panties. I hear him unzip his jeans and they drop to the floor. I feel his hard cock pressing against the opening of his pussy.Tell me how bad you want this cock. I want it so fucking bad daddy. Oh yeah he says teasingly rubbing his cock up and down his pussy. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee Daddy fuck me. He rams his hard cock inside his pussy deep and hard. Tell me to fuck you bitch. FUCK ME DADDY FUCK ME HARD. Tell me you don't give a shit if anyone hears us. I don't give a shit if anyone hears us daddy. He continues fucking me hard and deep until I cum all over his hard cock. Smacking my ass he tell me to turn around and get down on my knees. His hard cock wet with my cum is right in front of me. Suck it bitch. Well he doesn't have to tell me twice you see I love sucking his cock. Grabbing it I slowly licked it starting with the head licking my cum off it then down the shaft to the balls. Putting both of them in my mouth and sucked them until they was are clean. Going back up to his cock I put it in my mouth slow sliding it in and out. I feel him grab my head and he begins fucking my mouth with his cock. it goes deep making me gag. He keeps fucking me harder and faster until he cums in my mouths. I swallow and keep sucking every drop. He tells me to get up and get on the bed. He gets on top of me my legs in the air he once again starts fucking his pussy hard and deep. I'm cumming like crazy screaming DADDDDDYYYYYYYY when I cum.He fucks me long and hard until I I don't think I can do it anymore I say TAP OUT. He says fuck you bitch and fucks me even faster, deeper and harder OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKK DADDYYYYYYY. LET IT OUT BABY GIVE IT TO DADDY. My hands are pulling the sheet up while I begin squirting. His fucking becomes more intense I know he is close to cumming. I look him in the eyes and tell him I want you to fucking cum daddy cum inside your pussy. He starts yelling my name ROBIN ROBIN then he makes this a****l like growl sound and cums deep inside me. He says YOU BITCH YOU FUCKING DID IT. YOU MADE DADDY CUM SO FUCKING GOOD. He gets off me and we both fall asl**p.

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