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The Survey

While doing some general cleaning in my apartment I take a bag of garbage out and notice that it has snowed quite a bit. The roads are covered and there was so much on the ground that it was hard to open my door. I put the garbage in the box and decide to go in and turn on the radio for a bit while finishing my cleaning. While listening I hear them warn about heavy snowfalls and tell people to stay inside, I notice a bottle of Irish Cream in the back of one of my cupboards and think to myself...."No Problem". Just then a knock comes to my door, I open it and am surprised to see you standing there covered with snow holding a clipboard. You say, "Hello, I am doing a survey about local business in your area and was wondering if I could ask you a few questions". Sure, I say but please, come inside out of the snow and into the warmth. You accept and quickly brush some snow off of yourself and step inside. Wow, I can not believe that you are out in this, you must be cold I say. You answer, "Yes I am a bit cold now. You see I do really enjoy the snow and a couple of hours ago when I started, it was not that bad out so I had a lot of fun but over the last hour it seems to have progressively gotten worse". I say, Please, come in and sit down for a bit and get warm. Let me take your coat, You smile and remove it. As you hand it to me I can't help but notice how erect your nipples are...they look amazing...I quickly look away hoping you did not notice me staring. You ask if I mind if you remove your boots as your feet feel a little wet, then as you do you bend over to remove them and my heart skips a beat as I notice your amazing ass. The pants you are wearing press tightly against you as you bend over and I see every curve of your rear end. It is so hot, I have to spin around quickly as I feel myself getting hard. I tell you that I was just going to have a hot chocolate with some Irish cream and ask if you would like one. You reply "Sure, but do you mind me asking you these questions now"? I say, No problem, have a seat, get comfortable while I prepare our drinks and you can ask me while I do that. You say that would be great, you sit down and pull out the clipboard and begin asking me questions. As you do I continue preparing the drinks, I answer your questions as you ask them but can not stop thinking about both your nipples and your amazing ass. I feel my cock getting bigger and do my best to try and not think about it but you are so good looking I find it very difficult. I finish preparing the drinks, bring them over to you and take a seat beside you. As we sip on our drinks you continue to ask me questions, as I continue to answer I do my best to try and conceal the bulge in my pants. At one point while having a sip of your drink a bit of whipped cream falls, you ask for a tissue and as I stand to grab you one and as I hand it to you I notice the cream slowly slide down your chest between your breasts. You stand to wipe it off and I feel the bulge in my pants getting bigger and bigger. You say, Thank you, you have been so kind to me. I just have one last question. You come close to me, place your hand on the bulge, kiss me deeply and say "will you allow me to repay you properly". I feel you undo my pants and pull my cock out, then you slide down me dropping to your knee's. With your hand caressing my balls, I feel your mouth slide down my cock gets even harder. I can feel your tongue playing with the head of my cock, your hands playing ever so softly with my balls. Your mouth slides so far down it takes my entire cock, you are soooooooo good I can feel my legs slowly feeling like rubber. your mouth slides up and down and you are sucking so well....OH MY GOD.....I grab your head and you take every last inch of my cock in your mouth as I explode......HELL YEA!!!!!!! You get every drop of my, I stand you back up and say "That was amazing but I have to fuck you, I have a very quick recovery time and while we wait I want to taste your pussy. I take your hand and guide you to my bedroom, I remove your clothing first exposing your beautiful breasts then slowly sliding your pants and panties to the stand in front of my completely naked. WOW, your body is so sexy. I Kiss you, my tongue entering your mouth as my hand finds it's way to your breasts. They are so I caress them I slowly lower you onto the bed, I begin to suck on your nipples, they are so hard and so sensitive. I play with them with my tongue as my fingers lightly rub up and down you. My lips leave your breasts as I ever so slowly lick and kiss my way down you. As I get closer to your magic hole I can feel the are so wet....Mmmmm I love that. My tongue begins to enjoy your taste, it finds your pussy and begins to softly lick around your lips. You taste so good, you feel my tongue slowly begin to open your pussy lips and enter you. I slide my hands under your ass and lift slightly to my tongue can enter deeper, you feel my tongue first make it's way toward the top of your clit finding that very special magic spot. The tip pf my tongue plays and you begin to quiver. I continue playing and licking...finding that magic spot over and over and over again, then I slide my tongue downwards finding your hole and sliding it deep inside. You moan loudly, you are sooooo wet now and every drop of you tastes sooooo good. My tongue finds it's way deeper inside of you as I slide my one hand towards your pussy and use my fingers to play with that magic spot. My tongue now deep inside, it begins to dart in and out of you as my fingers play. You scream....Oh YES!!! YES Yes Yes!!! I continue playing with and rubbing your spot as my tongue goes in and and out....I suck every drop of your juices. You scream.....YES....YES....YES....I continue sucking and playing until you explode everywhere.....your body quivering and screaming I suck and suck enjoying every bit. I kiss my way back to your breasts and whisper, now lets make this room shake. I want to fuck your pussy from behind, get on all fours. You quickly cock already fairly hard, seeing your amazing ass makes me harder then ever before. Your hot wet pussy peaking out from between that round ass was the best thing I ever seen. Placing my hands on your ass I guide my cock inside of you, you feel it slide deep inside. Your hot pussy feels so good surrounding my now throbbing cock, Slowly I slide in and out of you, getting deeper with every stroke....we both moan....I begin to fuck harder and I give your ass a let out a little approving and out...deeper and faster...smack...your ass is so hot....I grab your cheeks and pull you in hard forcing my cock deeper yet....oh and and out. I bend over by your ear and whisper....get on top me baby. I slide my cock out and lay on my back, you climb on top of me guiding my cock back inside. You moan leaning slightly back while arching your back...your breasts suck proudly out I raise my hands to caress them. You slide up and down my cock driving it deeper and deeper, my hands slide down you now holding onto each hip and you fuck my cock harder and harder. Oh hell ride my cock so hard your breasts are bouncing beautifully. Both of us now moaning and screaming...YES....Baby Fuck Me....YES....YES....YES....I told tight as my cock explodes inside of you.....still riding me you feel me explode so deep it causes you to again bend over kissing me hard as I told you tightly cumming hard. I look deep into your eyes telling you that you that you are truly a goddess :)

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