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Being Shared

One day at my house my husband had invited his friend over to play xbox, get d***k, and hang out. Latter that night after going through three twelve packs of Coors Lite and countless shots of Tequila,my husband's friend crashed on our bed. Me and my husband started cleaning up and I asked him, "where are we gonna sl**p? Your friend is passed out on our bed." My husband suggested I wake him up and put him on the couch. Me and my hubby began k**ding about ways to wake him up. My husband had an idea for me to jump in the bed with him butt naked. Being shy and scared that my husband would get jealous I said no, but then he dared me. I've never turned down a dare in my life so I saidok, I'll do it.

I went into the bedroom, my husband stood in the doorway to watch. I took all my clothes off until I was completely naked and crawled into the bed with my husband's friend. He was still fast asl**p. My husband suggested I rub his crotch to wake him up. I started to rub his crotch, but still no response. I then slid my hand into his pants and began stroking his dick. It began to get hard and he started to open his eyes. He brushed his hand against me and sat up, "Hey... You're naked" he said in a soft surprised voice. I giggled and my husband laughed. "Hell of a way to wake up isn't it buddy!" my husband said jokingly. "Hell yeah! I thought I was dreaming." He replied. "So you awake now?" I ask him covering my body with the blanket. "Yah, but now I'm horny as hell thanks to you." Me and my husband laughed at this comment. "Well man I tell you what. I'll share with you. You two can have at it and I'll just watch," my husband replied. I looked at him shocked and a little excited about his comment. My husbands friend was not bad looking and by the feel of his cock, he had to be at least two inches longer and thicker than my husband. "Are you serious?" the buddy asked. "Hell yeah I'm serious. Go ahead." Me and my husband's friend looked at my husband and then at each other. The buddy pulled the cover away from my boobs and he started to caress them, squeeze them, and play with my nipples. I looked back up to my husband and saw him standing in the doorway with his hand down his pants stroking his dick while watching us. The buddy then slid his hand down between my legs and began fingering my wet pussy. I reached back into buddy's pants and began stroking his hard dick.

Buddy took off his pants and rolled on top of me, missionary style, and he entered my pussy. As he pushed his thick cock into my pussy I moaned in pleasure. He pounded in and out slapping my pussy with his balls. I looked over at my husband and he was still standing at the doorway watching, but now he had his pants undone and stroking his dick ferociously. The clapping of balls and pussy continued. My big DD boobs bounced up and down with every thrust. The blankets dropped to the floor from the violent rocking of the bed. Buddy positioned my legs around his shoulders and began to pound my pussy harder, faster, and deeper. I grabbed a hold of buddy's back and dug my nails in and he pounded even harder until I felt his warm juices explode inside me.

After that night My husband's friend began to come over more often.

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