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Me: Hi, want to play?
Dianne:Yeah U?
Me: Always, been out on my bike, still got my leathers on.
Dianne:Have u?
Me: Hmm yeah, want to help me get out of them so i can have a shower?
Me:What are you wearing?
Dianne: Skirt and top.
Me:Hmm, your in the kitchen making dinner when i come home from work. I stand behind you, slipping my arms around your waist, kissing your neck. It's cold out and the feel of my cold leathers makes you shiver, you tell me i should have a shower to warm up.
Dianne: And?
Me: I run my hands down your thighs then to your hips, pulling you back against me as i ask you to join me. You say no I've got to make dinner but you push back. slowly grinding against me. I move my hands up your body, caressing your breasts, you sigh and lift your arms over your head, around my neck so i can kiss your neck and shoulders.
Dianne: Hmm, go on.
Me: I pull your top over your head exposing your naked breasts, my fingers pulling on your hardening nipples, you moan softly and turn around. Gasping as your nipples brush against the cold leather. You reach for the zip telling me that we had better get these off then.
Dianne: Go on.
Me: You run your tongue down my body as you unzip me, pausing to kiss my hardening cock. I step out of my leathers and lift you onto the kitchen work top. Pushing your skirt up to expose your knickers. Ipull you forward so you can wrap your legs around me. My cock strainng against my shorts, nudging between your legs as you kiss me. I push you back and lick down your chest, taking each nipple in turn into my mouth, feeling them grow harder as i nibble and suck.
Dianne: I'm stoking them now.
Me: I kneel down, my tongue licks over your knickers, tasting you through the damp cotton. Your hand on the back of my head as i tease you, kissing the soft flesh of your inner thighs, using my fingers to move your knickers aside i run my tongue over your moist lips.
Dianne: Mmm, getting wet now.
Me: My tongue parts your lips as i lick up, flicking over your clit teasing it, feeling it swell as i suck it gently between my teeth. I spread your swollen lips with my fingers and thrust my tongue inside you, your hot wet pussy tightening around my tongue as you feel yourself cumming.
Dianne: Very wet.
Me: You tell me to stand up, and you reach for my cock, your hand stroking it, feeling it grow harder, you shuffle forward so you can rub it over your swollen pussy, positioning me against you, telling me to fuck you now. I push inside you, savouring your hot pussy, tight around me. You wrap your legs around me and lean back so you can grind against me as i begin ti move inside you.
Dianne: Mmm
Me: You moan as i thrust inside my hard cock deep inside you, your breasts moving in time with my thrusts, as your about to cum you wrap your arms around my neck, lifting yourself so you can ride me.
Dianne: Yeah make me cum.
Me: i lift you off my cock and you kneel your hand round it, glistening, wet with your cum, you lick it, tasting yourself as you run your tongue over it. Licking the tip then sucking me into your mouth. You can feel it throbbing on your tongue and you stand up, turning around and bening over the work top and open your legs. I move behind you and thrust hard into you.
Dianne: Cumming now.
Me: You push back hard against me as i grip your hipswith my hands, telling you i'm going to cum. I groan as i thrust harder, my cock twitching and you feel my cum exploding, hot inside you.
Dianne: Hmm yeah.
Me: You turn round, reaching for my softening cock, you kiss me telling me that we had better have that shower now........Thats another story.

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