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we take this train hardly mm?

some time ago that all passengers are down. at least in the whole car is not nobody.

you're right. until we could walk around naked, we would ask that neither the ticket.

're crazy. do not take away my well, clothing!

please drop my pants off the bunk uncle Fred!

to me, I will see from outside, if I get!
Ah, what helps me holding up my ass? agree.

oh uncle Fred has seen as holding your shirt under your navel? magician look lol!

is useless, Uncle Fred, you'll have to catch them. I hope you sit here below.

Yeah, give me your shirt while looking ...

that funny, your balls and cock you move with the motion of the train. look like a bell.

What you want to stop the balls? And how?


No! I can not do it, could see me. _ Going too fast so that people know what you do from outside.

_ We open his mouth. you know how great that your uncle has ... humhumhum

cough cough .. have long hair here, Uncle Fredd. _Ha Ha ha, yeah a week ago I was not much under that area, but I know you like to play with my pubic hair.

_ And you have the balls to stand, you'll enjoy it, as you always want. The passing scenery blurred, not just a distinguished silhouette. The big cock of my uncle was still

hardening in my mouth almost f***ed to disengage. With a strong movement of the train entered his hard cock deep in my throat ... I retired head back and coughed again.

_ NO LITTLE COUPLE, you did OK veery continues, SWALLOWS ALL YOUR COCK Uncle Fred!

And bringing his strong hand behind me grabbed my neck and gently but firmly pushed back against his cenorme my mouth and some venous cock. My uncle was excited as ever, is

he liked to fuck in curious places. I realized that nothing else entered his cock in my mouth, my tongue was covered with a soft and semi thick layer of precum.


The taste of that cock slobbering gladly, and clear picture of the reflection in the window of the body muscle bear with a little belly and long hair of my uncle, as we go through a tunnel, I get excited a lot to me too
raising the temperature of my cheeks and my ass. He also noticed, because a while ago he was playing with my anus with his big toe, which was somewhat damp from the mixture of saliva and other fluids that sometimes

fell from my lips.

I began to suck faster and harder. You could hear the moans loud and clear from my uncle Fred, as his body and mine together, they moved with the car ...

Then dropping his arms stretched back his sturdy body, still clinging to the bunk. I looked up, and saw his face come out excited.

Throw a second his rough and hot cock in my mouth, and I asked ...

-. Uncle do you like?

_OOOHHH OOOOHHHHHHH! ... OH RICKY Aaaaaahhh Sure ... You were always my favorite nephew ... said, to rest his throbbing cock in my face.

Just then stroked my head with one hand, then with the same hand took his big cock and again took up my mouth.

To see how it sucked.

down at the end of the bunk, and stood in front of me, stroking his long, thick cock, while I, with my feet uploaded to the mattress, I rubbed my hole a little digging my fingers in front of my uncle.

hold your right hand tail approached me leaning over me. I grabbed his other hand tovillos so big and strong like him, and I incllinó backwards leaving my ass up. and then I said ...


-. Guy for you, is for you todooohhhh .. mmmm .. I replied excitedly.

_If ASI is small. THIS YA ASS IS MINE AND I WILL EAT ME! I replied, shaking his cock rubbing my legs.

Notice how your tongue wet juugaba hancha and at the entrance of my anus, my sphincter spasms probocandome, which immediately made him to relax and open my ass.

well and freely, and could bury completely and gradually his hot tongue inside me. Seeing my early expansion, and introduced one depues several fingers in my ass while tongue.

My ass was already wide open and ready to fluids slipping from my ass to my back.

and that's when I said ...

_ RICKY GO NOW you are ready to have fun with your Uncle Fred ...

-. Always fun to travel with you dude. I answered quickly.

with legs raised in front of my face, I could not see what happened, but suddenly I felt the head of his cock as he rubbed up and down tight to my anus. I relaxed for easier penetration had barely begun

but it did not hurt at first.

NOW FEEL MY COCK _ a little more, but do not panic Relax and enjoy.

 I reassured my uncle ...

And actually if I felt a greater pressure of his cock, it was not easy at all hold the beginning of fucking.

RELAX _ SSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHH pushes a little and see how it is easier .. advised me while softening the pace, and carefully hid my mouth so I desahogara without alerting the few passengers that might remain.

I ignored his advice, and in no time his balls were very close to my buttocks, making the veery nice moment for both.

_ THAT'S SO SMALL, look like was not so difficult? SIIIII HAVE THAT GOOD ASS ...

my ass and did not offer much resistance, and sometimes he drew his cock before nailing whole again, I could feel the small hollo leaving that huge cock, I could not believe closed into my ass.

As I writhed in pleasure, and in an instant I turned my head to the right, I saw hiding and resting on the door from outside, which appeared several men from the waist down ...

I did not mention anything because I did not want to stop feeling penetrated by my uncle Fred.

Now stopped dead tired and sweaty from the frantic pace that fucked me.

_ NEED YOUR UNCLE RICKY it for a while.

And after sitting in the front seat, lit a cigarette and leaned back.


I did so well from sucking eggs to the tip of his cock. Meanwhile he continued to enjoy his two great pleasures. I kept time with his hand on my head, between puffs ...

and we were far from any city, only saw some houses far apart from each other, by fields of grass, and some cattle.

as my uncle, crushed the cigarette consumed, his cock had not ceased to be upright, thanks to the good work of language that I had done.

_ NOT YOUR nephew, BUT I WANT TO GIVE MORE fuck one last gift!

-. Here's my ass, you know it's all yours. I provoked him leaning on the bottom of the window frame staying in pomp before him.

 without a second thought and in that compartment holía a man jumped on me from behind and punched my ass once and making me scream all the way down denuevo, prostrate with my face in the glass.

And grabbed my shoulders fucked me with the same desire that at first, but having better support, thrust his cock deeper and deeper driving my point G.

From the window, I could now see clearly, nuesttra back those passengers, all men dressed in workman who had their dicks in hand. I was sure that my uncle and also saw but did nothing to prevent them to look as pulled his nephew.

His balls and crashed on his belly slapping my buttocks with sweat. in each thrust felt the hardness of his cock and moaned uncontrollably, I fogged the window.

Finally rijidez his cock already reached the limit, when alfin note retrayeron as his balls and his cock and fat in itself more to go fatter pumping his cum inside me.


semen overflowed my anus and sliding a bit on my thighs ...

I was also about to cum, when then I said ...

_ POOR take so long there looking ... We leave ENTER ALSO A GIFT AND I DO?

-. If if you want ... I said about to explode.

made a sign and the workers opened the door, pushing each other to see who nursed me first. My uncle is lit another cigarette, and from the seat looked like knees, any cock sucking going around me, uncontrolled shift,

and each was filling me across the face and mouth, some apparently excited too soon, got behind me to penetrate me 4 or 5 times and fill my ass more hot cum.

when they went to their compartments my Uncle Fred and I showered in our own, ending with something I did not know that he also liked, a golden shower on me.


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