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My New Fetish Part 1

Deep in my perverted mind I've had this be a*****ed and f***ed to provide my holes for use. It's a fantasy not something I really want to happen but it has been on my mind, so I brought it up one day with my husband Lorenzo. It drew his interest and we discussed how to go about it safely with no chance of accidental interruption.
We decided he would search out and interview a guy or guys from some of the swing sites we belong to so I would not know who they were and when set up he would simply tell me the week it was to happen so I'd know that it was safe. A few weeks went by and one night as he was fucking my ass he told me that he had two guys set up for my fantasy.On each deep thrust he'd tell me how they were really looking forward to abusing, using and forcing me to pleasure them with details on how two hard cocks would be filling all my holes. As he spurted a hot load of cumm in my ass he rubbed my clit and I squirted all over, so aroused in anticipation.
On Sunday he told me this was the week and said I was to only get to have his Cock in my mouth until the scene had been acted out.He ordered me to my knees and unzipped his pants, pulled out his beautiful Cock and stuffed it in my open mouth.I slurped, licked and sucked away as he called me a whore. I could feel his Cock swelling with a hot load and after the first spurt he pulled it out and shot the rest all over my face.He zipped back up and left for the day to do what ever male sluts do.As the day went on I wondered how I was to be captured,restrained, and abused.As I did laundry,and other housework all I could think about was how I wanted it now.When I went out for groceries my panties were soaked thinking would it happen in the parking lot, when I got home,hoping and hoping to have my holes filled.No such luck,when Lorenzo got home that evening I was still waiting for a deep fucking.His greeting was to drop his pants and stuff his Cock in my mouth again as I sat on the couch.I could taste pussy and ass on it.He roughly throat fucked me and told me he had just cumm from another sluts place where he and some friends had gang banged her and to clean the mixture of everyone's cumm off of it.My pussy needed Cock so bad as I gagged on his held deep down my throat.He made me sit on the floor with my head on the couch and sat his asshole on my mouth telling me to lick it and eat it....pulling my hands to his Cock to stroke.I licked and swirled my tongue inside his hole as I stroked away. Soon he pulled off and sprayed my face again with a hot load telling me to wipe it with my fingers and eat it as he watched.Our eyes met as I seductively ate all the cumm I could find and then sucked him hard again begging to be fucked.He said no and went to bed.I rubbed my clit to orgasm but was craving a throbbing Cock.
Monday and Tuesday went the same way, Cock sucking, Ass eating, cumm splattered face, and getting off with my fingers.Then on Wednesday after running some errands I came home hoping for my rapture...but no such luck.I was so horny and got some toys out and put on some porn. My fav vibe and a big vibrating Cock were my best friends right now as I laid on the couch alternating their use on my hungry holes.Over and over I came and then a knock on the door.Could this be it?...I hopefully wondered.I gathered myself, put on my panties, but not my bra, just my lil top with fully erect nipples and opened the door.
Two young men were standing there with a Vacuum and when they saw me standing there half dressed their expression was priceless.They fumbled to speak as I invited them in.They started a sales pitch on this damn vacuum when in the doors entrance hallway....and I knew these two weren't the guys.I checked them out like a hungry cougar and found them both suitable for use.One was a little scrawny for my taste and the other a little chubby, probably both in their early 20's, but certainly fuckable.
I invited them into the living room acting interested in their suck machine.My skirt, bra and heels were on the floor, my toys were on the couch still buzzing, with a gang bang scene blaring on the big screen.They were speechless, and finally stammered they would cumm back later.Nothing doing I said I wanted it now and moved in front of the door, sliding my blouse down exposing my breasts and erect nipples.Licking my lips I asked how well the vacuum could suck,moving to each guy and grabbing hold of his semi hard Cock.No words were said as I aggressively undid their belts dropping their pants and underwear.Dropping to my knees I swallowed each Cock to the balls like a crazy whore.Small Cocks but hard I thought as I alternated stroking and sucking each.The girl in the video was getting tag teamed as she sucked Cock and I told them I wanted that.I pushed the scrawny one to the couch and pulled the chubby one behind me instructing him to slide his Cock in my pussy as I bent over to Suck the Cock on the couch.MMMMMM a Cock down my throat and one in my pussy...finally! I pushed back hard to fuck that Cock moaning to fuck me hard feverishly sucking the other. Within a minute or two I was cumming, my pussy a sloppy mess, the Cock in my mouth was just about to spurt when the front door opened.The guys tried to move away but I held on to their Cocks as my husband walked into the room.
As I continued to stroke the Cocks he just shook his head saying what the fuck Tara, The guys were trying to apologize and blame me, as I sucked one, then the other. He told them to finish up and get the fuck out.He walked out of the room as I finished each guy off with a nice sloppy blowjob sending them on their way with a swat on the ass and calling them naughty boys....oh and they forgot their vacuum.....
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