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I meet Bam [dildo/poppers/training]

So I had the place to myself again, and if anyone has read any of my other stories, you probably know what I like to do when I'm alone...

My wife wasn't gone more than ten minute for a weekend get away with a girlfriend, when I was out the door too. I was heading to my local sex shop to pick up some fresh poppers,and maybe cruise the video booths and look for some dick. When I pulled up to the store, I was a little disappointed because there were no cars in the lot. I made the trip, so I decided I'd go in anyway. When I walked in,the first thing I noticed was empty shelves-"not good" I thought. I went over to ask the guy behind the counter what was happening and he told me they were raided a few days ago, due to all of the cruising in the back, and they were liquidating stock. It seems the owner was bankrupt, and looking for some quick cash, before he bolted.

While I was disappointed I wouldn't be getting any dick, I had my choice of sex toys at more than 50% off. I walked around, picked up a new butt plug, cock ring, some lube, and a case of poppers. When I went to pay, I saw a huge black Bam dildo behind the counter. I trembled at the sight of this 13in long 8.5in around monster, but I bought it anyway.

All the way home I kept glancing down at the bag, and the huge black cock sticking out of it. My own cock was starting to strain in my jeans at the thought of trying to fuck this monster! My ass was actually twitching too. Typically when the missus is away, I like to dress up, and prance around the house like a little fag. Today however, was different. I could not wait to start stuffing Bam in my ass! My taste in porn has turned to sissy hypno/training vids. I hooked up my laptop to the TV and started playing some with the repetitive suggestions to take big cock in my ass. I immediately stripped, and threw on a short little nightie, instead of wasting time getting dressed up.

I went to my closet, and retrieved a few things I'd need- some premium weed, lube, a few smaller dildos, and headphones. I went back into the living room,lubed up my hungry ass, and eased in my buttplug while I went about readying for Bam. I set up a hypno on my iPod, smoked some weed, and watched flashing images on my TV screen telling me what a useless sissy fag I am. I reached for my poppers and started taking huge hits. The warmth hit me, my heart started beating faster, and I started to slide down on to the floor. I removed my plug, reached for my 8in dildo, took another deep hit of poppers, and started to ease what is normally a very large dildo for me into my hungry ass. The pain shot through my gut, but as I looked over at Bam, I knew this was just the beginning. The TV kept flashing images of cross-dressers getting hammered with huge cocks, while the voice in my headkept reinforcing my need for cock.

I took four deep hits from the popper bottle, reached for Bam, and started riding the “little” 8 incher inside of me. I was so aroused, I started to shake and moan from the effects of the poppers. I was now riding my dildo at a pretty good pace while I caressed, licked, and sucked the huge black cock dildo I was holding. The hypno vids combined with the audio in my head, combined with the huge amount of poppers, combined with the weed I had, and was ingesting was bringing me to a state of gooning ecstasy. I nearly collapsed, and I had only been playing for about 30 minutes, and I didn’t even touch my own cock yet!
I wanted that big fucking black cock inside me. I wanted to feel what it’s like to have a giant black dick rip me apart and I wanted it NOW, but needed to prepare. I got off of my knees, eased out the 8incer inside of me, fixed the TV to play a really awesome video of flashing repetitive suggestions, changed hypno on my iPod to one that is layered with binaural suggestions, “You are a fag” “You are a sissy slut” “You love black cock” “Fuck men” “Be a cock slut” over and over these words start flood my brain. I hit the weed again- two deep puffs. I slam the suction cup on the bottom of Bam to the floor, and start lubing up that beautiful black 13 inch phallus- I’m nervous and aroused. I keep stroking that big cock as I squirt lube all over it- I’m becoming hypnotized. I want it. I can’t take my eyes from it.
I stand up, reach for my poppers and give my dick a few tugs as I stare at the flashing images on my television. I start thinking of my dick as a clitty, and I open the popper bottle and take a deep inhale on in each nostril- “You are a fag- You are a sissy slut” I start moving my hips like a woman, staring down at Bam. I look up to see a giant black cock entering a sexy shemale ass while the voice in my head repeats, “You are a fag- You love black cock” I start to squat on top of Bam, just to the point where the giant head is resting against my anus. I start easing down “Be a cock slut” and the huge tip begins to penetrate me-It’s so fucking big. “Be a cock slut” I unscrew the poppers and star sniffing like crazy “You are a fag” Within seconds I’m beginning to ease down- still sniffing- completely out of my mind with lust for Bam “You are a sissy slut” It hurts, but the pain is fantastic “You love cock”. I’m moaning- almost yelling out load, it’s so big “You love black cock” but it keeps going in “You are a fag”. I’m still sniffing my poppers, and I feel like I’m about tom blackout “You are a sissy slut” when I decide to gofor it, and I really commit to sliding the 8.5 inch girth into my already straining ass “Be a cock slut” OHHHHHH MYYYY GOOOODDDDD I scream as half of Bam rips into me. I drop the poppers, my body shakes, and I wet the floor. I slowly start riding, and reach for my soft little clitty and start tugging. “You are a fag” I’ve taken so much poppers and I’m in so much pain, I can’t get hard, but cum is dripping from my soft clitty “You love cock” I feel fantastic- I’ve had an orgasm, maybe orgasms like I’ve never had before “You are a sissy slut”.

I begin riding Bam faster, and I reach for my poppers again, “You love cock” I’m never satisfied. Bouncing on Bam and staring at the flashing images like a gooned out sissy “You are a fag” I hit the poppers hard again. I’m making all kinds of unintelligible sounds now “Be a cock slut” and the world starts to go dim- I think I’m cumming again “You love cock” I drop the poppers, by body begins to shake, and I fall over into my own puddle of mixed juices. “You are a fag” “You are a sissy slut” “You love black cock” “Fuck men” “Be a cock slut” “You are a fag” “You are a sissy slut” “You love black cock” “Fuck men” “Be a cock slut” “You are a fag” “You are a sissy slut” “You love black cock” “Fuck men” “Be a cock slut”

When I come to, it’s dark, the TV is off, there’s no voice in my head and my ass is on fire. Bam is so big, he never popped out. I reach back to easy Mr. Big out of my very sore ass-pussy, and it hurts like hell- POP- I hear the sound of a vacuum, and as I go to touch my sore ass-pussy, I realize I’m gaping. I’ve seen some gurls, and guys take some MONSTER dildos, but I think this is as big as I can do- for now.

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