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Every day after school the wife
would go pick the grand k**s up
from primary school, bring them
home, feed them, do homework
with them and watch tv before
their mother would come pick
them up when she finished
work. This happened up till the
eldest was about 15. Old enough
to look after the other two when
they finished school. There was 3
girls. Louise, Sarah and Michelle.
They all had different hobbies.
Louise liked music and was
always in trouble at school, Sarah
more quiet liked computer
games and kept to herself and
Amy the baby of the girls and she
lived up to the name always
The wife and i were retired. I
kept to myself, restored old
computers and was a whiz at
downloading anything and
everything. The wife and I still in
love although slept in separate
beds and hadn't been romantic
in quiet a while. I liked when my
wife went to the gym in the
mornings so I could have some
alone time watching you know
"special movies". I had always
been a sexual man too often the
k**s when they were younger
would walk in and catch me with
the wife on all 4's or on the
couch sucking my cock. Oh how I
missed those days.
It was summer and cute little
Sarah came into my office.
Secretly she was my favorite of
the girls kept to herself quiet and
good with computers for
someone so young. She was
early primary school and walked
in with her cute checked school
dress on which was far too short
for my likings in the past but
today something was different.
Something about her made my
cock sand tall. She was a tall slim
girl, just starting to produce tiny
bud tits and her legs went on for
miles! On this day all I wanted to
do was touch her.
"Poppy can I do some games on
your computer" she said looking
so fuckable and cute. "Sure come
sit on puppy's lap I got some
good games you can try" I said
as I adjusted my cock in my
pants so she wouldn't feel the
huge boldge and ask what it
was. I have to say my cock was
average size just under 9 inches.
As she sat there on my lap
playing computer games I slowly
ran my hand through her hair
and up and down her legs. She
was too young to know this was
wrong. And I knew she would
never tell anyone. I half closed
the door to my office which is
where I spend most of my time
and turned the tv down a little so
I could hear if the wife or other
k**s were coming.
After this I continued running my
hands up and down her body
before I decided to feel those tits.
Just over the clothes I didn't
wanna push the limits straight
away. Fuck I was horny all I could
think about was how great my
cock would feel deep inside her
tiny virgin pussy, how sweet her
pussy juices would taste over my
face and how much cum my cock
could pump into that pussy. With
this thought and without even
noticing what I had done my
hand was inside her dress
squeezing her tiny pink nipples.
She never said a word as they
hardened in my hand as I pulled
and twisted them. As far as she
knew this is what you did to
your granddaughter when
playing games on his lap. As she
sat there on my right leg playing
away I decided I had to get off
before my clock exploded in my
pants. I carefully unzipped them
taking my cock out and got off.
Lucky there was a tea towel on
my desk from god knows what
for me to cum into! Sarah didnt
move as I pounded it and came
harder then ever before! I
cleaned up and said to Sarah "
come on your mum will be here
soon get your stuff ready" and
off she went!
I knew what I was thinking
about was wrong. I knew what I
did was wrong. But all I could
think about was touching her
pussy next and every day she
was here. That night I decided I
had to fuck my wife I didn't care
what she said. That night I snuck
into her bed and started
passionately kissing her. " what
are you doing John she said"
pushing me away.

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