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Anna overcomes her reservations

Anna was a single mother living in the serene suburbs of volgograd,russia.She lived with John,her only son out of her marriage to her school crush.John was a regular teen of 17 years.He had a long list of girlfriends but they did not go beyond oral sex.He had become a very horny teen craving for a sexy woman's touch.
Anna worked parttime as an accountant.She would drop her teen son to school on the way to work.Anna's day usually wind up a couple of hours before her son was back home.
After breaking away from John's father,Anna was seeing a friend at the workplace.
Anna was happy with this relationship.Her much younger boyfriend reciprocated to anna's sexual needs very actively.He was 10 years younger.She loved making out
in various ways.She loved the way he used his tongue to give her multiple orgasms.

A natural and mature beauty,with very desirbale curves at just the right places,Anna was a perfect blonde with expressive brown eyes that could speak.Her sensitive velvet skin was something to die for.At 34,her firm sizely and jiggling breasts could easily make a man stick his tongue out.She stood tall at 5'6",blonde hair running down to just above the hips.Anna had a great sexual hunger.She would masturbate thinking about or looking at younger guys.She was instantly turned on by younger men.In the last 10 years,she was making out with her younger boyfriend everytime they got the slightest chance.
John was a mamma's pampered boy.He would sometimes break into tears when things were wrong.But outside the house,he was a normal teen.
Anna and John had a sweet relationship.They were very good friends.John was a caring,obedient son.He helped his mother at home in every possible way.
They sometimes prepared dinner together.They were swimming partners.They spent most of the evenings together at the little pool in the backyard.
As John was maturing into a big boy,he was paying more attention to Anna's perfect body.He hoped that Anna was curious about him too.He was used to seeing her in a swimsuit,ever since he was a k**.He loved those shapely long legs.
Anna wondered if her growing son was looking at her as a woman more than as a mother.
It was a saturday and the duo was relaxing in the backyard near the pool.Anna was in her usual one piece bikini.
"Mom,you look great in this bikini.You have a nice pair of thighs".
Anna blushed and smiled at him. "What do you do when you hang out with him?Do you often have sex with him?"
John asked.Anna thought for a while,and looked into his eyes and nodded."We love to make out." Her eyes stopped at the boy's crotch.There was a very obvious hardon building up.She was thrilled as she realized that her son was thinking about sex.
She was also developing some i****tful thoughts,but moved herself out of it.
"Mom,I got close with girls at school,but I have no idea about sex. I thought we could discuss".
John wondered how his mom would respond to this."you really need to know about sex,baby.You are a young man and you should look for a nice girl.It is high time". She said with a concerned look.
"Do you like looking at me mom?" "Ofcourse ,my boy",she said.
"Oh,I mean are you curious about my body?" She knew what John was talking about ,and quickly tried to divert his thoughts,moved closer to him,and wrapped her arms around his neck.Before he could say anything,she gave a long kiss on his lips. " No,son.I do not really want to look at you that way.I am a horny woman,but I would not fancie my chances of getting intimate with my own son".
As she said that,she was aroused and was a little embarassed to feel her wet panties.She also saw her son's penis growing harder under his shorts and could not stop biting her lower lip.
The boy was obviously disappointed and tears almost started running down his cheek.Mom was worried she could not make her boy happy.
Anna had a couple of hours of privacy everyday after work,before her son was home from school.She was too lazy to work in the kitchen before
John was back home.They would always divide the work between each other.
She would usually strip herself ,masturbate during these two hours and take a short nap while being naked in bed.She would think about huge young teen cocks surrounding her to get a wild turn on.
It was Monday,she was back at 2 pm ,and headed to her bedroom.She was as horny as ever.The thoughts of her son's innocent,curious and i****tful words fuelled a burning craving.She was moaning,screaming .The whole body jumped and rolled in bed.Suddenly her son's inflating dick became the object of her desire.She could not get it off her mind.She was filled with intense i****tful thoughts.She wanted to get fucked by her son.She came eight times,with the same intensity.After the hottest masturbation and the wildest climax,she did not realize that she had been through an hour of passion and ecstasy.Suddenly,she slipped into deep sl**p.Later, she started dreaming in her sl**p.John was in her dream,with his innocent eyes looking into her and saying "You are the sexiest woman I have ever met".
Today,John left school an hour early,and walked back home.He entered the house when his mom had just climaxed and fell into deep sl**p.He did not find mom in the kitchen.He dropped his bag and shoes,and reached her bedroom.The door was left open.Anna lay in bed,stark naked.She was sl**ping flat on her stomach.
John thought to himself "This is what I always wanted to see". He realized that his dream had just turned into reality.He decided not to wake her up. He walked up close to the bed,stood there and stared at her naked back.Her creamy thighs were just too hard to resist.The firm round ass around the curvy hips was so inviting,he wished he could pull those ass cheeks in his mouth.He was savouring at this marvellous view for quite a long time.His cock had sprung out of the tight pants and throbbing in his hands, and pointing straight on her bumhole.John was beginning to lose control.He was wondering what he can do without waking her up.He pulled his pants down and tossed them to a chair.
His heart was pounding heavily.
He kept masturbating for 15 minutes.The blonde hair covering most of her upper back and revealing the great pair of butts ,was a heavenly sight.John said to himself "I got to get back home early everyday".
He was too hot to realize that he was gazing at his mother,full on naked.He sat close to her.For a while,he wanted to turn her around to see her full naked breasts,and pussy.
He held back ,and dismissed the idea.He thought it was too risky.He was too scared of being caught watching his mom like this.
His attention turned to the strong sweet smells filling the room,especially near the bed sheet.He soon discovered that the bed was wet with Anna's juices.He drew closer to her ass and tried to smell the pussy.It was heavenly. He didnt want to withdraw.He was smelling the pussy and bedsheet for a while,before his cock was harder than ever before.He gently pushed the hair away from back down to the bed.He leaned there beside Anna on his side,and started rubbing his cock against her beautiful blonde hair,his eyes not moving off her luscious ass.He was in deep pleasure and 10 minutes into,he spurted hot semen all over his sl**ping mother's sweet round ass.She was still sl**ping,unmoved.The boy started getting worried.He had only one way out.He licked his own hot cum off her ass,and grabbed his pants and left the room.He left the house and returned an hour later pretending he was late.
Anna woke up a little later and realized she was up just in time.Anna made dinner and they both finished their meal and sat on the couch very close to each other.Anna was fresh from the i****tuous thoughts.John wore a naughty smile,and was glancing at her in a weird way.Anna liked the way he was looking at her.
She moved closer and wrapped her arms and kissed him on the cheek.She was longing for a deep passionate kiss from his son.John kissed him after a while and Anna placed her hands on his hair and pushed deep into his mouth.She was combing his hair lovingly and they were soon locked in a long hot kiss.Anna was ashamed and wondered how she got on to this.She thought her mind wasnt in control.She just let her loose.She was overwhelmed by her lust and craving.
She had a short pyjama that dropped just short of her knees.John pulled her hand and slid it to his crotch.Anna pulled herself away and said "What was that baby?" She loved that cock pressing on her hand,but she pretended not.
John was not deterred.He pulled his hand into Annas thighs and slid in.He was searching for her hot pussy.Anna jumped and yelled"Stop son!". John stopped right there.But the bulge in his pants was big as ever.
He begged "Mom!I am so hot.Would you please take my cock in your mouth?"

She was stunned.Her skin turned red with guilt and shame.Her son was offering his penis to her and wanted to be sucked.
For a while,she could not say anything.Her eyes fixed at her son's tool.
She thought she should hold her temptations back.He was her son.It was very wrong of her to even think about sucking his swollen penis.
She did not say anything and left the place.John was so disappointed that he could not take her denial.He started crying and walked into the bedroom.Anna was pulling out her night gown to change before sl**p.She saw John ,crying.John was a sensitive k** and would break down often.Anna was her mother.She had to put her morals aside for sometime,if she wanted to please John.She felt it was her job to make sure her son was happy.
Anna asked her son to stand out for a while,and changed into the nightgown.
John was called in.She was damn sexy in that lovely thin silky gown.John's was now filled with the memories of this afternoon's hot episode where he spied on his unaware naked mom.
He was obviously wising to see more of her.She sat on the floor and asked John to stand next to her and drop the shorts.She was super-excited about this.her pussy was already dripping with cum juices.John's cock popped out and was staring right into the eyes of Anna.Anna rubbed her fingers up his hairy thighs and smiled at him.she was impressed with the large beautiful crown of the penis.It was velvet pink and the peehole was waiting to be licked and kissed.
Anna was soon getting busy stroking the cock with both hands.John was thanking his mom and smiling at her.He played with her long silky hair and pulled it behind her neck,while she was licking and sucking his cock which started disappearing into her lusty mouth.John saw her nipples growing rock hard inside the gown.She didnt wear a bra underneath.Anna's was using her right hand to rub her wet pussy and her hardened nipples.She didnt realize this would fuel john's everincreasing i****tuous cravings.
John was ready to shoot his hot cum into her mouth.He climaxed with a groan as Anna accepted all the 6 shots of hot delicious semen down her throat.
Anna sat on the bed and asked John to leave,not before praising his huge cock.
"I think it was quite a satisfying day for you.Now, I hope I made you happy" .
John was really happy and kissed her.He left the room without putting the shorts on.
Next morning,John made his mind about getting home before his mom did.
He was determined to have an eyeful of his mom's sexuality and making it look like an accident.
He was back as planned.Anna was not home yet.She was on her way,returning home in just a few minutes.
John was ready with his trick.He realized Anna could be home anytime soon.So he made his way into her bedroom and into the bathroom inside.
He was so excited about what was going to happen next.He didnt change after coming back from school.He heard Anna entering the house.He shut the bathroom door ,leaving a little slit.He peeked through the slit as anna walked into the room and started stripping to get into bed.As soon as Anna was naked,John pulled the door open and jumped in.Anna was frightened and mum.She saw her son staring at her.His eyes were stuck at the breasts down to the pussy.they had forgotten to blink.
Anna was enraged with anger and embarassment.John said "I am sorry mommy.I had to pee and your bedroom was the nearest."
"What are you doing here?You should have been at school?" shouted the ashamed mother. The boy convinced her with a good excuse.
In the midst of shame and disgust,the horny woman within could not ignore the heat that got into her and made her hairy pussy wet and flowing.She realied that she badly wanted her son to eat her hungry pussy and get her off to bliss.
She was strongly held back by her moral reservations.
She ordered the boy to leave the room.John broke down in tears,like a little k**.
Anna was cursing herself. "How could I shout at my darling boy?"
She forgot that she was stark naked,and ran to her son to comfort him.She hugged him tight and stayed there for a minute.John's hungry fingers rolled over her ass cheeks and reached out for her hairy pussy which was now in full access from below.It was then that Anna realized she was in the arms of her son and had nothing on.To her horror,she was being groped,rubbed and fingered in the pussy.
The horny son was in heavenly state.It was too late for Anna.She gave up and did not resist.she stripped her son with such f***e and fury,he was taken to a new level of lust.
The next moment,the mother and son were making love in her bed.
Anna had intense multiple orgasms while John savoured on the sweet loads of love juices.
Soon he was on top and fucked her all out.She begged to be fucked in all the holes.They soaked each other in hot juices before sl**ping curled up one behind the other.
The next morning,before heading to work,Anna,now her son's whore,pulled her son into a quick anal banging ,which was enough to fill their memories for the rest of the day.

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