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So much for being sick

I was 17,female and have 34c and have long brown hair I am also skinny. I had a boyfriend named Mike he was 21 and he had blonde short hair and a fit day he wasn't feeling good so I came over and layed with him in bed we pulled me closer and we started making out I felt him get a boner and it was smashed up against my mid thigh he then directed me to his dick. I pulled out his dick and started sucking, he began to moan and then grabbed my hair and started fucking my face, and couldn't breath I started trying to resist and before I nearly like died he let go and his cum flushed into my mouth and he held my mouth shut and I f***ed my self to swallow. He lifted my head and smiled I was pissed at him and looked away. "Come on baby" he said I just sat there and kept my mouth shut he again pulled me close and asked for my forgiveness and I couldn't help and say its fine baby and he began to make out with me again I felt like he was using me and I wanted to say just stop but then that's wen he pulled my clothes off and sucked and pulled on my nipples then slid to my wet pussy lips and he began to lick my clit and I moaned and rolled my head back. Then he started fucking me with his tongue and I came again and again in his mouth as slid 2 fingers in and out hard and fast then all of a sudden without notice he slammed his hard 7inch cock in fast I moaned loudly in pain and he fucked me hard and I was begging him to stop but he just held my mouth shut and said u know u want it u whore and I just moaned he then grabbed the large dildo off the night stand and plugged my ass and I was crying in pain. I have never took it in the ass before. He then let his cum spray in my pussy and I orgasmed with him and we lay there and fall asl**p till the morning

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