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A Raunch filled night with the chick that Squirts

I have been waiting quite a while to find this woman that squirts like some women you say in porn video's. One of my kinkiest fantasies has always been to watch Ben make a pussy squirt either with his fingers or while fucking, and FINALLY, we got to do this, and then some!

A few weeks ago, our good friend and sometimes sex photographer!, Jensen, called and told me he'd finally tracked down this woman in the souther california area, who was a well known "squirter". How she got this reputation I have no idea as I asked if she was in the porn industry and Jensen said no, she was a "civilian" as far as he knew. He said he knew someone that paid to watch her squirt and it was well worth the price if squirting is what we want. I agreed enthusiastically to check this woman out. Jensen promised to bring her by the house the following evening.

I told Ben what was in store for him the following night, and we had a wild next of hot sex talking about what it would finally be like to watch another woman squirt all over while being fucked by Ben. I told him the idea of it made me so excited I could barely contain myself! We fucked hard and fast that night talking dirty to each other about what I knew would be a fantastic fuck with her. Jensen brought her over on time the next evening..she was in her mid 30's, a white woman, dyed blonde hair, a bit "jaded" looking but still attractive. We sat down having some drinks and I told her about my fantasy of watching a woman squirt on my husband, and would she be willing to do this for us? Nothing seemed to shock her, and she agreed quickly, even after I told her I would love to photograph her and Ben fucking. She did not seem to mind. I was getting more turned on by the minute, and the boys next to me seem to be hardening in their pants while she and I had our conversation. She looked over at Jensen and asked if he would be participating as well? He said he would just watch and decide later.

We led her over to the couch area and she suggested bringing out some towels which I had not thought of. While Ben laid out the towels, she undressed and I enjoyed looking at her body, very natural and only a partially shaved pussy, which turned me on A LOT. She sat back on the sofa and took out a few toys, including a nice big dildo. We sat back, the 3 of us, on the floor in front of her, as she spread her legs wide and started rubbing on her pussy. Our own private sex show! Looking over at Ben, I saw his eyes going back and forth between mine, and the sight of this woman playing with her pussy in front of us. She inserted the dildo into her hole, and started fucking herself with it, rubbing her clit with her free hand. Suddenly, within what feels like a few seconds, she squirted, a strong spray of female cum, getting a bit of it on our legs. "Fuck" Ben said, "Do it again"... She curled her finger towards Ben, indicating for him to do the honor. He took off his shirt and moved closer to her, taking the didlo out of her hand and started fucking her pussy with it, slowly, in and out, while she leaned her head back and moaned... "She's gonna cum again" Jensen said, and she did, holding Ben's hand and dildo deep in her cunt, and sprayed her cum all over the toy and Ben's hand. I felt myself getting creamy between my legs and I could see the bulge in Ben's pants that he was horny as hell. Ben asked, "Can you cum without the toy?" She smiled and said, "why don't you try and see?" Quickly, Ben removed the dildo from her pussy and motioned for Jensen to come over. "Hold her leg apart" he told Jensen, after Ben lifted her ass off the couch and made her squat down, facing me. Ben smiled at me, and then quickly shoved 2 fingers into her cunt, while rubbing her clit with his thumb. She jerked her ass and Jensen held her firmly, which I found completely erotic and hot. The sight of the 2 "Boys" playing with this woman's pussy was completely making me drip. Ben finger fucked her pussy good, while Jensen reached down to spread her pussy lips apart, and Ben told her "Squirt on my fingers!" while rubbing her clit firmly...She came suddenly without warning, and Ben did not let up finger fucking her, her cum dripping out around his hand. Fuck. Ben looked at me and said, "no camera?" SHIT! I was so engrossed in this I had forgotten! Quickly grabbing my cell, Ben and Jensen pulled her pussy apart and Ben said "Look at her wet hole Babe". With their fingers spreading her pussy open I took some hot pics of her wet pussy, totally turning us on more. Ben started rubbing her clit again, pulling her pussy open with his other fingers. She moaned loudly and her pussy squirted again, luckily I was ready and got a few pics of her juices squirting out everywhere. SO FUCKING HOT! I rubbed my hand on her wet cunt, gathering as much wetness as I could, pulled Ben's dick out of his pants, already throbbing, and started to stroke him underneath her wide spread legs. Jensen stuck his fingers in her pussy fucking in and out, then pulled out and we all watched her pussy cum again. I continued stroking Ben's dick, and he said, "Move her over there, I'm gonna fuck this pussy"

Her legs shaking a bit, we led her over to a chair that was higher up. Ben was horny, he wanted his dick in that wet hole IMMEDIATELY.. He pulled her f***efully by her legs so that her ass was hanging a bit off the chair. Positioning himself between her legs, he told her to hold her ass up for him. She complied, reaching under and holding her ass up and spread wide. Ben stroked his dick, looking down at her sopping wet cunt. Jensen and I stood next to them, Jensen stroking his dick openly which I looked down to see. Ben slowly inched his dick into her pussy, saying "Fuck, it's like water in her" and then quickly started fucking her wet pussy HARD, slamming his cock in and out. Within seconds, we all watched her pussy squirt out onto Ben, over and over, completely soaking both her and Ben's pubic area, with wetness. "Fuck yeah" Ben said, continuing to fuck her pussy hard only stopping occasionally so his dirty wife could photograph the debauchery. He shoved his dick all the way in, down to his balls, and she squirted again, drenching his balls with her female ejaculation. He grinded into her hard, encouraging her over and over to "cum, cum again on my dick" which she did, juices dripping down under her ass and legs. There was wetness EVERYWHERE. She suddenly said, "Dont cum in me" so Ben pulled out, sweating and shaking, and pulled me over, telling me to bend over on the side of the chair next to her. I pulled off my panties and bent over for Ben, holding onto the side of the chair, and spread for him. He got behind me and plunged into my cunt, while Jensen who had been patiently stroking his dick, moved between her legs, and started fucking her. Ben fucked me hard and passionately, slapping my ass and telling me what a hot wet pussy I had and what a damn slut he was married to. Ben and I both occasionally turned our eyes to the sight of Jensen fucking her pussy, and everytime she squirted on Jensen's dick, Ben pounded my pussy HARD, and I felt myself also start to squirt, his dick so deep inside me. Jensen reached over and squeezed my tits, continuing to pound his dick into her wet cunt. I'd never seen Jensen fucking before and neither had Ben! "Yeah Buddy Fuck that pussy!" Ben cried out, watching his friend fucking, while fucking me hard. "You should see how wet your pussy is Babe" Ben told me, watching his own dick now going in and out of me. "You're squirting on me too"... It sure felt like I was, as I could feel wetness dripping down onto my legs in a steady stream. Ben reached under me, fucking me doggy style, and started pinching my nipples and stroking my tits, pounding away at my cunt. Jensen moaned, pulled his dick out of the squiring pussy and shot his cum all over her belly and pussy. Ben and I watched Jensen cumming, and Ben grabbed my hips and said "Fuck, I'm gonna Cum" which he did, hard, his cum filling me up and also dripping out of me....I was so wet, but Ben reached under and rubbed my clit, his cum still dripping out of me, and I exploded, my body shaking and quivering until I could no longer stand up straight. Ben collapsed onto the ground and pulled me down onto his lap, kissing me and stroking my body. We did not speak for a few minutes until I looked around and was glad for the towels we had laid down, as there was cum and pussy juice everywhere! "Did you like that?" He whispered into my ear, while Squirt girl got up and began to dress... I could feel her wetness still all over his body, his legs and feet were still wet from her. "Yes, I fucking loved it" I said, smiling back at Ben.

Later on, after our guests had left, Ben and I looked at our photo's and got so incredibly turned on, we fucked in the shower with the water running down our bodies, talking about what had made us so hot tonight. Ben got down in the shower, holding one of my legs to the side, and ate my pussy, his tongue licking and fucking my hole, while I told him how much I loved seeing her pussy squirt while he fucked her. I came on his mouth so hard while he sucked me and would not let go, making me cum over and ove intensely... Truly,a night we will never ever forget!

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