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Step Father Darius 9

I climbed on top of Darius. His cock rubbed against my pussy. He put his hands
on my hips and started making me move against him. He didn't slide inside yet,
just kept rubbing my pussy, teasing my clit. I put my hands on his chest and
started grinding harder. He closed his eyes and moaned. "Put my cock inside,
Arri. I want to feel your pussy around me again."

I rubbed against him one more time before lifting my hips. I put my hand around
his cock, stroking it slowly, once, twice. I put the tip inside me before
letting go. I leaned forward, not letting more slide in yet. He slid his hands
down my back to my ass. He squeezed, trying to push me down on his cock. I
moaned but stayed put. I looked into his eyes. Without letting more slide
inside I moved my hips slightly, making him moan again. "You're teasing me
baby. Don't push me too far. Remember what happened in the kitchen?"

I smiled down at him, moving my hips some more. "How could I forget, you fucked
my mouth like an a****l. I remember feeling is slide in and out of my mouth,
down my throat. Sucking it harder and harder, swallowing your cum." The whole
time I said this I kept moving against him. His hands kept squeezing my ass.

Finally he snapped. Out of nowhere he thrust his hips up and pushed me down
hard. I cried out, his hard cock sliding so deep it almost felt like he was
trying to choke me. He groaned and starting pumping in and out of me. He fucked
me slow but his strokes were so hard. I started moving with him, making him go
faster. He let me take over the rythm, releasing my ass so he can squeeze my
breasts. He pinched my nipples and I moaned, grinding against him in return.

I moved my hips faster, my nails digging into his chest. He tilted his head
back and groaned. He put his hands back on my hips and starting fucking me
harder. I cried out. "Yes Darius. Fuck me harder, please." I had no problem
begging him to fuck me. His cock felt so amazing inside me. I knew I was going
to cum soon. Felt myself getting wetter, his cock sliding smoothly in and out.
He started going faster, groaning my name. I could tell he was going to cum
too, I felt his body getting tense. I moaned and cried out, screaming his name.
I came, barely able to breathe. My pussy tightened around his cock and then he
was cumming. His cock kept throbbing inside me, I could feel his hot cum.

After our orgasms passed I slid off him to lay by his side. He put his arm
around me and pulled me closer. "That was amazing Arri." He grinned and kissed
my neck. "I can't wait for the next round."

I smiled right back. "Tell me about it, my pussy won't stop tingling. How long
till you're hard again?"

He rubbed my cheek with his hand and kissed my lips. "Won't be that long. You
should already know. If I've been able to fuck your mother for hours what do
you think I'll be able to do to you."

Hope you enjoyed this installment. I certainly enjoyed writing it ;)

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