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Jessie Porn Story Part 1

Emma ran into her run crying because of her recent boyfriend had dumped her because she was not having sex with him when he wanted it. She was so upset, but for some reason, had the urge to just fuck the life out of somebody, anybody for that matter. But no one was around, she obviously did not want to choose Bertram, she knew he only had a 6 inch cock and does not like doing any work, so she'd have to do all of it. Then Jessie had taken Zuri, Luke, and Ravi to the park which was a mile away.So, instead, she went to her secret cupboard behind her TV and pulled out her vibrator. She jumped onto the bed, pulled off her clothes, panties, but kept her tight bra on for last. She knew she had the breasts of an 18 year old, but choose to hide them because if she had big tits, she could draw in the wrong crowd, so she bought tight bras to hide them. She snapped off her bra at last and started to rub the vibrator next to her pussy, she was already pretty wet, so it did not take long before she started to pump the vibrator hard and fast into her sweet, precious cunt. After about 5 mins, she started to moan extremely loud, sounding like she had a small microphone next to her.

Luke came inside upset because he still could not get Jessie to himself alone at the park, so he just came home. Luke headed up stairs to go to his room and watch some porn to pleasure himself, but halfway to his room, he started to hear loud moaning noises coming from Emma's room. He peered into the half open door to see his s****r masturbating, but instead of a flat chest, her tits were bigger than Jessie's! Right when he was about to leave, Emma had a major orgasm and caught site of her little b*****r. "Luck, when did you get here?!" asked Emma in a state of shock. "I was just leaving, I promise I won't tell." said Luke with his hand over his heart. Emma saw that he was getting very hard. "Not so fast Luke, I'm still very horny, why don't you come and fuck your s****r?" Asked Emma in a very sexy way. Luke knew it was wrong, but instantly pulled out his dick and jumped onto the bed. "My god Luke, you dick must be at least 11 inches!" Yelled Emma with excitement in her voice. Emma started to suck his cock, going very fast and hard, fitting the whole thing in her mouth. "Oh my god Emma, you are amazing." said Luke. Emma felt his cock throbbing, then as hard as she ever felt, he cummed like superman. "Luke, your cum tastes better than any I have ever tasted." said Emma. Emma turned around with her hands and knees on the bed, "Put it in my ass Luke, I want every inch of you in my ass pounding me as hard as you can." said Emma. "Hell yeah, going doggy style, I love it!" exclaimed Luke. He slowly started putting his big dick in her ass before she started moaning, "OOOOHHHH YYYYYEEESSS!" yelled Emma. Luke started picking up speed, getting faster and faster, harder and harder. Emma moaning at the top of her lungs "YYYYYEEEESSSSS, FFFFUUUCCCKKK me good little b*****r," taking short brakes in between, "YYYYEEEESSSS, OOOOOHHHHH, HARDER LUKE, HARDER!" Luke started pounding her so hard, his balls started slapping up against her, he could tell she liked it by how she kept moaning. Luke pushed Emma so she was just on her knees, while never stopping, and grabbed her big tits. He started squeezing them, and moving them side to side, making her nipples harder than they ever had before. Emma starting to rub her cunt, making her moan in pleasure even more. "I'm cumming!" Yelled Emma. "So am I" yelled Luke. At the same time, Luke had cummed inside her ass, and Emma had a large oragasm that went all over the bed and onto both of them. "Luke, Emma, you know how wrong that is!" a voice said behind them. They both turned around and saw that Jessie, was there and had been watching for some time now. "Me and you, right now Luke!" yelled Jessie at the top of her lungs. "Yes ma'am." said Luke.

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