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I was over at a friends house for the day and I asked to go make a drink. He said yes and I went down stairs to make one. As I was in the kitchen my friends mom walked in looking sexier than ever in her work uniform. I could feel my dick getting hard in my pants as she started to talk to me. She than caught me looking at her perfect round tits, she seemed happy and started looking back at me. She then asked if I've ever been with a older woman, I replied no I haven't. She then said that there was a first time for everything and undid her shirt. Her big fake tits where bulging out if her bra as she looked at the bulb in my pants growing and growing. She started to stroke her tits as walk towards me. She then bent down and pushed my face into her big tits whilst stroking my dick. She unbuttoned my pants and started wanking my cock off whilst still holding my head in her tits. My dick was really hard now and she started sucking on it like she was a professional. She was amazing and I loved every minute of it. She was so horny and started spitting and drooling all over my cock, she started sucking on my balls whilst wanking my cock. I then pulled her up and fucked her from behind, her pussy was amazing and felt so nice around my cock. I pounded her hard and she lived it asking for more and harder. She was saying jizz on my face. She went back down on my cock and started sucking it again. I felt the cum coming and told her to get ready. She begged for it. I blew my load all over her face, she started licking it up then sucking it off my cock. She then spat it inbetween her tits and eubbed them together. After all this she looked at me and said 'see you same time next week baby'. I couldn't wait for next week.

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