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Mom the shemale bitch

Hi I have always had this fantasy

The fantasy starts out in high school a number of years ago, when I started having dreams of the kinkier kind, but not really understanding why. The dreams were about women that had big breasts and large hips as well as being tall and big boned.

The dreams always started out the usual way with a date, dinner, kissing, and petting, but as soon as I got the breasts out and satisfied that part, the girls were pulling down their pants for me, but not complaining I went straight for my goal.

The problem was that as the pants came down, the package would always jump out at you and I would awake in a sweat, wondering what the fuck was going on. These girls in my dreams all had big dicks and they wanted to use them on me!

The dreams eventually went away and things seemed to be normal and life went on.

I met me dream girl Alecia in my senior year and we dated for two years and decided to tie the knot even though her mother did not like me at all it seemed.

The wedding day was fun and there were a ton of people there, a lot of her mother's friends who were all like her mom, big tall buxton women, with the same attitude too.

I forgot to tell you her mother Leosha was divorced too.

Her mother had men at her house a lot of the time and some times more with some of her friends there. I never gave it much thought at first just figuring they were all horney.

One day when I was bringing over some things Alecia wanted me to drop off, I banged on the door and no one answered the second knock and again no answer, I tried the door and it was open so I let myself in and put the things on the table and was about to leave when I heard the loud moan groan from the back room. My curiosity got the best of me and wandered back down the hall and peered in the door, there was her mom behind this guy, she had him by the hair and looked to be fucking him up the ass I think, I couldn't seem to realize why and then the dreams came back to me, I thought maybe she had a dilldo on but there were no straps, ok maybe one end was in her and the other end up the poor moaning bastard in front of her.

The reality came to life when she asked him if he wanted her load in his bowels and he said yeessss, what do you want she yelled at him, PLEEEASEEE cum in me, beg more you slut pig faggot, PLEEEASSSE CUM IN MY MAN HOLE I WANT TO FEEL THE HEAT OF YOUR FUCK IN ME PLEEEASSSE, she grunted a few times and jerked some and drove all the way into the poor bastard and held it all the way up him and then pulled out, it was then I saw the piece of meat hanging off the front of this bitch, it had to be ten inches long and as big around as your arm, I can't believe this guy had all that in him.

The dam floor creeked and she heard me, turned and looked right at me and said come here fuck head.

Not me I just stood and stared at that big dick of hers glistening with cum and lube and left on the run, no way is she gonna use that on me.

I went home and saw my wife and told her I didn't feel good and went to bed and tossed and couldn't sl**p anyway.

The phone rang and I could tell it was her mother the bitch and she asked for me.

Hello I said, she started right in on me calling me a faggot whore for watching her do that guy, Telling me that if I didn't come back over now she would tell Alecia that I was fucking around on her and would ruin it for us. No you wouldn't dare, I said and then it dawned on me she would.

The bitch had me by the balls persay and I loved my wife dearly and didn't want to lose her because of the bitch.

Needless to say I arrived back at the bitch's house, she had her robe on and a stern look on her face.

What do you want of me I asked, she said I want to fuck you faggot breath, I said can't we work this out some other way, no faggot she screamed I want your ass! There has to be another way, oh nooo faggot I want your body, your mouth, your dick, your manhole.

Either give me what I want or I call my daughter now and tell her the story I have made up.

Please some other way, please! With that she opened her robe and out came her dick, it looked even bigger than before, she waved it at me and said suck it faggot whore, giving up I dropped to my knees in front of her as she rubbed my face with it said ,SUCK IT FAGGOT.

I took her in my mouth as far as I could but she wasn't satisfied with that and grabbed my hair and pushed making me gag, she kept this up for awhile and asked me how I liked her dick, garbling I tried to answer, she pulled out of my mouth and slapped my face with her wet dick and screamed DO YOU LIKE MY DICK IN YOUR MOUTH!

Well now, if you don't, how about up your boy pussy then, before I knew it she had hold of my arms and had them tied, I was fucked now, I couldn't move.

She finished tieing me to the bed and said see if you like this better faggot whore and with that slapped my ass I don't know how many times but it hurt like hell.

She squirted some lube on my ass and stuck her finger up me rudely which hurt like hell too, not satisfied with that she ran two more up me making me try to run up the bed but couldn't move. She worked those fingers up me and added the fourth and then her thumb, I almost passed out from the pain, as she pushed her fist into me I passed out, but heard her say little faggot can't take it.

I came to and she was on me pumping away, the pain was gone , I guess because her hand was out of me now but her dick was at least smaller than her hand. She had the whole thing in me because I could feel her balls smacking me as she pumped me.

Then the question was asked, DO YOU LIKE MY DICK IN YOUR MAHOLE BITCH!

Though tear stained eyes I looked back at her and nodded, I CAN"T HEAR YOU FAGGOT, DO YOU LIKE MY BIG GURLY MEAT IN YOUR MANHOLE?

I stammered out the words yes, she said I CANT HEAR YOU FAGGOT TELL ME HOW MUCH YOU LIKE IT IN YOU.

NOW SHE YELLED, I like it in my manhole, I CAN"T STAND THIS SHIT SHE SAID, and rammed it deep into me, TELL ME LIKE YOU MEAN IT SLUT, I really like your dick in my man hole< NO BEG ME TO FUCK YOU OR I"LL NEVER TAKE IT OUT OF YOU SLUT, Pleease fuck my hole, fuck me harder pleeeaasse. I want to feel your hot seed inside of me, I DON"T HAVE SEED, WHAT DO YOU WANT IN YOU?


Please shoot your hot cum in me and make me pregnant to have your k**, PLEEEAASE SHOT IT DEEP IN ME!

I felt her swell in me stretching me even more and as she grunted, unloaded in me so much it leaked out of me, to my amazement I shot all over the bed, the biggest load ever, it kept leaking out of me until she pulled out and it gushed out of me in floods..

She came around and said suck my big clitty clean slut, I did as I was told and she said the next time I'm in you, you will enjoy it even more. Don't forget about your bride finding out, as long as your my slut she will never know

The bitch has me once or twice a week and now Alecia is happy her mother likes me for some reason, she can't understand, and now I understand my dreams of earlier years I guess it was just my fateand now I'm happy too, that some thing in me has been fulfilled.

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