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OHGIRL and the Body Builders

The annual Arnold Schwartzenegger Sports Festival was in town and I had gotten a call from a group of bodybuilding swingers that wanted some entertainment while they were attending. I was referred to the bodybuilder, whom had called me, by one of my local clients that owned a gym. My client, JJ, was at a party when he saw me stripping and he and I had talked after my show. I was performing as my alter ego, Brandy, for a group of his friends and he was trying to hit on me after the show. After some talking and negotiating, JJ finally realized that I wasn’t going home with him unless he paid me. I collected my fee and then JJ unleashed his steroid induced, sexual rage out on me when we arrived at his condo. He was 6’2” tall and was a solid 240lbs of muscle. Every inch of his body was hard, including his gargantuan black dick. His cock was as black as night and thickly covered with veins. I had seen a couple of really wide, thick cocks over the two years as an e****t, but JJ’s was the size of a big can of Campbell’s Pork & Beans. That was the picture that came to my mind when he pulled it. I couldn’t believe that it actually got longer and harder while I some how managed to stroke it with both of my hands gripping it in the middle. JJ had permanently left my pussy looking like an open hole after he had fucked me that night. He stuffed me with his big cock and I thought that my vagina was going to tear from the pounding that he gave me. I felt every single vein in his shaft as it spread the walls of my cunt to their maximum limit. His neighbors must have been used to hearing women scream when he fucked them, because no one called 911 that night to save my pussy from his destruction. My legs were spread as wide as they could physically be while he rammed me with his jet black tool. When he finished with me. I could barely walk to his bathroom after he had filled me with a load of his cum and I held on to every surface as I made my way to clean up. In the two years since I had become a stripper and e****t, not one man or group of men had ever fucked me like that and left me feeling that way.

JJ was a really hot looking guy, but his cock was a dangerous weapon. I must have passed his fucking test though, because he became one of my regular clients. He had no problem paying me to visit once a week or every two weeks when he needed to unleash his black mamba. After taking his cock on a regular basis for the last six months, I had become accustomed to his rough and physical form of sexual release. At some point I had actually learned to enjoy having sex with JJ and I came each time I felt his behemoth stretch me wide open. About midway through our professional relationship and after lots of begging and more money, I had even let JJ fuck me in the ass. He was more gentle during those times, but it took a lot of lube and control to handle his girth. I’m sure JJ had ruined my tight pussy for many of my other customers, but none of them seemed to mind, as they still continued to line up to pump their hard cocks in my well used, gaping pussy or for me to suck them off. Most of them just fucked me a lot longer before they finally came, since my pussy didn’t grip them as tightly as it once had. My time with each client was increasing and I made up for it by sucking them to near orgasm before they fucked me and by letting more of them fuck my tight ass. I was going to be 21 years old soon and I was worried that my pussy was already worn out. My business was picking up, due to all of my referrals from previous clients, and it was getting impossible to schedule my time if it took longer for me to get my customers off. I put all of these thoughts aside though, as I scheduled a Saturday evening with JJ’s bodybuilding friends.

Ronnie had hired me to strip and entertain himself and his friends, a small group of swingers that traveled to the Arnold Expo every year. He was an even more muscular man than JJ and stood out in the crowd, not only for his body, but because he was very loud, outgoing and he had flaming red hair. When I came to their suite that night, he was nude when he met me at the door. Ronnie had a very long black penis that was thick near its head, which stood out because it was pink and it sat on the end of a long black shaft. He brought me into the room where he introduced me to his wife Renee. She was a very attractive white woman with long black hair and she appeared to be into fitness also. Even though I considered myself to be in very good shape, I felt a little out of place amongst the rest of the people who were sitting in the room. Ronnie turned the dance music down and introduced me to the rest of his friends. There were two other married couples, Paul and Jenny, and Nico and Denise, then they had a young single guy who was hanging out with them by the name of Demario. Ronnie turned up the music after the intros and then told the ladies to meet me in the middle of the room for some dancing.

The women looked like they were all fitness models or competitors. Each one wore a very form fitting outfit that showed off their physiques and flaunted their best body parts. I felt very out of place being expected to tease or entice any of these people, all of whom had way better bodies than mine. I began to dance in the middle of the room, surrounded my Renee, Denise and Jenny. After some time, we all began to loosen up and the ladies and I all started to strip out of our outfits and rub against each other as we danced. Ronnie joined our female group, as the rest of the men watched, and he pulled Renee over to dance closer to me. She was about my height, but she was slender and her muscles were very defined. Her breasts were surgically enhanced to about a D cup, but they looked awesome on her. We began to rub our breasts together as we danced. Ronnie was already naked and had a huge erection, that he obviously loved to show of. Everyone was cheering and they finally began to have some fun.

Ronnie seemed to be pushing for his wife and I to get closer, but I started to make my way to the other guests to give out a few lap dances. I danced for the three other guys in the room, grinding in their laps and trying to get them more involved in the fun. I was dancing with Paul and I grabbed Jenny’s hand and pulled her over to join us. All three of us were writhing in the chair and the guys started to shout out different suggestions. Jenny put her arms around me and leaned in to kiss me on the lips. The guys went wild and yelled for more. We all three put our arms around each other and began to share quick little open mouth kisses. Ronnie was still dancing and grinding his body on his wife, Renee, from behind. He had a full erection and he was rubbing its pink head against Renee’s ass. I knelt down between Paul‘s legs as Jenny’s pussy grinded against the zipper on his jeans. I began to pull it down, as my mouth pressed up against her smooth mound. She moved her hips towards me as my tongue made its way toward her moist lips. I unzipped Paul’s pants, reached in to grab his erect member and pulled it out until the head of his cock was right below Jenny’s snatch. I took turns licking her and slowly sucking on his firm penis. I looked back to see that everyone was standing around us to watch what was going on. Jenny began to moan when I finally stuck my tongue deep into her cunt. I positioned Paul’s stiff cock at her opening and pulled her down his thighs and onto his cock. Paul began to thrust upwards and I got up to move away from their chair as they continued to fuck. I felt Ronnie grab my hand and he led Renee and I to one of the beds in the suite. He told us to get into a 69 position, so I laid on the bed and let Renee crawl up on top of me.

Renee and I began to lick each other and grind our wet slits into each others face. I wasn’t really bisexual, but I often would make out with women when I was paid to entertain a mixed group. It had taken me a while to get used to licking a woman’s pussy, but just like the rest of the sex that I often performed, it was just another enjoyable part of my profession. Nico, Denise and DeMario were standing around the bed staring at us two girls. I watched as Ronnie’s long, hard, ebony cock slid into Renee’s coochie right above my face. I kept licking her and at the same time running my tongue down his shaft with each stroke. He pulled his cock out on a couple of occasions and rubbed it across my lips and face, then shoved it back into Renee’s tight, wet snatch. I began to cum as she flicked her tongue across my hard clit and I started to squirm and moan as my pussy got extremely sensitive. I slid out from under Renee, while Ronnie continued to fuck her from behind. Before I could get up off of the bed, a pair of strong hands grabbed my ankles and pulled me towards the edge. I was on my back as my ass came to rest on the edge and my legs were quickly spread open by a pair of muscular arms. I looked up to see Nico as he was sliding up between my legs, his huge cock aiming straight for my wet hole. He was a muscular Italian looking man and he quickly began to drive his thick cock deep into my pussy. His pelvis was slamming into my ass and my tits were bouncing so hard that I had to hold on to them. I screamed out with each thrust as his big cock tore into me. My pussy was still convulsing from my first orgasm as he rammed me, fucking me as hard as he could. I would slide back up on the bed with each thrust and he would pull me back to the edge by my legs. He pulled as far out of my pussy as he could, then jammed his hard monster back into me. He fucked me like this for about 5 or 6 minutes, then he slid his cock from my pussy and pulled me off the bed. He pushed me to my knees and then he pressed his dick against my lips. Nico grabbed my head and pulled it towards his groin, shoving his cock deep into my throat. I tasted my own juices as he looked down at me and told me how much I was going to enjoy his cum. He fucked my mouth for about 2 or 3 strokes and then told me to swallow it all, as he exploded into my mouth. Hot cum shot down my throat. I swallowed each blast as it hit the back of my tongue. He kept his throbbing dick in my mouth until it began to go limp, then pulled it out and rubbed it on my lips. I kissed it a couple of times and licked its tip, then Denise got on the floor beside me and started to kiss me. She licked some of the drops of cum that were still on my chin and lips.

Demario was wearing only a pair of speedos, that he normally posed in ,and he had a serious erection pressing against the tight spandex material. He stepped up to Denise and I and we each reached up and pulled the front of his speedos down to unleash his long black snake. He had a hot V shaped body, with really deep cut abs and thick muscular legs. He held onto his cock as he pushed forward and pressed it into my mouth. Denise and I shared it for a while and then DeMario pulled me up from the floor and bent me over the bed. He started out slow as he stroked the full length of his long shaft in and out of me from behind. Then he ground his muscular legs and pelvis into my ass from behind while he drove his hard pole deeper into my moist tunnel. He felt so good in me and I couldn’t help but to stare back at him and watch his beautiful body slowly fuck me into another orgasm. I moaned out loudly as I began to gush fluid onto his hard cock. I looked up to see Renee sliding up and down on Ronnie’s dark shaft and glanced back to see Paul fucking Jenny, as she laid back on the chair with her legs opened wide. I was really getting into DeMario and began to push back against his hard body, riding his long, throbbing black muscle. He pumped me good for about 10 or 12 minutes, then he began to thrust deeper and harder as he neared his climax. I felt his cock begin to pulsate deep in my vagina, so I slid forward onto the bed and rolled over, inviting him to place his cock between my tits. He did and before he could begin to fuck my cleavage, he slid his cock into my mouth and blasted my tonsils with a huge load of sticky spunk. I licked his cock diligently, then pulled him down on top of me and wrapped my legs around his waist. I wanted him to fuck me again, but he was spent and he told me to give him a few minutes to rest. I smiled up at him as he slid off the bed.

I was laying there recuperating when Ronnie and his girlfriend quit fucking and he slid off of the bed. He grabbed a condom and a bottle of lube and walked over next to my side of the bed. He told me that he wanted a piece of my ass. He put the condom on and lubed up really good as I watched him. Then he reached over and pulled me towards him, spinning me onto my stomach. I felt him squirt some of the liquid lubricant on my ass, then he began to rub it all over and into my butt crack. He smacked my ass cheeks a couple of times, then grabbed each one and spread them apart with his large muscular hands. I felt his hard cock press against my tight opening before he slid deeply into my ass. “How’s that feel baby?” he asked, as he slapped my butt again. “Now get ready because I’m gonna fuck it good.” he proclaimed as he began to pump me from behind. Renee watched all the while as Ronnie fucked me, sitting there rubbing her wet pussy. I was grunting with each stroke and he told someone to turn up the music, so that he could get a good groove on. Ronnie moved his hips in a circular motion, grinding into me and thrusting forward with each beat of the song. One song, then two, then finally on the third song he pulled his long, slippery cock from my ass and tore of his condom. He rubbed his dick between my ass cheeks and told Renee to come over. Then he shot a huge load onto my back and shoulders and told her to lick it off of me. She did as she was told and licked up each spray of his warm jizz from my body.

The party seemed to be coming to an end as everyone got cleaned up and dressed again. Paul and Jenny had left after they had finished. Nico and Denise headed back to their room, while Ronnie and Renee were laying on the bed relaxing. I was dressed and talking to DeMario before I also called it a night. He was wondering if I was ready for round two, since he was now ready to go again. I had already finished my work for the night, so I could have left if I wanted to, but the thought of riding his black pole again got me turned on, so I took his hand and he led me down the hall to the room in which he was staying. I sucked and licked his hard black cock for a good long time before I easily slid down it’s rigid length and bounced on his long prick. He held onto and squeezed my tits as I ground my wet cunt onto his cock for well over an hour. He finally filled my soaked pussy with a large blast of his warm jizz and it poured from my open slit down his shaft and onto his balls while I still sat astride his big penis. We kissed and made out for a while and I licked the cum from his cock before I left. JJ had told me to stop by his condo, after the party had ended, to tell him how it went. I hoped that he wouldn’t mind me coming by at 4 in the morning. His thick, black veined cock would fit much easier now, after I had just been fucked by 4 different guys. All of those steroids they must have used had to have attributed to the fact that they were all very well hung. It had been nearly two weeks since JJ’s last fuck session and I was sadistically looking forward to a hard pounding from his whale sized cock as he spread my big, well used pussy even wider. I just hoped that my screaming wouldn’t wake the neighbors.

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