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Hot & Heavy

I woke up this morning to a heavy ache in my breasts. I looked over to his side of the bed. Pillow unmoved and blankets where I left them the night before. He must have had to deliberate late and did not want to wake me coming in. He should have! I sat up and the change in position made my nightgown graze my already erect nipples. I looked down to see a small dark spot in front of my left nipple. I stood up and went to call for him but I noticed no shoes at the door or keys on the table.. I guess that fearful moment sent a signal to my tits because the wet spots started growing and I thought my nipples were going to poke through the satin on my nightgown. The slight breeze coming through the bedroom door sent a chill through me as now the entire front of my gown was wet. I reached for my robe and went to put it around me but as I tied it the weight from the fleece seemed to settle right on my tits and they were too full to hold up anything but themselves. I opened my robe and proceeded to the kitchen. The coffee maker had a timer on it. I heard the pot brewing and decided coffee would wake me enough to be able to decide my next move. I was beginning to feel warm and almost feverish. I guess I had been full for a while now.
I didn’t usually wake up this way. He would usually be home to have a good loving session before we went to sl**p. If he got in after I went to bed he would just nestle up to me and take a nipple into his mouth. At some point I would wake up with his head in my chest and arm around my waist. His heavy breathing against me soothing me back to sl**p. I loved waking up close to him like that. In the morning when the alarm went off his first order of business was tease my nipple with his tongue while saying good morning to me. I’d feel him firm against my leg and wrap my leg around his waist. It was rare these days for us to not at least get a quickie in before we got the day started. On the weekends we would have full on sessions. Not answering the phones or even putting on enough clothes to open the door.
This all started out innocently enough. My man likes titties. He would always have his tongue, his hands, his lips on my tits. I loved it too as my nipples are my SPOT. My boobs started feeling fuller and then I would get this tingling sensation when he would tease and suck them. One night he asked me what I had put on my nipples and I said nothing. He licked it and said it was sweet and gave my hard nipple a squeeze and out came this milky fluid. I knew this could happen but didn’t think that he was giving them that much stimulation. I was over the moon. I always wanted to have that experience. I loved needing him to have his mouth on me. As an added bonus my pussy would be sopping wet by the time he got his fill of me. Most of the time I found myself sliding up and down his pole as he nipped and sucked my tits. I felt like I was in a constant orgasmic state. The whole front of him would be wet. Between me dripping from my nipples and cumming on his dick I would be a sloppy wet mess.
I was standing at the counter sipping my coffee. Thinking about him and my nipples being hard rubbing against the satin of my gown and the heat building between my thighs made me want to scream. I wanted him now with an urgency I had not experienced in a long time. I needed him inside me and his mouth on my breasts. I needed him to relieve that pressure and fill that void and settle my body. My mind was racing as I began to feel drops of milk on my feet and slickness at the meeting of my thighs. I crossed my legs tight and stood with my back against the counter. My hand seemed to have a mind of its own as I found myself reaching for the fabric covering my pussy. My clit was throbbing and needed to be touched badly. My body was pleading for attention from every erogenous zone. I. NEED. HIM. NOW!
Standing there in the kitchen I had my left hand placed over my mound with my finger teasing my clit. My right arm pressing against my dripping tits with my hand pulling on my left nipple. I had this primal need to release and I was hungry for the touch of my man. I heard the door open. Coat thrown on couch, keys dropped on table….
“Babe, I got the account!” he came in exclaiming and turned the corner to the kitchen to find me standing there in a s**ttered puddle of fluids.
I was too horny to be embarrassed as I found myself in his direct line of site and he was speechless at my position. If it weren’t for my precarious stance he probably would have thought I was in pain. I dropped my arms. His eyes got big as he noticed the streams of milk that now covered the front of my nightgown. My nipples were still hard and sticking out straight at him as my tits were still full and hard. We locked eyes. He took his sweater off and lunged towards me. He put his hands on my hips and leaned in for a deep kiss. I put my arms around his neck. He took a thigh in each hand and while trying to devour my face he perched my ass on the counter and moved in between my legs. He then slid the straps of my gown down my arms and apologized into my chest as placed his mouth around my left nipple. I immediately felt the strong tug of his tongue and I felt like everything was running out at once. I let out a deep guttural moan as it seemed as though his mouth taking pressure from me and filling me with pleasure. The right breast was on a steady auto drip that began to fall on in shoulder and roll down his back. There was a wet spot forming on the counter from where I was sitting. My pussy was quaking and begging to be filled. I found my hands loosening his belt until I pulled it off. He switched breasts and I opened his pants. I reluctantly pulled back and his mouth broke contact with my right nipple a stream of milk went over his shoulder. I leaned back against the cabinet angling my lower torso for easy access. He put his hands behind me knees and pulled my thighs apart. Everything looked shiny and wet and there was an accumulation of sweet milk and me gathered where I sat. He dove in headfirst and sucked my clit like it had the sweetest nectar he ever tasted. I braced myself with my hands on the counter to keep from slipping. He drew his tongue up my slit and sent pleasure rippling through me. He stood up and licked his lips savoring every drop. Kissed me deep, palmed my ass and drew me to him sliding me onto his rock hard dick. My body shook in delight as put my arms on his shoulders and his legs around his waist. He carried me to the living room and pressed me against the wall. Suspended me above the floor and with my right toe barely touching the ground and my left knee perched on his thigh. His body against mine and me pressed against the wall as he drove himself inside me. My body shuddered in an all encompassing orgasm and I found myself being supported solely him. He picked me up again and put me on the back of the couch. I leaned back and rested my head on the seat cushion and I was almost upside down as he pounded into me. The bl**d rushing to my brain I could feel everything but was having an out of body experience. There was an echo in my ears as I could hear a low growl coming from him. Faster… harder… deeper.. stronger… my back arches as I am impaled fully by his dick and I feel him release inside me. The motion stops. I regain my breath and control of my limbs and turned myself around on the couch. My body still shaking from the aftershocks he joins me on the couch. He lays on my arm and massages one breast as he puts his mouth around the other. We fell asl**p right there.

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