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Clothespin initiation

"I have a bucket of clothespins here, amuse me slave." "Yes, sir" I replied. I loved the attention from my queen. Here I was in nothing but a painful chastity device that dug into my skin any time I got an erection. This was my punishment for being a horny slave. I see the bucket has what looks like about 50 clothespins.

I know that my queen will expect me to put all of these on me and it would be even better if I could manage to put them all on sensitive areas. I start by putting two directly on my nipples. Pain on my nipples always gets me hard so my penis was also in immense pain. I continue to put five nipples a piece on sensitive parts of my chest. I then decide to switch locations.

I begin putting the clothespins on my balls and penis. Fully erect I could usually put 10 or so on the penis itself, but I was also in chastity so this was not an option. I manage to fit about 10 or so more on my balls. I have then placed 20 clothespins out of the 50. The pain is exquisite. I am so horny from the attention and pain, which in turn causes me more pain due to my erection. "Horny, slave?" "Yes, queen" I reply. Honesty is always better than lying especially since queen always knows when I am lying. I truly and honestly love serving her, but this session is proving to be quite difficult.

I know where the rest are supposed to go, I am supposed to squeeze the skin on my flat and place them on my firm, but not quite yet ripped stomach. Queen is having me do a serious workout routine so that I am more appealing to her. She says once I have a six pack maybe she will let me out of the chastity, until then I am only to gratify her. I manage to put the rest of the pins on my body. And then queen orders me to do something that she has never done before.

"Lie on your stomach slave" I am already in immense pain so I hesitate as the pain from the clothespins will be immense if I lay directly on top of them. She response by giving me four swats with her favorite flogger. I lay down. They pain is almost unbearable. She then hogties me so that I cannot move from this position. This is by far the hardest test queen has ever put me through. "Alright slave I will be watching from the next room, there is a camera above you. You have served me well and if you can manage not to cry in agony too much you will get a promotion and you will be my slave." "Thank you, queen" I reply.

Finally my greatest wish is within sight. And this time on the floor with the pins will be spent in complete agony, but I cannot wait to serve my queen in all her wishes.

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