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My aunt and her boyfriend

this happened many years ago and it is what started me on a life of crossdressing.
i used to stay at my aunt jennifers house once a month when my mother was working ,jenny was 23 at this time and was a very attractive blond, i was slim and probably small for my age, one saturday morning i had gone into the kitchen for a drink on the ironing board was a pile of clothes on closer inspection i saw some of jennys silky under things, i could not resist picking up a pair of soft lacey panties as i was feeling them i was not aware that steve jennys boyfriend was standing behind me.all of a sudden he asked what i was doing ? i blurted out some sort of reply that i was looking for a towel, he then told me that he had been behind me for some time and had wathed me with jennys panties, are you really into girls underwear ? he asked, i told him i didnt know what he meant, he then said she is going to be really cross at you for messing with her stuff, i asked if he had to tell her, at which he smiled and and told me to come with him and bring the panties, i followed him into the lounge, steve sat on the sofa and said stand here in front of me, he ran his hands over my trousers stopping at my cock,well it seems panties excite you, he then pulled my trousers and pants down and started playing with my hard he was doing this he told me to feel the panties see how soft they are and smell the perfume on them, well that did it for me my legs buckled and i came all over his hand. steve pulled me onto the sofa next to him and as i recoverd i saw him undoing his pants he pulled his cock out which was easily twice the size of mine,he took my hand and put it on his cock now its my turn he said,as i held his cock i could feel it all hot and wet with his precum, come on start playing with it i was told , he then held me close and started talking to me telling me this would be our secret and that he would make sure i felt nice whenever i came to stay, as this was going on i was rubbing his cock harder and faster when he let out a moan and exploded his spunk all over me there seemed to be pints of it, we got cleaned up and i went upstairs. awhile later steve came to see if i was ok, did you like that ? i had to say that i did, at which he said good lets keep this between us and then we can do it again.This is the intro to this story there is a lot more to come and it gets better. I just see if anyone liked the first part

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