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Yes or no?

hi there,

first of all i'm a divorced mother with a son now 17 years old.
it all started about two years ago, when I found some magazines and some of my panties under his bed when I was cleaning his room.
I didn't do anything about it that time, but it made me think about what he was doing with my panties.

i decided to test him a little, so I went shopping, and bougth some small see through panties.
the day after I left my panies on the floor just after the shower, and waited for him to steal them.
just after I left the shower he was there, and I was waiting outside for him.

After some minutes I asked if he was ready at the toilet, and that I needed my panties which I forgot in there!!

He opened the door and passed me heading for his room.
I went in and checked for my underwear, and they were full of cum, just as expected.

i did lick the cum out of my panties before I put them on, and decided to go to him for a taklk.
but before i did that i feelt like I should shave my pussy so he could get a good weiw of it.

when I was finished I put my panties on and headed to his room.
I had my nigth close on, which means a short t-shirt and underwear.

i did knock on his door and he said come on in, so I did!
He was on his bed and I walked thru him, a meter from wherehe was laying.
I tried to look angry, and just showed my underpants down so he could see it all bare.
then I told him that my panties was full of his cum, and he was shocked over my raction I guess.

I took my undrewear off and gave them to him, and told him to better keep it.
theni left the room with my naked ass.

I was so horny after I showed my self off for him, so I went on bed naked and started touching my self.
two minutes later I could see my door opening, but I didn't stop.
he watched me for about ten minutes, and then he was dressing off completly.
he was watching me, and I could see him masturbating by the door.
I went on my stomach and started to go on all fours, and showed him everything.

after just seconds I came harder the ever.
he went back, and I was playing that I didn't notice him at all.

next morning it was nice weather ao I decided to give him a show.
went out to the deck, completly naked, butI was really nervous and put a towel on again.

after a while I was getting so aroused I let the towel drop, and went naked.
first I was really nervous but then I was braver and braver...

I saw rhe postcar comming to our house (on the countryside, without neigbours), I went completly naked to the mailbox.
The lady handed over the post to me with the words: looks like it's going to be alovely day!
afterwards I was feeling ashamed, but aroused of the situation.

to be continued..

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