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The Engagement Party

The Engagement Party


A chance email from an old mate who I’d not heard from for 45 years triggered my memories of a wonderful woman who helped set my life’s enjoyment of the mature woman in train.
Pam, at the time, was the future mother-in-law of my colleague John who worked with me as a seafaring officer, travelling the world together and enjoying life to the maximum. On this occasion we were in Johns homeport on the east coast of Australia for several days and during that time he invited me to his engagement party.
The night of the party arrived and John took me to his future in-laws home first to meet the f****y. Even at that young age of 19, I had enough experience to pick up on the sensual signals some women can radiate and Pam was a perfect case. A mature woman in mid forties with her short bobbed light brunette hair, big eyes and full lips -she had perfect skin – a product of her English upbringing. I was immediately drawn to her cheeky smile and easy chat and though I’d not describe her as beautiful she was still quite pretty and very sexy. About 170cms tall and not overweight but an obvious full body – wide hips and large breasts which was very typical of a woman of her age. She had made no obvious attempt to dress sensually being in a light fawn suit – jacket and matching long tight skirt just above her knees. She wore a very demure white blouse underneath with virtually no décolletage.
On being introduced she took my hand and held it while we chatted – an action I found quite intimate and arousing though she did nothing overt. We soon found ourselves with husband George driving to the party venue. On arriving Pam was the party organiser so disappeared to arrange the evening and I didn’t see her again until some hours later when the dancing had started. She headed straight for me and took me on to the dance floor. Everyone had imbibed so inhibitions were down a little and Pam was no exception. She held me close and very suggestively rubbed her crotch against me which had the desired effect – very soon I was sporting a massive boner so returned the rubbing which only caused her to ask if that was for her.
“its all yours if you’re game “ I responded and she just pushed harder and reached up to kiss me full on the lips.

A few more dances and the night began to wear down. Pam had last minute things to attend to so I said goodnight to her and went to call a cab. She wouldn’t hear of it and insisted she drive me back to my ship. Fortunately in those days before random breath testing and police patrols we could drive without concern.
Pam spoke to someone and asked that they take her husband George (who had passed out) home and I set out with her alone in the car. Even walking to her car she held my hand and enjoyed my squeezing her beautiful broad arse through her skirt.

The car was a column shift with a full front bench seat so she insisted I sit up close to her – I was a young man with a constant hard-on so I knew something was on. As she sat in the drivers seat I noticed her hitch her skirt higher so the hem was half way up her thigh. As we set off for the 20 minute drive she leaned over and kissed me full on the lips again and took my hand, placing it on her knee.

I needed no encouragement especially since her gear shift hand was firmly placed in my crotch when not on the gear lever. My hand slowly caressed in small circles moving slowly higher up her legs which she had now parted comfortably. Her skirt moved higher as she slid forward in her seat and at each stop light she re-adjusted the hem. Ten minutes into the ride my hand reached the top of her stockings and I discovered she wore a suspender belt. We had hardly spoken a word but Pam kept encouraging me with “that’s nice” from time to time. At the next lights I threw caution to the wind – this woman was obviously hot for sex so I simply slid my hand those few inches further up to her crotch.

Oh! My surprise – expecting to encounter panties, I just felt the tight curly hair of a bare cunt. I exclaimed “you are ready” and she responded breathlessly
“I took them off just before we left”. With a few minutes left to drive I explored her bushy pussy as best I could. She kept her legs as far apart as possible but needing both for brake and clutch pedal, getting easy access was difficult.

As soon as we neared my stop she pulled over into the edge of a treed park until the car was out of sight of the road and doused the lights and stopped.
“Now young man you are going to rut me but first I must see and feel your cock.”
I was virtually speechless – I didn’t have to do anything. She unzipped my trousers and I helped her slide them off by lifting my arse off the seat. Next she got out of the car and came around to my side by which time I had swung my legs out the door and caught her as she stood astride my legs.

Pushing her skirt to her waist, I couldn’t help but run my fingers into her now soaking cunt. Since I loved pussy - its taste and smell, I immediately buried my head in her crotch and did my best to get my tongue onto her clit. My fingers were buried deep and Pam was breathing deeply approaching her first orgasm. She started to encourage me to keep “finger fucking “her and to never stop. However as soon as she flooded my hand with juices and yelled “Oh Jesus” I knew she was there and I slowed the pace. Eventually she went weak at the knees so I just manoeuvred my cock under her and she impaled herself on it explaining that’s the first prick she’s had in her for over a year. Apparently George was not vey attentive.

I was sitting with my legs out the door with Pam astride my cock but our heads were inside. She began kissing me deeply – this time with lots of tongue and I responded in kind. I had to release her magnificent tits and quickly unbuttoned her blouse, pulled it off and then released her bra hook pushing it back over her head. There presented to my mouth and hands were two beautiful full mature breasts – a little pendulous but nipples still pointing out and aureolae 2 inches across. These surrounded two of the hardest nipples the size of the last joint of my thumb. I couldn’t keep my mouth or hands off them.

I suggested how “fantastic your tits are” and she just begged me to “squeeze them hard and bite them – George hasn’t touched them in years”. I did as she asked, all the while with my prick firmly lodged in her fanny. As I played with her body I asked what turned her on more and she insisted I kept “playing with my tits until I blow”. She wasn’t long in achieving her next orgasm, biting my neck and sobbing into my shoulder that she “loved” my penis. As she came down off her high I started moving in her fanny and she responded by sliding back and forth on my cock. She was pushing so hard she was rubbing the skin off my thighs but who cared – this girl was in orgasmic heaven and being properly rutted for the first time in years. She had no intention of stopping until she got herself off again.

I was now ready to fill her with a good days worth of cum and I told her so. “Please fill me lover boy” she cried over and over again. I’ve no idea how long we took to get there but as soon as I started to blow she came with me and let anyone within earshot know exactly what she was up to. We were both breathless and my legs covered in juices – mine and hers, so we rested like that while we discussed when we might next get together. She invited me to meet her next day when I got off duty early in the afternoon and I should prepare to stay the night. I had a few days in port so I promised that I would.

As she stood, I realised she was completely naked except for her stockings, suspender belt and shoes. She looked so erotic standing there in the weak light from the street that I got hard again immediately. She didn’t miss it at all and she wondered “what can I do with a naughty boy like you?”

I got out of the car and told her to bend over the bonnet – without any hesitation I rammed my cock straight up her pussy again from behind and fucked her hard deep and fast. Having just cum I knew I could go some time and Pam just urged me on to rut her as long as I liked. She hadn’t used the word ‘fuck’ yet but who was I to care. Pam liked to be ‘rutted’. We must have remained like that for 30 minutes until I felt the familiar signs of a nice ejaculate rising in my balls. Pam had come several times during this rut and when I told her of my impending cum she just calmly said “pull out for a minute”. This I did and she turned and crouched in front of me. “I’ve not had a hard prick in my mouth for years and I love the taste and feel. Please shoot down my throat”

Who was I to argue and I obliged her with her request. She rose and immediately kissed me full on the lips with lots of sticky tongue – I adored that kiss and told her so. I suggested I must get back on board as my watch started in a few hours and so she reluctantly pulled her skirt and blouse on, kissed me goodbye and promised to meet me tomorrow in exactly this spot. What a great fuck and obviously there was lots more to come.

Chapter Two

Early next afternoon she arrived at our rendezvous before I did – obviously very eager I thought. A full lingering tongue kiss greeted me, then a “lets go home” invitation. Since she was wearing slacks and a jumper, a quick feel in the car was through a lot of material but she made no complaint about my wandering hands. Her own hand stroked my cock – already hard – through my trousers and lots of promises of what we would do when we got home. I asked about her husband but since it was a Sunday he would be at the football all afternoon and finish at the club. By the time he got home “ he wouldn’t know if I was being rutted on the front verandah” and he’ll go straight to bed and snore his head off till he gets up for work in the morning.

We drove into her garage and she asked me to stay in the car until she had shut the garage door “nosy neighbours you know!”. Once out of the car she took me inside and led me to a spare bedroom already made up in the downstairs area which was a self contained flat for guests.

I was instructed to get undressed and wait as she disappeared upstairs. Just minutes later she strolled into my bedroom stark naked. This was the first time I’d had the chance to look at this wonderful woman in her natural state and in daylight. She just reinf***ed all my erotic fantasies about sexy mature women. A full voluptuous body and heavily breasted. A little bit of tummy but what mature girl doesn’t have that. Her legs were strong without being fat with nice muscle structure and her arse was to die for. She posed for me and turned around and around so I could admire her totally – and I did. However it was her arse that really got me going – full but not floppy and broad hips to carry it. I couldn’t keep my hands off it and asked her to back up to me as I sat on the bed so I could touch and kiss it. She bent over from time to time with her legs spread just enough to frame her delicious cunt between them. Her lightly haired pussy lips just protruded as they were swollen from lust already and I noted her inner labia were neatly held outside her outer lips. She told me that was still a reminder of our fun last night, “ they haven’t shrunk back inside yet lover and they aren’t likely to if I have anything to do with it” she explained.

I, of course, was harder than a senior algebra test but just had to keep stroking her cunt and tickling her arsehole. In the 60’s anal play was just being experimented with and anyone who had read some of the risqué magazines of the time would know what a ‘roseleaf’ was and other delightful anal activities. Pam had sought out some of these magazines in her frustration with her husband so was happy to allow me to play. However I couldn’t play and tease for too much longer. I applied slight pressure to pulling her backwards towards me and as I spread her cunt lips with my fingers she slowly lowered herself onto my cock – just as we had finished last night. Since we were both comfortable with our feet firmly supported on the floor we just sat there and savoured the moment.

Pam simply wanted to enjoy a young hard cock in her after so many years of minimal sexual activity. She said she had no inhibitions and the young people were enjoying such exciting sex in the ‘swinging sixties’ she wanted to be part of it and experience as much as she could before age slowed her down. This was her first infidelity in nearly 30 years of marriage and she had no intention of making it her last. I was just fortunate that I came along just as she had made her decision to search for some extra marital activity. It was all the more exciting because I was a mate of her future son-in-law and she knew there would be no affair as I would be leaving in a few days – so “just fuck the living daylights out of me whichever way you like lover boy” she implored. First time I’d heard her use the ‘f”word.

As we sat and chatted with my cock firmly lodged in her tight pussy, she asked me about my own experience and became highly aroused when I told her about my three year interlude with Beth who was about her age. She wanted blow by blow descriptions of what we did, how often, who else was involved and just said” I want to do all that in these next few days”. I was beginning to wonder if I had it in me but then I was at the height of my sexual capacity.

She asked in detail about whether Beth has shaved her pubic hair as she had read about some girls doing this and how sensitive sex was with a bald fanny. I was able to tell her that Beth had kept her cunt lips hairless but maintained a trimmed triangle because she thought it would look odd and make her stand out among the other women at the naturist club. However I told her that Beth’s 18 year old daughter Sally maintained a totally bald pussy and that she had in fact shaved me totally bald at one time. Pam jumped off my lap and without a word disappeared only to return a few minutes later with a bowl of warm water, a towel, scissors and a shaver. “lay back and trust me” she instructed. Taking hold of my hard cock in one hand, she proceeded to remove all the long pubic hair with scissors being very careful not to nip me. She then lathered me up completely - cock, balls, and whole pubic area through to my anus and used the razor on me very tenderly. My hard cock was her focus and every now and then she would lean over and lick the slit to taste the pre-cum dribbling from it copiously. Very soon I was entirely bald and she towelled me off very gently then with a very demanding voice said, “its my turn”.

I was somewhat nervous as this was a first for me and hoped it would have the desired effect. I had fucked Sally’s bald cunt and Beth’s bare lips both of which were just delicious to the taste and feel but with my own baldness now I began to wonder. I snipped all the long pubic hair then proceeded to lather her whole pubic area. She instructed me to go from her arse and I started there, smoothly removing the fuzz right from her tight puckered hole, through her perineum and each side of her lips. To protect her lips from the very sharp razor I put three fingers into her cunt and lay my thumb along the crease between her inner and outer lip. She was very lightly covered here but I still removed every strand of fuzz. I had to be careful to ensure the skin was protecting her clit as I finally removed the coarser stubble of the upper pubic area until she was bald and somewhat pimply. However it was exciting to feel the smooth skin and so nice to lick and kiss which I did immediately. With two fingers pushed hard into her cunt and finding the G-spot behind her clit, I proceeded to lick her clit until she came as loudly as I had yet heard her. Her juices flowed over my hand and had I not already experienced a woman cumming hard I could have been mistaken for her pissing herself.

She fell back on the bed, breathing hard and just exclaiming “thank you, thank you” while I towelled the lather and cum juice off her. I could tell this woman was going to be so much fun to rut. With my unrelieved hard-on still waiting patiently, I pulled her legs to the edge of the bed and drove my cock up her willing wet and wanton cunt without any invitation and proceeded to fuck her hard and fast. All she could do was grunt at every thrust and then she started to push back hard against encouraging me to “rut me harder lover boy” and “harder – harder” as she was by now building to a second orgasm. Since it was just over twelve hours since I had emptied the last of three cum loads into her the night before, I was able to hang on and really enjoy the action. Standing straight and watching my cock pummel her now bare pubic area, I was convinced it was far more sensitive for me at least rubbing skin directly on skin. I would pull out until just my cockhead was inside then ram really hard back in and on each pull-out her inner lips would extend right outside her outer lips as they clung to my pounding cock. It was a most erotic and arousing scene. I have watched many video scenes of similar action since in my years of philandering but to be doing the real thing is incomparable.

I think it’s the visual arousal rather than the physical action that bring on the ejaculation. As I felt it building I told her of my desire to “fill your cunt again Mrs” and she responded with a “go for it” – so I did. Watching that is also highly arousing and despite the ‘cum down’ after a good blow I was still so aroused watching the white cream flow in and out as I fucked her and filled her, I couldn’t lose my erection if I tried. I pushed her further onto the bed and fell on top of her and still impaled in her. She threw her arms around me, thanking me again and hoping there was more. I promised there was.

We spent the afternoon fucking on and off – no more ejaculations from me but I was able to maintain a stiff cock for Pam to enjoy and have an orgasm when she wanted. I lay there and she rode me cowgirl – sometimes facing me and sometimes away from me. When she did that I was able to admire her tight little puckered arse hole and tickle it with my fingers. Even when I pushed a finger in to the first knuckle, she said nothing but just rutted me harder so I guessed that if I played it real cool I could probably get myself a piece of delicious tail as well.

After a couple of hours of this and with darkness approaching, she rolled out of bed and told me to get dressed as we were going out. Her husband would be coming home d***k as usual and she had no wish to be here when he did. If we stayed out long enough he’d be sound asl**p in bed then she could spend the night downstairs with me. Sounded like a great plan to me.


We drove for about 30 minutes and just as night arrived we stopped in a pull off area just beside a sand dune. Grabbing our towels, Pam suggested we enjoy an evening swim so once over the dune we picked a spot on the now deserted beach and stripped off. I marvelled at this gorgeous mature woman so readily shedding her clothes comfortably in front of a relative stranger – she just got sexier by the minute. She planted the wettest French kiss on me and we walked hand in hand to the waters edge and only went into the surf till it was waist deep. No, we didn’t swim we just stood and let the waves wash over us with Pam’s back to me. She pushed her hand between our bodies and just gently stroked my prick – now hard of course – and I cradled a beautiful full tit in each hand. We stood enjoying the moment then Pam suggested we “go lie down as I have a favour to ask”. Fortunately it was summer so we weren’t cold as we lay back on our towels, wet and horny.

Pam, with my cock in hand and I returning the favour with a finger just diddling her clit, asked about my interest in playing with her arsehole earlier in the day and last night. “why” I asked innocently.
“It was very arousing and George has never touched me there let alone fuck me there. I’m not an anal virgin though because before we married and I was fucking a few of the American soldiers who made our town a base, one of them fucked me there from time to time so I wouldn’t get pregnant. I only remember it being quite painful but magazines now say a lot of girls and boys really enjoy it. Would you rut my back passage tonight?” she asked.
“How can I refuse – you are such a hot bitch and I’m always hard and have fucked my friend Beth there often and its fantastic – she even gets off on it so I’m ready when you are” I responded enthusiastically. She crawled over and kissed me then put her hand in her carry bag she had brought with her, pulling out a jar of some sort of cream. “put this on me darling boy” she commanded and rolled onto her stomach.
I needed no instruction nor encouragement as I knew this path well. I grabbed a double finger full and proceeded to use first one finger then two as I rubbed the cream (Vaseline I think it was) around her arsehole then into the passage itself. I then rubbed a glob onto my cock and kneeling behind Pam, I pulled her hips into the kneeling position with her head still on the towel. She was so ready so I parted her full bum cheeks and guided my cock into her back passage with consummate ease. She wasn’t even tense which can make it difficult to enter sometimes and she just let out an “oh god its beautiful – not an ounce of pain – go right in then hold still there please”. I did exactly as requested.

That was quite memorable even after all these years because she was so comfortable with it and just wanted me to relax there and talk while I slow fucked her. She told me her brief life story. Raised as a single c***d to a single mother – her teenage years spent during World War II – worked in the war effort in market gardens along with her mother. Her mother soon discovered the opportunities presented if she fucked the occasional US soldier based in the regional city. When she turned 16 her mother suggested she might like to share in these opportunities so quite innocently started having sex with some of her mothers mates and decided she enjoyed it. Only downside was the need to use contraception – condoms were occasionally available and her mum had her fitted with a diaphragm which worked well. When her c***dhood sweetheart (George) came home on leave she forgot protection and fell pregnant. That wasn’t too bad as she knew George would marry her when the war was over. However it gave her great opportunity to fuck bareback which she loved while pregnant and she was introduced to anal sex at this time too as another method of enjoyment. She needed to tease her clit during this practice to get off but she loved the feeling of a full arse. Baby was born, war ended and George came home so she became a devoted mother and wife until now despite George’s problems with drink starting many years ago. So I was the lucky bloke to break the drought and it seemed like she planned a flood.

We screwed slowly on the beach and even though we kept it anal only she did eventually roll over on her back and I continued to pump her arse slowly with her legs thrown over my shoulders to effect ease of entry. It meant I was rubbing her cunt lips and clit with my lower stomach but it had the effect of giving her a series of small quiet orgasms which produced enough fluid to run down to her arse and keep it all lubricated and all the while we chatted and laughed a lot and told tales ‘out of school’. She wanted to know what her future son in law got up to but still I was reasonably circumspect – I think she lusted after him but probably wouldn’t take the step of fucking him if she could get enough elsewhere. It was probably an hour or more after we started rutting that she urged me to cum. “Speed it up lover boy” she would say, “ I want to feel a hot load in my arse before we head home”. She easily accommodated the extra hard pumping into her rectal passage and just urged me on until I announced the impending release of spunk into her bum. That brought on a noisy orgasm for her as she felt me exploding within her and we just collapsed forward together, still joined onto the towel and lay there catching our breath.

Thanking me for another “wicked experience” she suggested we dress and return to the car and home. We were both just dressed in shorts and shirt without underwear but still we had to stop at a café and grab a bite to eat. By the time we arrived home, George had arrived and as predicted gone to bed – could hear the snoring downstairs even. I climbed naked into bed and Pam went up to change, appearing a short time later in an old housecoat which she quickly shed in favour of total nudity. Climbing into bed she just asked that I “ screw her fanny all night please – I’ve not slept with a hard prick for years and I need it so bad”. I promised to oblige as best I could. She seemed totally unconcerned that George was asl**p upstairs and just said she’d wake before him, get him ready for work then come back to service me again. Who was I to complain?

She was inexhaustible through the night and just kept wanting orgasms. She had me in every position – first it was doggie, then rest, then cowgirl and a short sl**p. Then she’d harden me up again with her mouth and take me in the spoon, have an orgasm then drop off to sl**p. I’ve no recollection of how many times my prick filled her that night but I didn’t cum much probably only twice – it was Pam’s night and she was demanding orgasms and took them urgently and, I might say, noisily but still hubby slumbered on. It must have been just on day break she climbed on me for a “quickie” – got herself away then climbed off, threw on her coat and “I’ll be back – don’t move” and I didn’t as I was sound asl**p in seconds.
She returned some time later – I have no idea how long she was away but I woke with her mouth around my cock – again! “he’s off to work now “ she said “ and would you believe of all mornings, he wants a quick feel while I’m making him breakfast. Hasn’t touched me in months then decides today he wants a ‘sticky finger’ on his way to work. Here’s me with nothing but my housecoat on and snail trails down my legs from all your gorgeous spunk but I reasoned it could be fun seeing if he can detect anything. My cunt lips are wide open – you’d only been in there 20 minutes before and my piss flaps are hanging way outside. You’d really think he’d notice something different but no, he just slides a couple of fingers in and finds my clit with his thumb – didn’t even want to look at it. Rubs it for a while – and I was just starting to get aroused – when he says ‘off to work’ and pulls his hand away remarking what a wet fanny I have. Now darling boy I’m urgently in need of a good hard rut because George really got me going”

I took the hint. I jumped off the bed demanding “ok you slutty old bitch, lay back with your legs over the edge of the bed”. She sighed and did as I told her. I was ‘morning glory’ hard and didn’t go gentle. I rammed my cock into her and sawed in and out hard and fast. With two ejaculations during the night I wasn’t going to cum quickly. My heavy thrusting kept pushing her across the bed so I grabbed her arse cheeks, dug my fingers in and held her in position. I think it was only a minute before she came loudly and hard – her juices running freely but I kept up the fucking. A second orgasm was quieter but longer with her taking huge breaths and tears welling in her eyes. She could only mutter “it’s beautiful” then I think she almost passed out. I slowed the pace a little but didn’t stop. I rolled her onto her side, pulled her top leg up onto the bed and straddled her lower leg. Much better cunt pressure this way and so much tighter. As you can imagine, she was loose, very loose – could have driven a bus in there! But on her side she tightened right up and I got ready to give her my best. When I came, I gushed and maintained a squirt into her on every inward thrust for a minute or so. I left my cock there and supported myself on my arms over her. “satisfied?, you slut” I asked.

She just answered with “I need to sl**p” but I told her I had to get back to my ship or there’d be no more of these visits. That prompted a reaction. “I’ll make a cuppa and drop you back darling”. Thus she did but I was amazed that when we got into her car she hadn’t changed out of her old house coat – just done up the buttons. Not another thing on. The drive was uneventful and as we stopped in the park nearby the ship she asked how long I had left in port. I told her tonight would be my last visit. I slid across the seat to cuddle her (and cop a quick feel). With her hand stroking my cock she asked “ do you have a trustworthy friend on board who you would like to share me with tonight” I was a bit surprised.

“Are you sure” I queried.

“ Yes, I’ve not had a threesome since before I was married with those Yank soldiers and this may be my last opportunity to experience one especially with two beautiful healthy young men” I promised I would bring someone and promptly got out of the car (after doing up my fly) and arranged to meet late this afternoon. I had a few mates but I had to choose someone who wasn’t very friendly with her prospective son-in-law. I chose a young cadet, Ted– 17 years of age who had partied with me on a few previous occasions. I knew he wasn’t shy, was quite well built and could handle most sexual situations. I explained exactly what we would be up to with this mature woman but didn’t explain how I met her or her relationship to John. Just hoped it wouldn’t come up in conversation.
As arranged, she was parked where we expected her late that afternoon. I introduced her to Ted who she invited to sit in the front seat with her and told us we would go back to the beach where we had been the previous day. She didn’t know what her husband’s plans would be this evening but she was sure he would come home d***k again and go straight to sl**p as always.

She was wearing a nice short dress and once in the seat next to her she took Ted’s hand and placed it high on her bare thigh. He took the hint and slid it straight up to her pussy. “you were right mate” he laughed to me in the back seat “ no knickers no hair”.
“I’m a very needy woman aren’t I Lew? – I always want to be ready for a beautiful young man like you to make me happy. I just can’t be as open as you’d like because I need both my legs to drive” she advised. Then she reached over to Ted’s crotch and felt his hard-on through his jeans – “nice” was all we got.
We reached the beach and the same parking spot just before sunset. Jumping from the car and discarding our shoes we all ran over the dunes and down onto the beach where as usual it was completely deserted. Pam was first to lift her dress over her head and stroll to the waters edge with Ted and I following suit – both naked and hard. Pam took our hands and we paddled in the edge of the surf until she stopped, turned and kissed me full on the lips then bent at the hips and engulfed my cock. I supported her by leaning forward putting my hands under her pendulous tits. Then seeing Ted staring in wonder with a nice erection, I invited him to “take a close look at her fanny mate”. He knelt in the surf and put his face right up to her glorious full arse. She spread her legs for “better viewing” and Ted was amazed.
He’d seen plenty of cunts in his short time at sea but never a mature one like this. Her inner lips after several days of hard fucking hung a couple of inches outside her outer lips. Her whole pubic area was totally bald right around to her arse hole which was so inviting – slightly open with brown puckered edges – that he had to poke his tongue. Rimming was something that had just become a recent sexual activity of the young back in the late 60’s and Ted loved it. He ran his tongue up and down her slit opening her lips further but she needed no lubricant – she was dripping already. As he teased her with tongue and fingers, she lifted her head off my prick long enough to demand “ just fuck me for Gods sake”. Thus he did. Ted stood and rammed (no other word for it) his cock into her cunt. His cock was much thicker than mine if just a little shorter and Pam loved it. She came within minutes by grunting her approval over my cock. Ted, who hadn’t fucked in a couple of months, couldn’t last long in this highly erotic situation just came buckets in a few minutes, shouting “take that you Pommie tart” in his very cultured English accent. It was a very arousing scene – a couple of Poms rutting on an open Aussie beach seemed quite hilarious to me and being aroused as I was, I loaded up Pam’s mouth with her favourite dessert.
We all strolled up the beach and sat on the sand when Ted announced he needed another rut. Pam wanted to oblige but said her fanny was covered in sand and any rutting would be uncomfortable. Ted and I both looked and saw the cum running out had collected a good load of sand as had her wet cuntlips. That girl would need a good wash.

We drove home only stopping for a bite to eat and when we arrived George still wasn’t home. Pam disregarded the fact and took us both into the downstairs rumpus room where my bedroom was telling us to get nude. She very quickly discarded her dress and wasted no time in explaining exactly what she wanted. We all then jumped in the shower and cleaned ourselves of the sand – especially Pam.
Ted was then instructed to sit on the couch with his bum close to the edge. Pam knelt before him and engulfed his prick with her mouth but it was hardly necessary as he was hard full and ready. She then knelt astride him on the couch and lowered her pussy over his cock until he was balls deep in her. Looking over her shoulder she called to me “ ok darling boy, fill my back passage – there’s lube in the bathroom.” I wasted no time in obeying her command and within seconds I was deep in her arse. My balls were hanging down against Teds and I could feel the length of his cock through the rectal membrane. This was a first for me.

“ok boys, please go easy and make it last”
I responded with an “easier said than done – this is horny stuff” and hence I started to move in rhythm to Pam’s back and forth movement on Ted’s cock. We must have kept this going at an easy pace for about half an hour, all the while being regaled with tales of Pam’s experiences with Yankee soldiers while she was engaged and George was away at war. There wasn’t much she hadn’t done during that time including sharing occasionally with her mum and certainly doing the odd double as we were now. Then George came home.

We heard him coming, full of the joys of life and Pam was unconcerned. She’d just had about her sixth orgasm and she convinced Ted and I that he wouldn’t come downstairs – he hardly knew that downstairs existed and wouldn’t recognise us fucking if he fell on us. She did however ask us to speed it up and cum quickly as she had other plans for the night with us. It wasn’t difficult to increase the pace and with her verbal encouragement she very soon had Ted first and then me a minute or so later firing wads of sperm into her bowels and cunt. All the while George was crashing about upstairs. Needless to say Pam had been reasonably quiet during our ejaculations.

She climbed off us both, threw on her dress and with cum leaking from her cunt and arse, she headed upstairs to see George. She was back quite soon explaining and laughing that he had actually asked her for a fuck. He must have been having a rare horny moment after his activity in the morning so she told him to go to bed and she’d be up to see him soon. As she reasoned by the time she got to his bedroom he was sound asl**p and “we wont see him until the morning, now get into bed the both of you – I want one each side of me”.

We did as she bid and Ted was amazed at her stamina and her orgasmic capability. She had quiet ones and big loud ones, long slow ones and lots of very wet ones. The bed was soaked come morning. We tag teamed her all night with not much oral but cunt or arse continually full. Not much sl**p but we did doze off occasionally but neither of us lads came much. After the action I’d had for the past few days I was very capable of getting hard but not a lot of juice left - Ted on the other hand had plenty to give away and Pam took it all. The crowning glory happened early in the night when we were all still vigourous. She was riding Ted reverse cowboy and had invited me to stand on the bed in front of her and “fuck my face lover boy”. I did this for a short while until she leaned back on her arms with her body stretched out along Teds – his prick still firmly embedded in her. In fact she expressed real enjoyment because “his cock head rides up against my g-spot really hard and I get off so easily”. I looked down and told her there was a lot of unused fanny there meaning her long slit was only filled in the lower half by Ted. I suggested I could fit in there as well. I’d never done this before but had heard about vaginal DPs and Pam had not tried it either but she was keen – very keen. I knelt down between her legs and straddling Teds legs and lay my cock on top of Teds (with his permission of course). Pam sat a little higher so she could watch the action and I slid in like a hot knife in butter. She was so wet and stretched that I encountered no resistance. We adjusted our positions a bit then Pam took control. Ted and I stayed absolutely still and Pam pistoned back and forth on our twin pricks. To say we got off – all three of us was an understatement. Ted came first and to feel his cock stiffen against mine and the pulsing of his cum squirting into Pams cunt was enough to send me over the top as well. Pam followed immediately after with a river of fluid. Pam collapsed and rolled off Ted knocking me over as well and she fell into a short sl**p face down on the bed. Our cocks popped out of course and Ted – always the opportunist –and being the horny bastard he was, took the opportunity to bury his still stiff cock between the cheeks of her arse. Until then she had needed a lube when Ted fucked her arse but this time she was asl**p and totally relaxed so he just fell into her.

Our morning was a repeat of yesterdays. Pam disappeared from our bed early and obviously woke her husband and got him off to work – no touch ups this morning. Her cunt and arse were so open and her lips hanging so low that poor old George would have disappeared up there had he tried. Pam then came back to wake us and put us in the shower with her – got us hard and tried to suck some last juice out of us each but mine had long gone. Ted had a small drop. We dressed and had breakfast together with lots of laughs and Pam thinking out loud about where her next episode would come from. She dropped us at our ship and we both got to kiss her very open loose fanny goodbye while in the car in the park.

I never saw or had contact with her again. I kept in contact with her son –in-law for a few years but discussing his mother- in –law’s sex life wasn’t on the agenda. I do know she stayed with George but I’d be very surprised if some lucky young men in that port city hadn’t enjoyed her favours for quite a few years. Pam has possibly left us now as it was 45 years ago but her memory lies deep and I thank her for guiding me along the way to appreciating the mature woman – something that has never left me.

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