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Student spanked -7

Lovely looking Lisa broke all my main rules for her that terrific naughty night
The tasty tiny titted sexy student not only spoke to me without my permission
She begged me to take her hard after she had come once without I'd allowed her
Sexploded once more riding my rod, knowing well she'll suffer terribly my might
All day and probably quite a bit longer will the burning feeling of her skin linger
The two tremblings in her limbs took their toll and soon she was in Morpheus arms

As Morpheus held her tight all night, I easily entered her without waking her up
As always we were like spooned spouses with one arm around her, I held her hill
Lisa longs to be a successful student and to achieve it, a slave to my thrill
Lisa deserves to be severely treated under scientific observation of its effects
Lisa softly moans in her dirty dreams, no idea she has what could be coming up
All night long lasts my tantric hard-on inside her tight tiny tasty wet snatch

Lisa wakes up and so do I still deep inside her hot hole she sighs deep I smile
Lisa loves it when I play a bit with her clit and knows she can't come for a while
Lisa's love lips grow and glow from my fingering her slit and so does her clit
Lisa stays in control this early morning riding the waves without letting go
Lisa feels my hand letting go of her hot hill and a slap on her ass: Let's go!
Lisa walks to the shower as she knows my orders now to take a cold shower a bit

Lisa doesn't deserve to dry herself today still wet she spreads and bends over
Lisa feels her burning bums pulled apart and something stiff and cold entering
Lisa prepares a special sheet on my order to take notes of my measurements
Lisa is secretary for the scientific observations of her severe punishments
Lisa feels the intruding instrument inside her tight sphninxter slowly leaving
Lisa writes down our first observation: thirty-six point six after a cold shower

Lisa now realises that soon her temperature will rise from some severe spanking
Lisa loses any sense of time soon after she feels my belt again and bums burning
Lisa notices that the belt bucking suddenly stops and the thermometer returning
Lisa obiently writes down our observation: one centigrade hotter in only one hour
Lisa wonders how hot she can get and how long her ordeal will last in numbers
Lisa enters inexperienced realms of knowledge now about her cravings and wonders

Lisa likes my scientific scenario of being secretary of her terrible treatment
Lisa writes down my measurements and observations of her interlabial inspections
Lisa loves it that I insert also my secretometer deep inside her to test wetness
Lisa takes notes every hour: paddle plus half a grade and by hot hairbrush again
Lisa learns to kiss the cat-o-nine-tails and dressage whip before it hits her hips
Lisa reaches her third rise by a grade late at night and comes as I kiss her lips

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