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My first time taking dick

On my 16th birthday I had two of my best friends over just to have some fun. Well as the prog rest my friend Brandon was playing a video game. So me and my friend Tristen started doing stupid stuff (like any teenage boy would) so I looked at him and said, "let's pull out are dicks and freak him out." So as we did he looked back but kept looking at are hard cocks and finally said, "wow.." so as he kept playing I looked at Tristen saying in his ear, "how about you suck my long cock?" So he started sucking and I said Brandon look now. He turned around watching my friend sucking on my cock grabbing his. I asked, "what do you think?" he slowly grabbed his cock and moaned, "I want.." He worked his way to my balls crawling like a slave wanting his master to treat him well. He started sucking as I had them both lay on the couch letting me jerk them off my cock was dripping it was the thickest and longest out of all three. They both licked my cock asking for my cum and as I came I said, "eat up boys!" we all laughed. I had f***ed Brandon on his knees like a dog and Tristen under him I started pounding Brandon's ass in with every push he screamed, "harder I want it hard..!" As my cock got dry I put it in Tristen mouth asking him, "how does my cum and Brandon"s ass taste?" he moan and said, "wonderful master" as I continue to fuck Brandon's ass I had told Tristen and Brandon to suck each other. After a hour of me grinding my cock in my friend I told them to lay down and cross legs and hold they're cocks together. I slowly went down just getting the tips of they're cocks in me. As I started down my ass felt amazing they're cocks throbbing in me them moaning as a road them. They couldn't take it. They f***ed me off making get on all fours and I screamed, "yes do it fuck me until you cum a load in me!" Tristen pounded me in as Brandon fucked my mouth I was gagging on his cock my tight ass squeezing Tristen's cock as he tried opening me up all I could think was "ohh my God I wanna cum!" After two hours me taking cock they came loads after loads in me I laid there dripping of cum they couldn't stop fucking me. Brandon fucked my ass as Tristen sucked me forcing me to suck I couldn't take much more so he came in me told me to keep sucking and to jerk my cock. They told me when I was about to cum to move faster and suck harder so I did we all came together. As my ass was dripping they licked up the cum layed by me and kissed me. We all had cum on are face I was holding them saying, "you boys did good.." we went to sl**p as I held them and kissed them.

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