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My husband and I have been having relationship problems for a while. I even cheated on him during a particularly bad period during this relationship. He forgave me, but I still didn't feel the same towards him as when we first got married. Unfortunately, from my perspective, he still loves me very much and wants to try to make this work. We decided to go to couples therapy and we did not get what we expected.

The counselor was an attractive woman about 5'7, I was about an inch taller than her. I caught D'angelo my husband staring. He was a well-built latino with a six pack and a huge cock. He was even romantic. Putting this into a story he sounds like the perfect guy, it was just he was kind of boring. Same sexual positions, would rather have a 'romantic night' in than go out etc... I didn't really mind D'angelo staring, in fact it was nice that not all the attention was on me for a change.

After doing the usual 'how do you feel' questions. The counselor asked if we would like to try an extremely experimental the****utic session. She said she could not tell us what it is, but that it was an overnight thing that we would do the next day. I was skeptical, but D'angelo was ready to try anything so I went along.

We arrived there the next night and we were immediately jumped. At first I thought we were being robbed. D'angelo and I were separated but only for a moment. I was led to a room and was instructed to put some items on under my clothes. These items consisted of a chastity belt and what could only be described as a boob harness since it didn't really cover anything, just provided a minimal amount of lift. I put the items on and was then instructed to enter a room with what appeared to be a huge room filled with large television screens. And there was D'angelo. Like me he was dressed, but I wondered if he was wearing similar garb under his clothes as well.

We both then heard a voice "Here are the rules of this therapy. Both of you have on chastity belts, every thirty minutes for the rest of the night there will be poisonous gas pumped into this room. Each wall has a single safe area large enough for just one person. In this safe area one of you will be given a key, this will unlock your partners chastity belt, but not yours. In order for this safe area to be safe your safe area you will have to be wearing your chastity belt, this will trigger the filters in this area. Thus, only one of you have the possibility of receiving sexual pleasure during one of these half an hour periods. Remember this is random so it will not go in any particular order and one of you might even get 3 or 4 turns in a row. One more thing, to prevent self pleasure each one of you will be handcuffed unless you are in the safe area. Of course intercourse will be impossible so if you choose to please your partner you will get no immediate pleasure. To help things along the television screens you see around you will be playing a continuous loop of porn. Good luck with your therapy".

"WAIT!!!" I said I really didn't expect this. "This is the experimental therapy you agreed to try anything right?" replied the ther****t in a smug tone. "Besides this will only last for 7 hours and then you will be released. Oh for the first turn there will be no gas, every half an hour you will receive a series of beeps, the first beep is your five minute warning, the second your 2 minute warning and your last beep will be a 30 second warning. The poison will not kill you, but the effects will be quite unpleasant if you are not in your safe area, your first 30 minutes starts now."

I was angry as all hell, both at the ther****t for not telling us exactly what this therapy was going to be and for D'angelo for not checking the reputation of this ther****t more thoroughly. Though the porn on the television screens was quite loud I was louder screaming at D'angelo for being stupid and worthless. And I went to one of the safe areas shortly after and I did not see a key, must be my turn to be unlocked. The thing of it is I didn't really care I was still angry and no amount of porn was going to change that in the near future. And then I thought of something. He needed to make this up to me and it would be nice to actually receive oral. But I was still mad so I walk over after undressing in the safe area and yelled at D'angelo "you better unlock me now and lick my clit as fast as you can or I will never forgive you and I will leave your sorry ass." Shocked D'angelo unlocked me and licked my clit fast and hard just how I commanded him to. What seemed like only 2 minutes later we heard the 5 minute warning. Well this sucks I thought to myself, this is the first time he has ever put any effort into orally pleasing me. Angrily I shout "you better get me to orgasm before the 2 minute warning".

5 minutes later I am cursing under my breath that I didn't have time to orgasm and am disappointed that I have the key to his chastity belt, that means in order to leave my safe area I have to put on a chastity belt. I greatly consider just staying into the safe area, but decide to be more devious. I decide to give him a blow job and make sure that he is about to orgasm just before the poisonous gas enters again. Again he seemed shocked that I unlocked him and that I was sucking and licking his nice hard 10 inch cock. Admittedly his cock was nice, but sex was typically boring. I hear him moan in intense pleasure and stop. One of the conditions for even leaving the safe area is to place handcuffs on yourself so he has no way of masturbating when I stop. I see him so turned on , and horny it kind of did turn me on. I look at the porn being played in the room and this is also making me wet. "Damn it, I bet that bastard somehow planned to get me this horny. He better get me off next time," I think to myself He calms down a bit so I begin to suck him again and that is when the five minute warning beeps. I hear him moaning in pleasure I slow down and stop when I think he is on the verge of orgasm. And then walk back to my safe area.

"Well this is starting to get kind of fun," I had to admit to myself, "but I still don't know how this is going to help our relationship." I look in my safe area and I find his key. "Shit, I forgot that it was random. God damn it, I wanted to pussy licked and sucked. I decide to stay in the safe area. I didn't feel like handcuffing myself. Our movement and voices are free so I see D'angelo walking over to the safe area that I have been using. "I see you have the key" he said "Yeah," I replied. "I understand if you don't want to unlock me, but if you do I promise that I will try my utmost to give you as many orgasms as I can for the rest of the night. You can even deny me for awhile if you want, I would like to get off at some point, but I leave that up to you."

The rest of the night was spent attempting to get the other person off. I lost track of how many times I came that night. I can honestly say therapy worked for us.

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