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Raquelm part 1

Having arranged for three visitors to service her wife, Latex Letitia set about dressing for
the occasion. Letitia had her own kinky wardrobe and what she was short of she
borrowed from her wife Raquel. She donned a PVC basque, her wife’s rubber panties,
long rubber gauntlets, a ridiculously short latex rubber mini skirt all in black except for
her favourite boots the shiny, baby pink PVC 6” platform thigh high jobbies! It made her
feel horny. She stood in front of her wife’s mirrored wall and rubbed her shaved,
hardening cock through her panties. No makeup would be required tonight as she would
be wearing her pink latex gimp hood to conceal her identity. There was a good chance
she would persuade Raquel to webcam the session to the world. Letitia picked up the
hood and applied a little KY jelly to it. She eased it over her head. She smoothed it
down over her face. She used to be frightened of the hood but her psyche was
changing and her fear turned to excitement over the years of wearing these
claustrophobic masks. The hood felt great.As she put on her little blond bob wig, she admired her reflection in the mirror and swore
at her self softly “you dirty slut Letitia”. She looked at her thighs they were shapely
runners thighs she was a keen athlete even at forty she looked easily ten years
younger. She turned her back to the mirror and bent and touched her booted feet. Her
ham strings tightened. She peeked between her legs she could see her balls heavy
with sperm cupped by the tight latex panties they were a good fit her balls wouldn’t be
popping out easily tonight.
As she rubbed at her crotch her mind drifted back to the day she got caught in her wife’s
lingerie. Letitia was at home wanking in Raquel’s two piece skyping to a fellow pervert in
NYC. The door went she had no time. Raquel came into the bedroom the shock made
Letitia spunk up over Raquel’s basque much to the amusement of the New Yorker!
After weeks of reconciliation the sex resumed but Letitia wanted to be a proper sissy
slut and nagged on about it. Eventually Raquel gave in and agreed to “cuckold” Letitia.
It started with Raquel fucking an occasional guy while Letitia watched. That was over six
months ago, things had developed.
This evening was to be special. Letitia had secured the services of no less than three
black guys, apparently hung.
It was time to see her wife. Letitia flipped her mobile out and dialled Raquel. “Hi hun I
am ready if you want to inspect me?”
Raquel: “later”. She hung up.
Much later on Raquel came home with a box from La Senza. ”Tut oh look at you! you
always over do it you slut. You are such a sissy!” Letitia went red under her hood.
Raquel was tall five nine short dyed bright red hair a bit of a ‘lezzie cut’ Letitia thought
but it looked nice. She had big hips, a largish bottom, ample breasts powerful thighs and
her vagina pubis was quite wide that is common among more ample women. She had a
loose snatch that could just about accommodate a fist. Letitia adored her.
Raquel slung the box on the bed and sat down heavily next to it. Letitia eyed her bottom
as it spread.
“I am going for the slag look tonight. Well after all, I am going to get abused by three

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