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Day Off Pt. 2

"You made a mess, but I think I cleaned most of it up." Rocco flashed a cheeky grin as he licked a last bit of cum from the side of his mouth.

Nacho couldn't believe what a cockwhore his friend seemed to be. After working together in porn for years and even fucking girls together off set, he'd never imagined Rocco would be so into dick, balls, and cum. Rocco and Nacho were known as some of the freakier porn actors and directors. They'd never had issues fucking girls together, rubbing cockheads in a woman's mouth, having their balls touch while they DP'd a chick. But (as far as Nacho knew) neither had ever had sex with a man. Perhaps most surprisingly, Nacho himself had enjoyed Rocco's manly handling of his tool more than any handjob he could remember. Maybe it was the taboo, but the anticipation of his cock being in Rocco's mouth had been too much to handle. And now, all he could think about was how sexy the Italian was.

Both men felt that they were just getting started, and Rocco began to undress. He tossed his T-shirt aside, slipped down his shorts and stood above Nacho wearing tight black trunks. Rocco's man-kini bottoms were tiny, even compared to Nacho's lucky white pair, and his were also stuffed full of Euro cock. Rocco's meat was pressed to the right side of his briefs, and he was so hard after playing with Nacho that a bit of his head had begun to squeeze out of his waistband. He smiled lewdly and firmly slapped his shaft three times with the palm of his hand. Nacho couldn't tell if Rocco was trying to entice him, or simply enjoying his body, but it turned out he did both. He began to slip his shorts down, slowly revealing more and more of his fat prick until the trunks were at his thighs holding his dick down between his legs with only the tip covered. Finally, Rocco released his rod from its nylon prison, and it was so hard that it slapped back against his waist with a fleshy "smack!"

The friends laughed a bit at that, but became more serious when Rocco straddled Nacho, resting his rock-hard dick against his friend's, which was quickly returning to full mast. Though they had stood nude together in the past, this provided an especially vivid comparison of the pornstars' famous penises. Rocco, fully hard and dripping, measured a full 9" long with a substantial 6" circumfrence. He had a somewhat prominent foreskin, which usually remained retracted to expose his head, which was large, though not much fatter than his shaft. Veins covered his throbbing cock, and his balls, the size of large robin's eggs, moved up and down in his sac as he began to stroke his dick. Rocco tried to stare into Nacho's eyes, but the younger man was mesmerized by the feelings and the vision of his cock pressed down against Rocco's. Now mostly hard himself, Nacho boasted a cock just a hair shorter than Rocco's, about 8.5", but also a good bit fatter than his companion's. Nacho had smaller balls that remained tight between his legs, but his pride and joy was an epically fat cockhead, the size and firmness of a large, ripe plum, which made women scream in pleasure and pain and, Nacho noticed, made Rocco's mouth begin to water.

Rocco wrapped his right hand around the two dicks and rubbed the muscular Spaniard's chest with his left. So close to cumming himself, he touched his tool gently with his thumb, and worked his fingers more vigorously over Nacho's monster. The men made eye contact and groaned in unison as they continued to discover their mutual attraction and sexual chemistry. Looking to take a a more dominant position, Nacho put his arms under Rocco's hamstrings and rolled to his left, taking the pair off the couch and onto the rug, with Nacho now straddled atop the Italian. He squeezed the cocks together in both his hands and began to stroke them vigorously.

"Look how hard you are, you motherfucker. You love my cock don't you?"

Nacho leaned down, chest to chest with Rocco as he taunted the man. He began to grind his hips, using his hands, body, and fucking skills for a world-class frot session. As he continued to thrust and stroke, Nacho roughly kissed Rocco, and though he was surprised at first, Rocco quickly found a rhythm, accepting Nacho's aggressive tongue and attacking Nacho's mouth with his own. The kiss was passionate, with the men breathing heavily into eachother's mouths as Nacho wrestled their cocks between their bellies and Rocco squeezed Nacho's firm ass in order to press their pricks more firmly together.

This was all too much for Rocco. His cockhead swelled and he growled into Nacho's mouth as his heavy balls erupted. They kept kissing and grinding as Rocco's nuts emptied, firing 7 shots of thick, creamy spunk between their chests as though he was trying to glue himself to his new lover. Nacho detached his mouth from Rocco's and gently kissed along Rocco's neck, helping the Italian down from his massive climax. He now felt ready to erupt as well, with his cock still squeezed against Rocco, but he could wait.

It was a day off, so Rocco and Nacho had all the time in the world.

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