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My first time part one

I was just on my way home from school, as I noticed the daughter of my mothers best friend. I never liked the b*tch, as she was just a rich k** and always acted that way. But I have a heart and i'm the kind of person who would always make sure of everyones ok.

The moment I stopped she just came to me and started to tell me things I didn't want to know. About her boyfriend breaking up and about the great time and sex they had together, and I waS like... Slow down for a minute.

so I agreed to walk home with her as we live in the same we walked she started to tell about her boyfriend mike, about how he broke up with her.and then she's like: well, I love girls more anyway. And at that point my brain started working. Because if she's a lesbin, t like me,I was definitely going to take advantage of the situation. Because I don't like her, doesn't say that I don't like her body. And as I was thinking that I just put my arms around her and softly touched her breast without her even noticing anything. When we arrived at her house she said: you can come in if you want t, so I went to my house, got I in and m next door of you're looking for me. She invited me into the living room and brought me something to drink.

We where just talking about school when she said: do you like my body? I have to say, I just love your ass, I replied. And all she says is thank you and started to kiss me. I was to overwhelmed by it that she must have noticed it because she stopped and asked me if I was mad at her and all I could say was "go on please".

And that was the signal she was waiting for all along because she started kissing me again and I felt her tongue against mine and my pussy went wet, and I almost Had an orgasm from her kissing. And down she went with her goddess mouth, going slowly down to my skirt, which she unzips and pulls down with my panties. I bet my life that everyone, that would come in that very moment could smell my pussy, and she's about to lick it.

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