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S****r Wakes Me Up

It was a few years back and I had almost forgotten about it until now.

I was four-teen and my s****r was eight-teen. I'll get all the f****y stuff out of the way first. My parents married at a young age when they had my s****r. A few years later they had me. We aren't the closest of f****y members but we keep in contact mainly for the sake of saying we're a good f****y. My s****r and I never got along. She always had the hottest friends and I watched them from upstairs as they had slumber parties and compared each other. And I had never had a thing for my s****r but more for the girls she brought over. On occasion I would walk down nonchalantly and pretend that I was getting OJ or something but it was just to get a better look.

Anyway a few years pass and my s****r grows up and starts developing. She has a slim build, tight ass and around 32 C boobs with dark eyes and dark hair. Beautiful but I hardly noticed because she always friends over and I'd rather see foreign panties than some I can find around the house. We moved when I was about ten and neither my s****r or me had any luck getting new friends and the ones we had never lasted. We slept together during thunder storms only because we were scared.

Back to the story: one night when I was f******n there was a thunderstorm that arose when I had already fallen asl**p. She came into my room and opened the door. The light was blasting from behind her so I couldn't make out her face but she was wearing black and white striped panties and a loose night shirt.

(my s****r's name is Stephanie) Stephanie says, "Hey, can I sl**p with you? I'm a little scared."
I have no problem with it but I was confused why someone that was that much older than me would be scared of some lightning.
I say, "Sure," and open the covers for her and she steps over me and tries to get comfortable. We both like the heat and it being that it was winter she asked if we could snuggle for a bit till she got warm. Again, my being absent-minded from waking up I say okay and open my arms for her.

Stephanie backs into me and after a few minutes says, "Have you ever snuggled with a girl? JESUS! It's like cuddling with wood."

"Sorry," I say, "and no I haven't. What do you want me to do?"

"Put your right arm under my neck and your left arm goes around me like this," she said as she put my left hand around her and on her right hip. "There we go and put your leg over mine, I'm cold."

I do as I'm told and start getting comfortable. I've never been with a girl up to this point so it was all new to me. All of the sudden I start getting a hard-on. Immediately I feel her head pull back and she says, "What is that?"

I say, "It's nothing. It's just the fabric rubbing up against me. Sorry, I can't control it."

"YOU AREN'T WEARING UNDERWEAR?!" Stephanie exclaimed.

"No, it's restricting while I sl**p." I say. She gives me a hard time (no pun intended) about it and said that it's really weird. Stephanie says, "It wouldn't be weird, I guess, if you find me attractive. Do you?"

"I don't know," I say, "I never really thought about it."
"Well do you think I'm pretty?" she said.
"Yeah, I mean you are very pretty. I see the guys you've brought home. I think it's pretty obvious you're hot," I say.
"You think I'm hot?!" she said as she turned around and the head of my dick fell into her belly button.

I was initially scared but she didn't seem to mind. "Have you ever done anything with those guys?" I ask. She said no but she had fooled around. Then some of the light from the thunderstorm came in and I saw my s****r in a whole new light. She was looking up at me with a seductress' eyes and I felt lost in my morals.

She asked me what I had done with girls and I said, "nothing."

She asked me if I have ever wanted to and of course I had. All of the sudden I felt her fingernails toying with my thigh as she rolled more on top of me.

"Let's see what you got, little b*****r," she said as she grabbed my dick. (I'm just shy of 7 inches) "Wow, gotta say I'm impressed," she said as she squeezed it from bottom to top.
I was in disbelief as she was stroking my cock. She said, "What do you know about oral?" and I knew not a thing. "Well then you've got a lot to learn little b*****r. I'll teach you first hand and you can take care of me later."

And just like that she disappeared under the comforter and started sucking my dick. It was amazing! Felt like nothing before. I had my hands down to my sides and I felt her right arm reach out and grab mine as she pulled my hand on top of her hair. She was bobbing like wild. I could barely keep up. Not 10 minutes into it I felt myself start to shudder. She came shooting out of the sheets.
"You weren't gonna tell me you were gonna come?!" Stephanie shouted in a whisper.
"I didn't know what to say," I said.
"You are NOT getting off that easy!" Stephanie said as she jumped her hips up to my face. "Take my panties off!" She ordered and I did as I was told. "Now lick right here as hard as you can," she said pointing to her clit.
I dove in and feverishly licked as hard and fast as I could.
"ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod," is all i heard from her while she was bucking her hips at me. And like a typhoon I felt her orgasm hit my mouth while her slim legs were crashing against my cheeks. It tasted better than any meal I've ever had.
She got down off my face and said, "Good job, little b*****r. I didn't know you had it in you. Now that cock isn't finished is he?" My throbbing erection was aching for some attention. She turned around and started sucking my dick like we were almost in the 69 position. In the middle of my enjoyment I saw her asshole right in front of my face. I attacked it ferociously with my tongue and since I felt no clit I stuck my tongue inside. She let out a deep moan at this and started fingering herself.
A few minutes of this passes by and she turns around and asks me if I want it all. I've come this far, I thought, if it gets better I want it! "Of course!" I say. She walked her cute little ass away from my face and down towards my dick. She turned around to face me and said, "So you're cool with this?"
"More than anything," I say. Without skipping a beat she expertly maneuvers my dick into her pussy. The wettest and warmest place I've ever felt. We go at it for a while and after long I'm about to cum. She can feel my body start to shudder and asks me, "Are you gonna cum, little boy?" in the most sexually charged voice. "Yeah, I gonna burst." I try to say calmly.
She gathers some spit and pushes it out of her mouth as soon as my cock comes out and it lands on the tip. She goes mad sucking my cock and right before I cum she pulls it out and I came all over her face. She was laughing and smacking her face with my dick. "Do you want me to get a towel?" I say and she replied by gathering all of it with her fingers and licking her face clean.
That night I fell asl**p with my dick inside her and she slid out of bed after my parents had left for work.
"So what do we do now?" I asked as she was leaving.
"Oh I'll be back soon," Stephanie said walking back in. She faked like she was going to kiss me on the lips and gave me one last deep throat. "That was too much fun to pass up."

FIN> like this and I'll write some more. We are far from what we have done.

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