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Fucking a cute thick girl...

So, it was a while since my last story... (I fucked Kara) Kara was out of state for a bit and I hit a total dry spell. It was crappy weather outside, classes were canceled and I took the day off of work. I was just sitting there watching movies and old sitcoms all day while eating cheesy ruffles... That was pretty satisfying enough for me, but I had to fuck or I was gonna go crazy.

I scrolled through my phone book on my cellphone. I'm not gonna lie, it was a bit more sparse than I expected it to be, I thought I knew more girls than I actually did. I sent out a few texts to some girls I knew, some were busy, some didn't get back to me yet.

But one did...


She was a pretty girl, she had a nerdy reserved look because of her glasses, and she was a little chubby though but nothing ridiculous (think pornstar Bella Rossi) she had huge titties. I called her over, she said she wasn't doing anything and was at my place within the hour.

We had a few drinks, watched a few shows, talked and just fucked around. Well, I was starting to get bored, and she already was hinting that she wanted to have sex. Well, it wasn't long until we began fondling each other... then kissing... then the clothes came off. She wanted to turn off the lights, like a lot of big girls... she felt insecure. But I wanted to see her sexy naked body.


We're keeping the lights on. :). I lubed up my dick. We had some foreplay, I fingered her then slid inside of her. I wasn't in the mood for a condom, plus she didn't strike me as the whorish type. I began doing her missionary. Her feet were in the air, her massive tits were bouncing up and down. Her skin was very soft. I caressed her legs while I was fucking her, then held on to her feet while I kept plowing... I didn't want to cum too soon, and I wanted to try something else.

I pulled my dick out and began to titty-fuck her, it felt nice. :) I did this for about two minutes before she wanted to try something different. She wanted pleasure too. She flipped me on my back. Kind of caught me by surprise... and she road the hell out of me. Nothing wrong with that. She rode me like a horse. I grabbed her soft thick thighs and slapped her meaty ass hard. I looked in the mirror and could actually see her ass while she rode me. It was nice.

I sucked on her boobs and gave them soft kisses, she moaned with pleasure and smiled. She got to her feet and squatted on my dick. She started to bounce on my cock, it began to make a loud slapping noise, she rode hard and fast, and aggressive.

I didn't want to come because I wasn't wearing a condom but the way she was riding me, I was immobilized by pleasure and was probably gonna blow soon. I got that warm tingly sensation that comes before ejaculating, I had to push her off of me. I told her I wanted to do it doggy style. She got on her knees and I fucked her hard. I was looking down at her nice ass, but then decided to close my eyes and just enjoy the ecstatic feeling.

We went like this for a minute, I pulled her hair, she sat up and did me reverse cowgirl for a second, it felt good, but I'd have no control over my orgasm that way so I pushed her back on her knees. We kept going at it, then it started coming (cumming). It began feeling better... and better... and that was it, I was about to CLIMAX! I pulled my dick out of her and placed it between her butt cheeks, (like a hot-dog in a bun) :). My spunk blasted out of me like milk shooting out of those Super-Soaker guns. It went all over her back... and she loved it.

Saying "Oh yea, does that feel good baby?"

It goes to show, that even the nicest girls can be the biggest freaks. I'm definitely calling Kelly again. :)

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