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Gloria......The Caregiver

I had an accident at work which left me with a broken left collarbone and dislocated right shoulder. I called Gloria from the hospital to ask if she would kep an eye on the house and mail. She showed up in my room the first night, and the morning of the second day, but I was too medicated to take much notice. My stay in hospital was a total of six days, and on the night of the fifth, she was visiting me when the doctor came in to say he was releasing me the next day. Gloria immediately told me I would be coming to her home to recuperate, and wouldn't hear anything else. My doctor ageed, and so that was decided. She stayed a bit past visiting hours, and we small-talked. " honest," she said, "How are you feeling now?" I told her I was okay as long as I didn't move - which was a given because my left arm was strapped to my chest, and the right was in a very short sling. "Gee, she said, "How do you pee?" I layghed and told her pretty nurses did all of my heavy lifting. "You're a pervert," she said between laughs. After composing herself, she move her chair closer to my bed and whispered, "Any damge to this?", as she slid her hand under the covers and my hospital gown, and began stroking my hardening penis. "No...don't think so," I said, "But it hasn't been used in three weeks. "Hmmm...I see it still has adequate bl**d flow," she chuckled. I was now rock-hard and wanting to cum as she lightly stroked my penis. She was wearing a low-cut white top, through which I couls clearly see her white lace bra, a pair of curve-hugging pink stretch pants, bright pink high heels, and suntan hosiery. "Is that a new bra?", I asked. She sat up, and demurely lifted her top to expose her full breasts encased in the delicate lace. Her nipples were poking against the fabric as she said, "Yes it is...I told you I bought a few more bras and slips for you a while ago - this is one of them." My penis wnated to erupt in her warm hand as I asked, "Are you wearing pantyhose?" She pulled her top down, and leaned closer to me saying, "Yes...they are very shiny, and I think you have cum on them a time or two." My penis began to twitch, and she immediately took her hand away, saying, "No way sweetie...wait until I get you home tomorrow - I will pick you up here right after work." She stood up, kissed me full on the lips, and said, "Do not let any more nurses touch this !!"

With help from the nurses, I was dressed and ready to go when Gloria showed up at 4:30 the next day. She was wearing a classy red button down dress with large white polka dots, a wide red leather belt, red high heel pumps, nude hosiery, lipstick and jewelry to match. The dress was a snug fit on her, and as she moved, the openings between the big white buttons parted slightly. I strained to see what was under it, but couldn't get a peek. The orderly wheeled me out to her car, and we headed to her home. She finally got me settled into her large bed, and told me I should nap a while while she prepared dinner. "I'd really like to take a good shower," I said, "I feel filthy." She looked at me and said, "How the hell do you think you can in the shape you're in?" I told her I would manage, to which she replied, "Not a chance...I'll help you." She removed my sweatshirt and jeans, and soon I was naked in her bed. "Give me a minute," she said, and began to undress. My penis became instantly hard as she unbuttoned and slipped out of her dress, revealing a shiny bright red lace-trimed half slip, and a matching nylon bra. My heart pounded as she unhooked the bra, then reached up under her slip to remove her shiny pantyhose. "Uh-oh," she snickered, "I forgot to put my panty on this morning." I noticed she had shaven her kitty as she stepped out of her heels and pulled the pantyhose off her legs. I thought I would cum automatically as I watched her walk wearing only her slip over to the dressing table to remove her jewelry. She stood up, sensually pulled her slip down, and kicked it aside. "Okay mister," she said, "Up you go." I leaned against her fragrant and soft body as she helped me up, and with her arms around my waist, led me into the shower. She ran a warm shower and soaped me from head to foot, taking special care to wash my rock-hard penis and balls. "Don't get my hair wet". she admonished. She soaped herself up with one hand, saying, "I want to freshen up, too." We stepped out of the shower, and she toweled me off, then said, "Damn...I want to give you a robe, but don't have a man's version - oh hell, take this one." She took a silky white nylon robe of a hook behind the door, and put it on me. "How does that feel?", she asked. My penis was sticking straight out of the robe as she buttoned it, and I said, "I feel like a cross-dresser." She laughed and told me not to worry...that she knew I definitely wasn't one. The walk back to her bed was slow, and the feel and fragrance of her robe against my body and penis kept me fully erect. She laid me down on the bed, and helped get the wrappings and sling back on. I watched in lust as her full breasts swayed and bounced as she moved. She stood up, and picked up her robe saying, "Well....what's this - a wet spot?" Indeed it was, because I had been leaking precum since she took her clothes off.

Gloria stood by the bed and looked at me for a few seconds, then said, "Hurt ot not, I need to feel that cock inside of me...are you willing to try?" I told her I needed to cum badly, and she said she could see that. "Do you want me to dress in anything?," she asked. I asked her to put the red half slip and the pink heels on. "Heh-heh, I knew they would turn you on," she said as she pulled the slip up to her waist, and stepped into her heels. She walked over to the bed and said, "This one will be quickie to tide us over...I still need to make dinner." She climbed onto the bed cowgirl style, straddling my legs, and facing away from me. The nylon material of the slip was stretched tighly across her ass, and I could see the outline of her crack. She imediately lowered herself full onto my pulsing penis, and began to ride it. In a matter of a five minutes, we both climaxed, and she howled with pleasure as I shot ribbon after ribbon of semen into her. "Better than the pretty nurses?" she asked wickedly, and I nodded. She kept me inside of her until she milked the last drop of my semen, then dismounted and said, "You nap for a bit...I'll get dinner made, and be back."

As I drifted off to sl**p, I saw her walking toward her dresser, and the large wet spot on the slip over her ass. I blinked out as she pulled the slip down and off.

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