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Fun at Work

Here I am at work, bored as bored can be. The lady I take care of is sl**ping, it's after 11pm and I'm watching soft porn on the tv. I'm horny, tired of fingering and need a toy to take care of my urges of wanting to cum.

I leave the house for a short bit and go to the nearest sex/video shop. I wander around the video's, find one that tickles my fancy. Just a hot video of young girls of all sizes having sex with older men with very large dicks. I'm not all that impressed with the ssbbw's, but the thicker women aren't too bad. One of the guys in the flick I've seen in movies and pictures before, he's one of my favorites. I know I'd love to have a good sex session with his 10 inch dick.

After I pick out the movie, I go to the other side of the store and begin looking at the different vibes and dildo's. There's a girl next to me asking which is my favorite or which one to suggest to her. I asked if she is having someone to play with or just by herself. She said she was new to the toy thing and that her boyfriend wants her to get something exciting.

I knew she wasn't more than 18 or 19, so I shown her a few that is good for beginners. I had also told her about some of the condoms that can make things quite fun, for the night. She took a few flavored and a glow in the dark condom, a blue rubber vibe that can go in the shower and some lube.

As I continued to shop for myself, this guy suggests this new state of the art vibe. It's water resistant, comes with a strap, a handle, flavored lube and a sexual position book. It looked like fun, so I said why not. I took the box to the register and checked out. The guy followed me to my car. I was leary at first, but understood why; when I looked around. there were a ton of police everywhere, due to a robbery next door.

The guy introduced himself as Kevin and asked what I was doing tonight. I told him I took a break from work and was headed back. I explained to him what I did and told him that the movie and the toy will fill in for my boredness. Kevin said that he would love to come and watch the movie with me. I giggle and said that he'd like to watch me play with the new toy, more than the movie. He blushed and said yes to that too.

I asked when he got off work and he said in about 20 minutes. I gave him directions to my workplace and said for him to call when he got there. I had went to the basement, started the movie and put down a towel, in case too much of my cum was to get on the couch. I opened the vibe, gave it a quick wash and held it in my hands to feel the movements it made. I rubbed it over my pussy through my yoga pants and couldn't wait to try it out.

My phone rang just as one of the girls began to get her ass fucked by my dream guy. I let Kevin in the door and shown him to the couch. He took off his shoes and jacket, when I saw how hot he looked. He reached out for me and planted his lips on mine. His kisses were making me wetter than I already was. I placed my hands on his ass as he pulled me tighter to his body. I could feel his growing erection next to my belly.

My nipples were protruding through my shirt as he was kissing my cheek and working his heavy breathing to my ear. Kissing and nibbling on my ears and working his hot breath on my neck. Kevin's hands were up my shirt, feeling how hard my nipples were. He lifted my shirt over my head and removed my bra. His lips wrapped around each nipple, with him sucking each one as I gasped for air.

I began to help him out of his shirt, so I could feel his rock hard chest against mine. He had a washboard chest with very little chest hair. My fingers traced each muscle as he was caressing my chest. Kevin then worked his hand my my hot box and began to stroke me, before setting me down on the couch. My legs spread for him to have his way. I fumbled at his zipper to release the hardness.

As he helped me undo his pants, he stood over me, with a very hard erection. I reached out for him and licked the tip of his head. The more I teased his dick with my tongue licking softly then harder, Kevin let out a loud moan. I looked up to him and told him to keep his moans lower,I didn't want him to wake up the lady.

Kevin grabbed my hair and pulled me to swallow his dick as I sucked him harder. I swallowed his dick and held on to his ass and thighs. My head is pushing and pulling in the same matter as i would be if I was riding him.
As his pre-cum drizzled down my throat, Kevin reached down to rub my wet heated sex box. I helped Kevin take my pants off, but when I reached for my panties, Kevin said not yet.

He bend down and began to lick my thighs, working his way to my crotch and licking through the cotton. The harder he licked and nibbled, the more I came. He pulled my panty to the side and slid his hard tongue into my slit. He moaned as I came on his tongue. The sex just from his tongue was driving me crazy. I was begging for him to finger my pussy, to make me cum harder.

Kevin did as I begged for his fingers dipped into my pussy. I want to taste for your fingers as he fucked me and licked at the same time. MMMM his thick fingers were doing a great number on me, until he began to protrude his dick deep inside of me. My legs were wrapped around his waist as he pushed further and deeper. I lifted my waist to get more of him.

Kevin pulled his dripping dick from my wet pussy and put it closer to my face, I sucked my cum from him, before he put himself back into me. Kevin would hold his dick as he inserted my aching pussy, them pull himself all the way out. I told him how I liked that feeling. He did that a few more times, before I exploded a deep orgasm all over his dick.

With that, Kevin went down for another tasting of my cum. He licked, fingered and sucked on me til I came again. My body shook as another orgasm took over my body. Kevin slid himself in again and fucked me, in such a way, that I came a few more times before he did. His Hot cum spooed from my pussy, dripping down my ass, before I could scoop it up with my fingers.

I licked my fingers, he licked before going back down on my slit and licked up the remaining cum. Kevin told me, he made the mess and he would be sure, I didn't have much to clean up. When Kevin finished, he sat next to me on the couch and we watched some of the movie, before getting all horny again. I reached over to his dick, held it a bit, before going down again to suck on him. I loved to feel his dick growing in my mouth, heck I love to feel any man frow in my mouth.

I sucked on him as I rubbed my ass, then reached to the table for my new toy. He turned it on and slid it over my ass crack. I got to be on all fours for an easier access for him. I love for my ass to be played with. The vibe was twisting and turning as he slid it up and down, then working the tip in my tight opening.

Kevin found the different kinds of lube that came in the box. He found a tingling lube, that de-sensitzed the nerves. s he rubbed the lube on me, he began to finger my ass, making sure to get in deep. I stopped sucking as he worked the dildo in me. Slow thrusts in and out until he got in so deep, letting the vibe turn faster to get me to cum.

The lube and my cum made things more slippery, the vibe had no issues with gliding in deeper. Kevin pulled it out and slid his dick inside me. Slow at first, then faster with each push. I was enjoying him as he made me cum again. I could feel the cum oozing to my pussy. I fingered my clit with my cum, til I was shaking again with another heavy orgasm.

Kevin's breathing and his dick got harder as he was ready to cum again. As he began to cum, I pulled from him and turned to get the cum in my mouth. I didn't swallow all of it, but I think Kevin got a thrill of it. He bent down to kiss me and to lick his cum from my chin. I lifted his face to mine and kissed him with swapping some of his cum.

We finished watching the movie, before Kevin got dressed and gave me his phone number. He said he wanted to be with me again. I gave him mine also and had him call me when he got home. We chatted the rest of the night into the morning. The lady I take care of came into the living room and seen me chatting on the phone.

I got off the phone, made her breakfast before getting into the shower. I brought the vibe in with me. I fucked my swollen pussy with the new vibe. It was a great feeling as I came once more. I sucked my cum from the vibe before getting out to dry off. I got dressed and talked with grandma before my boss came home. I made sure everything was cleaned up and packed.

When I got home I called Kevin to see what was on his agenda. He told me he was getting cleaned up and was going to call me for a date. He told me to war something with easy access for his fingers to roam as we went to a movie and dinner. So, I made sure I wore my crotchless panties and a dress, with my sheer black bra. I want to make sure my nipples would show through for some more tantalizing play.

to be continued......

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