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The (Pregnant) Slut Wife - Chapter 16

17 weeks.

The doctor said I was in great health and that I had hardly gained any weight now that I’m in my 17th week. This was the first week that I didn’t feel nauseous and tired all the time. My first two pregnancies were easier than this but I finally feel good and like I want to get out of the house. As I left the doctor and on the drive home thought about how much had changed over the past four months.

Hubby’s company got the deal with Mr. Sugimoto and at first Mr. Sugimoto wanted us to move to Japan for a year, he specifically asked for me. But when word of my pregnancy came out he changed his mind and Gary convinced Amber to do the tour of duty. I can only imagine what depraved things Sugimoto is having Amber do. Hubby got his VP slot and we moved into a bigger home in a nicer part of town, but I had barely enough energy to take care of the little ones so I insisted on a live-in maid. Claudia has been wonderful in helping us and she’s very sweet with the k**s, she’s been a godsend.

When I told Rick about me being pregnant he slapped me hard. He was angry with me for getting pregnant and not being something his clients catered to and doubly angry at Amber moving. “Who is going to make money for me?” he yelled before saying, “Go to Barry, he knows how to use you knocked up sluts”. I was hurt but was glad to have him leave me alone. Barry told me that his clients like “seeing a baby belly” so to come back to him when I was further along. I wondered if I traded one devil for another.

I was so tired and nauseous that sex was the last thing on my mind and I had become numb to all the hardcore sex. I had no desire for sex and it caused problems with hubby and I. When he’d bring it up, I’d tell him “don’t forget that I helped you get your VP title, you’d still be in the salt mines without me fucking your boss!” I know that he was fucking that new secretary of his, Kim, a tall skinny redhead with big boobs. He seemed to lose interest in sex with me or maybe he had given up but I didn’t care. And all those men that wanted me, once word got out that I was pregnant they disappeared. Escape for Jake. He calls once in a while and asks me how I am. He really cares. He’s such a sweet boy, I wish I could have thanked him but I didn’t want even him.

But this week it was as if I walked out of a dark fog into the light. I felt good, had more energy and looked better. I started getting out of the house and bought myself a whole new set of maternity clothes. For the first time in a long time, I cared what I looked like. I even bought new negligee but with how things were lately, there was no one to see me wear them.

I came home from the office and the house was quiet. I looked around for Claudia then saw a note from her reminding me that she had a doctor’s visit and would be back late in the afternoon. This pregnancy is hell on my memory.

I came home and changed into a dress and, as I saw myself in the mirror, I paused for a minute. I took off my bra and maternity thong and stood there in front of the mirror, naked. It was the first time I had looked at myself since the pregnancy. I was all belly and, despite not working out I had my kept the rest of my shape pretty well. My boobs had gotten bigger and my nipples were getting darker. My pussy had grown its hair in and I didn’t like that. I always had it shaved then waxed but it had grown in over these past 3 months and with this belly it was hard to shave down there. At least it wasn’t super hairy. I haven’t seen hair there since I was in my late teens.

I looked at myself and thought if Barry was crazy. Do pregnant women really turn on men and will they like me? I feel fat, I didn’t feel sexy. For the first time in almost a year, I felt insecure about my looks and if men would find me attractive. I hated that feeling. I loved it when men chased after me like prey and took me. I missed that feeling.

Just then the doorbell rang and I was snapped out of my self-pity. I threw on a simple maternity dress that went to my mid thighs and walked to the door. I didn’t even think to put on a bra or thong. I looked out the front window and I saw a man wearing a suit and remembered that I had someone coming from a security company to have a new system installed. I opened the door and he introduced himself as being from the security company and I let him in. His name was Michael and he was a good-looking man. About 30, very professional.

We sat down at the dinner table and he went over the various features and options and I could see him sneak quick peeks at my boobs. In this dress my boobs were practically spilling out and for the first time in months something happened: I could feel my pussy tingling. I began to lean over to let my boobs stick out more and could see him notice more. I could feel my pussy spasm and begin to get wet. I didn’t have panties on so my pussy juice began to run into my thigh and I was getting turned on. He finished his presentation but I could tell he was distracted, which made me feel even more turned on. Did I turn him on? It looked like it, but I wanted to be sure. I needed to be sure. So I pushed my chair back a little bit and put one foot on top of the dinner table. I could see him look in between legs and his eyes grew bigger. “Michael, I’m prepared to buy the most expensive system you have, but only on one condition.”
Michael looked flustered and replied “Wh-what is that?”
I then lifted my skirt up to my belly and began to rub my now soaking pussy. “I want you to eat my pussy.” I couldn’t believe I was so bold. What if he said no, or walked away?
He looked at me and said “Ann, I don’t care about the contract, I’ll eat that pussy of yours any time or day!”

He moved to me and got on his knees and moved his face in between my legs and began to lick my pussy. Oh god did it feel good! When all those men were taking me and making me their whore, they didn’t bother eating my pussy because I got wet so easily. They immediately stuck their cocks in my mouth, pussy and ass and didn’t bother to eat my pussy. It felt so good! And he knew what he was doing. Every lick and nibble was like an electric shock to my pussy and it wasn’t long before I held his head in place as I came harder than I had since I can remember. I yelled out when I came and he stopped and looked up at me and said, “that was good Ann, you taste really good.” “I do?” “Yeah, best pussy I’ve ever eaten.” He stood up and saw a huge bulge in his crotch and began to unbuckle his belt. I stopped thinking and began doing what I was good to do by instinct.
I unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. It was pink and hard as a rock. About 7 inches long and as I began to stroke it I could see pre-cum leak out of the head.
“Ohhh…that’s so good, it’s been so long” he moaned. “It’s been a long time since you were with someone?” I asked. “I’m divorced, my wife left me a year ago. I threw myself into work, I haven’t bothered to be with someone” he said as he looked at me. The poor man, I thought. He was good-looking and nice; a man like him should have a group of lady friends. I knew what I needed to do.
I moved up and began to suck on his cock and he moaned in excitement. His precum tasted so good, so powerful. It was as if the pregnancy had amplified my sex senses, made everything more powerful. I began to take more of his cock in my mouth and played with his balls and he held my head and moaned more and more as I sucked his cock hard. I wanted to make him cum so badly. I sucked harder and harder, I pulled it out of my mouth and said, “Is that good baby?” “Fuck yes! That’s so good, keep sucking, I’m so close!” he hissed and I sucked harder and took it all in my mouth. He then grabbed my head and growled as he came into my mouth. He came a lot! It felt good to have hot, hard cock in my mouth and to taste cum again! He came a lot and finally he finished and stepped back, panting hard. He helped me up and he kissed me. “That was so good! Thank you!. I reached down and felt his cock and it was still half hard. “You’re still hard baby, aren’t you?”
“It’s been a long time Ann…” he looked and I stepped back and reached down and pulled the dress over my head and tossed it on the floor. His eyes grew big as I massaged my huge boobs. “Do you like the way I look Michael?” I asked? I could see the look in his eyes and I knew my answer before he said it. “You look so fucking gorgeous, pregnant women are so sexy!” he said. That made me feel so good inside! I then bent over and put my forearms on the table. I looked at Michael and said “Baby, I want you to fuck my pussy now. Do you think you can do that?”

Michael didn’t say anything but he moved behind me and I felt his cock push up and slide into my pussy and he began to fuck me. It felt so good. Again, it felt amplified, my hormones must be going crazy. He began to pump me and it felt good! He reached over and held my belly in both hands while he fucked me and his hands felt strong yet gentle. He wanted to make sure I was supported while my big boobs swayed with each of his thrusts. “Oh baby, you fuck me so good!” I moaned as he fucked me harder. He kept pumping harder and harder and I came again and again. It was as if my lust was backed up and had now come back with a vengeance! After about 10 minutes he began to pump even faster and growled as his cock pumped cum into my pussy. It felt so good! It gave me tingles and little shocks, feeling that hot cum inside me! He kept pumping and pumping until I could feel his cock shrivel and he pulled out. I turned around and saw him standing there with the silliest grin and I lowered myself to my knees and took his cock in my mouth and did what a slut always does: clean the cock that fucked her with her mouth. After I finished I asked Michael to help me up then he handed me my dress that I slipped back on while he put his pants back on. After we got dressed we smiled at each other and I said “why don’t you get the contract ready and I’ll get my checkbook.”

When he was leaving he said to me “Ann..I…I don’t want anyone…” I put a finger to his lips. “I know baby, you don’t want anyone to know, it wouldn’t look good to your boss.” He looked relieved. “Yes. It was the best I’ve ever had, I…really liked being with you.” I then looked at him and said “You know, maybe you should come by every once in a while to follow up on your client” and smiled. He smiled back. “That’s a great idea. I’ll see you next week?” “That sounds good baby.”

I walked back to my room and took off my dress again and looked at myself. I didn’t doubt that some men found me very attractive and wanted to fuck me. Not anymore. I then thought about hubby and realized that I needed to keep him happy in bed so I could keep this lifestyle. I needed to take care of that little redheaded slut too. I then had an idea that made me smile. I picked up the phone and called Jake. He answered and was happy to hear from me. He was so sweet; I wish he were my own boy.
“Jake sweetie, I’m feeling so much better these days. I’d like to see you.” I then said “Mommy needs her boy to do a favor for her” knowing that he couldn’t resist thinking of me as his mom.

That night, the house was dark, lit by candles. I had the little ones stay with his foks and when he came in he was surprised to see me. I was wearing a sheer, white negligee that made my boobs look good and split open so you could see my belly. I wore a matching white lace thong. “Hi baby” I said.
“Ann, what’s going on? Where is everyone?”
I moved closer to him and said “the little ones are at your parents. I think I needed to make up some things to you.”
“Oh…really?” he said as he began staring at my body. I felt so powerful.
“I know that I’ve been awful lately, not giving you the attention you need baby,” I said as I moved up to him and began rubbing his cock through his pants. “I wanted to make it up to you” I said then I lowered myself down on my knees and began to unzip his pants. I took out his cock and it was already hard and before he could move I began to suck on it. It was so good to have another cock in my mouth! I sucked on it then pulled back and began to stroke it.
“I missed your cock baby, did you miss my mouth?” “Fuck yes!” he hissed. “Keep sucking it!” and I did. I sucked it hard and sucked it down to where I had it all in my mouth and throat. I pulled back and stroked him again and said, “do I suck cock better than Kim does?” He looked shocked that I knew. “You can tell me baby, I know she can’t keep her hands off of you” Yes, you suck better cock than Kim, she can’t deep throat like you do!” he hissed and I began to suck his cock hard and deep again. I then pulled back and said “maybe we should invite Kim over and I can show her how to suck a cock like you like it, just like I showed Amber” and his cock jerked at the thought and I knew he was beyond control. I then stood up and said “take off all your clothes baby, I got a surprise for you in the bedroom. He did and I took his cock in my hand and led him to the bedroom. I opened the door and I felt his cock jerk in my hand as he saw the surprise. Laying on the bed was my beautiful boy, Jake, slowly stroking that long hard cock of his. I let go of hubby’s cock and walked over to the bed as Jake sat up.
“You remember Jake honey?” I said. I wanted you to see me fuck Jake again, maybe if you’re a good boy you can join in later?”

Hubby began stroking his cock and I turned to Jake and began to kiss him. That beautiful body and face, that long cock, he was perfect. He was gentle this time, like he had wanted. After a long, deep kiss, I asked him to lay on the bed and I slowly climbed on the bed and sat over his cock, facing hubby and, taking that long cock in my hands, I put the head at my pussy lips and began to slowly slide down….”

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