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My Descent into Subliminals

My Descent into Subliminals

My fascination with subliminal programming and subliminal advertising began in high school when I did a report on it for a social studies class. At that time computers were in their infancy and far too under-powered for what I had in mind. As computers have become powerful editing tools, so have my techniques.

Straight up subliminal message tapes and subliminal self-help audio tapes do not work! I found this out early in my research. Only by adding audio stimuli played below audible volumes, masked by music, am I able to achieve the desired effect.

For myself, there is nothing hotter than a girl that will suck my balls dry. I became spoiled as a young man by my first girlfriend who could not get enough of my cum. She would suck my cock till I’d blow my load down her throat, then would slowly massage me back to firmness until she could get me to blow another load down her throat.

As with 90% of all young relationships, I lost this diamond in the rough due to my own stupidity. When I finally settled down and got married, my wife would refuse to swallow my load. It was for this reason that I initially created my subliminal messaging CD’s.

My wife is always asking me to burn her CD’s of her favorite artist Michael Buble,
so creating her a CD is nothing out of the ordinary. Over time I have learned to be more specific with my messages, (more on that in my future stories) as it has caused me some headaches.

As I stated earlier, straight up subliminal message tapes do not work! I had to introduce a binaural brainwave experience simulation file into the first track of the CD for the subjects mind to accept the programming. I chose ecstasy because of its ability to diminished fear and insecurity and its ability to create feelings of intimacy and love.

This left me 12 tracks to work with, I inserted the following messages into these tracks:

You love to suck cock
Sucking cock makes you horny
You love the feel of cum in your mouth
You love to swallow cum
You love the taste of cum
You are addicted to Marks cum
Mark’s cum tastes like chocolate
You will beg for Marks cum
You love to suck balls
You love to tit fuck
You love the feeling of a cock in your ass (She already liked anal but I put this in for good measure)

On the remaining track, I put an afterglow binaural brainwave experience simulation file.

I burned the CD and gave it to my wife. I was happy to see she put on her headphones and played it throughout the night while she was sl**ping. The next morning I awoke to the sight of my wife’s head bobbing up and down on my cock. She was sucking furiously as if her life depended on getting me off.

She lifted her head and said, “good morning sweetheart, I was having dreams about your cock and thought I’d wake you up your favorite way!”

She then once again proceeded to impale her mouth on my rod. I could feel the pressure building in my balls. I said, “honey, I’m close to cumming!” It is at this point she’ll usually finish me off with a handjob or jump on my cock so I’ll shoot my load inside her. To my delight she just mumbled, “uh-huh” and doubled her speed of pumping my cock into her mouth.

I could hold on no longer and sprayed jet after jet of cum into her eager mouth. I came for what seemed like 10 minutes, and as I finished cumming I saw several small streams of cum leaking from her mouth. She gathered these with her fingers and stuck themin her mouth.

“Oh Baby! If I knew your cum tasted this good, I would have never wasted a drop” she said.
She reached into our nightstand drawer and grabbed a tube of lube and proceeded to apply some to my semi-erect cock. She slowly stroked me back to stiffness and applied some lube to her anus. “I’m not done with you yet! Your baby needs a cock in her ass!”

She got on top of me on the bed and guided my cock to her sphincter. Without any hesitation, she slid my cock right into her anus. I started pumping her ass pretty hard, while she slammed down on my cock in unison. “Oh baby, your ass feel so good”, I shouted.
These small words of encouragement were all she needed as her moaning turned into short loud grunts. She began squeezing her buttocks on my cock and it took its toll, I released my cum deep inside her.

She climbed off my cock and grabbed a wine glass off the nightstand. She placed it under her sphincter as cum slowly dribbled out her ass. Satisfied she had collected all my cum in the wine glass from her ass, she looked at me and said, “cheers” and drank every last drop.

Needless to say over the next two weeks she drained me dry, Every night she would listen to her CD on her headphones until week three when she put on the radio. I asked, “Bored with your new CD?”

“No, I lent it to my mother” she casually stated.

By: Draugrmaker

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