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The License Plate...

"I noticed your license plate. So I just had to tell you I thought it was awesome, wish I could be that bold."
She replied, "thanks, my name is Sara. Most people don't get it, try explaining it to someone who doesn't know what it means."
"I imagine that can be tricky! Must be fun to make them squirm a little."
"Usually I let them off easy, just say, 'think about it,' and walk away," she said. "You obviously got it, what do you think? 'W' 'U' 'DO 3'?"
I blushed, couldn't believe I followed her because of her license plate. Don't know what came over me.
"I've been thinking about it a lately, actually. I guess that's why I had to give you kudos for saying it out loud. So have you? I mean, if it's not too much to ask."
"I drive around with it everyday, I'm glad someone finally said what they were thinking, I was beginning to think it was a waste of time," she smiled. "There's a pub in the mall, want to hear about it?"
I was frozen. I wanted to know everything. At the same time, I was afraid to open the door to something that might be better left to fantasy.
"That would be great," I said.
Where did that come from?!
We made small talk while waiting for a table. Sara and her long-time BF have been into different lifestyles for some time.
"It started when we were on vacation, a cruise to nowhere," she explained. "No dancing around it, it was great. Never looked back. Sometimes we play with another couple, but I prefer a female participant, it's my favorite."
"Wow," I said. "That's amazing, the first time has to be kind of scary."
"Not really, she said. "It was very natural. It was quite surreal, almost too good to be true. I didn't think about it, just got lost in the moment."
We ordered another round. I took a long drink. She sipped.
"So, my BF has been out of town, but he's getting home in about two hours."
There was a long pause. It felt like the silence lasted minutes, not seconds.
"You must have missed him," I said.
That was just lame.
"What I'm thinking is that maybe you would want to meet him. He could tell you the guy's side of the story, that is, if you really want to know more about it."
My face got hot, I started to sweat. Was I being picked up? What if they are serial killers?
"We're not k**nappers or ax murderers if that's what you're thinking," she said. "Why don't you order another, I'm only five min away and I'll drive."
Sounded like the best idea I heard all day, the drink I mean.
Sara continued to share how she and her BF met other women. Mostly by chance. Sometimes they went to a club or posted on Craig's list.
"There are a lot of flakes out there," she said. "Mostly you get one or two conversations online, then the person loses their nerve. The license plate was half joking, but I really thought I'd eventually come across someone by chance who got it. The random encounters tend to be the most fun."
Turns out Sara and her BF "happen" on encounters two or three times a year and they generally turn into additional meetings that happen from time to time over months and years.
We were back at her house fast. She opened a bottle of wine. I was light headed. The door opened in no time and Sara introduced me to Matt.
"Nice to meet you," he said. "You two been friends for awhile?"
"Just met, actually," I said.
There was a look between Sara and Matt. A smile. A nod.
"Well, it's nice to meet you. Gonna grab a quick shower and a beer. Back in fifteen."
We ordered Thai food. The three of us ate, shared stories about work, opened more wine.
Sara said, "you know, I think I'd like to freshen up myself."
She moved toward the stairs. On the first step, she stopped and turned around to face me and Matt. I realized we were both staring at her saying nothing. She took off her scarf. Second step, off came the blouse. Third step, skirt. Fourth step, shoes. Fifth step, stockings. She put her heels back on and let her hair out of a clip. She turned the corner and disappeared up the second half of the steps. I looked at Matt.
"Care to join Sara in the shower?" he asked.
What?! Did I just say that?
He stood, extended his hand. Helped me up and led me up the stairs. The rest of Sara's clothes marked a path. The shower was running. He stood behind me and moved my hair behind my shoulders. He reached around and pulled my sweater up and over my head. It dropped to the floor. He unbuttoned my jeans. They dropped. I was paralyzed. After Matt removed the rest of my clothes, he opened the door to the shower.
"I was beginning to wonder what was taking so long," Sara said.
She was soapy and wet. I was naked too. I stepped into the shower. Sara splashed me with some water and grabbed a soft sponge. The soap smelled nice. I realized the door was still open. Matt, still dressed, was leaning against the vanity counter looking quite comfortable and at ease. He had a slight grin, a nod of approval. Sara was stroking me with the sponge.
"Relax,"she said. "And enjoy."
We were rinsing off, getting ready to get out of the water when she put her hands on my cheeks and kissed me. I kissed her back. Her right hand stroked my neck, down my arm, she squeezed my breast, massaged it, lightly at first, then more firmly.
Matt was at the shower stall opening. Watching. Saying nothing.
She squeezed my nipple, massaged it. Her left hand was on my ass cheek holding me against her. I put my hands on her waist. She smiled and looked at Matt.
"Taste her," Matt said.
Sara immediately followed his instructions. Her hand traced my hip, across my stomach, then it was between my legs. I was wet and her fingers slid into my lips easily. She stroked me and moved her hand to her mouth.
"Nice," she said looking at Matt.
"Now you," he instructed me.
I was shaking, not fear, but excitement. I felt a hot rush to my pussy. I mirrored her movements. I felt my fingers slide into her lips, brushed her clit, moved my fingers into her and she moaned. I put my hand to my mouth. Tasted my fingers. Look to Matt for approval.
"Don't dry off," Matt said. "Go into the bedroom."
Sara led me by the hand into a room with a king sized bed. Only the fitted sheet was on the bed. Candles were lit. Interesting, Matt must have anticipated this, got the room ready?
Sara kissed me again and we fell into the bed. Groping, deep kissing, grabbing, we were overcome by the moment, the opportunity.
Matt was now seated in a chair at the foot of the bed, still dressed. We barely noticed him.
Sara pushed me down, kissed downward and found my clit with her tongue. She was determined, no playing around. She was on a mission to make me cum.
Matt stood, came closer. A sound...what is that. Mmmmm vibrator, nice. He had placed it on the bed. Sara placed it deep inside of me. With purpose, she found my g spot, moved it in and out, slowly. I began to moan and she worked harder. Like magic, I was overcome with ecstasy, an orgasm that made me gasp for breath. She relented for a few seconds and clearly was insisting I have another.
"Now me," Sara said.
I kissed her neck, her nipples, her stomach, and then I parted the lips of her pussy and I licked her clit. She writhed and moaned, and I did as she had, inserted the vibrator, did what she had done. She came quickly, then again. Feeling grateful to my hostess, I pushed her to a third.
Sara and I laid in the bed, her on her back and me with my head on her stomach. Matt still seated in his chair. Sara rubbed the back of my neck.
"I'm impressed," she said. Are you sure you haven't done this before," she giggled.
I was happy for the humor.
Matt left the room. We dressed and she said she liked my earrings.
As I got out of her car, she asked if I wanted to have lunch one day next week and gave me her number. be continued...

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